Sleep, and then your hearts will be mine for the taking!
~ MetalPhantomon before he appeared.


is an minor villain in the anime series Digimon Data Squad.


MetalPhantomon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resembles the Grim Reaper. His skeleton is made entirely out of metal and wields an scythe with energy blades.

Digimon Data Squad

During the journey to the Digital World to the Ice Ridge, the DATS team discovered a gorge, where MetalPhantomon dwells and the Dokugumon live as well. They were encountered by a swarm of Dokugumon and were captured by them. MetalPhantomon puts the DATS team to sleep, and then appeared from the abyss while the DATS team were hung on strings. MetalPhantomon subjected Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi in their nightmares, in order to feed off their energy to become the walking undead. First, Marcus was forced into his nightmare about his sister, Kristy, being taken away by a Drimogemon while Marcus fought a Numemon who can multiply. Second, Yoshi was forced into her nightmare about her sad childhood self hating her family. Then Thomas, who was forced into his nightmare, remembers himself as a young boy and his mother going to a summer festival, he attempts to stop his mother from going, but it was too late after his mother died in a truck accident, making Thomas cry in despair now that she's gone. MetalPhantomon then sucks Thomas's energy faster, but he managed to break free from the spell. In order to avenge his mother's death, Thomas Digivolved Gaomon into his ultimate form, MachGaogamon. While GeoGreymon and Sunflowmon defeated the Dokugumon, MachGaogamon pushes a building at MetalPhantomon. MetalPhantomon attempts to destroy everyone with his Soul Predator attack (as well as killing the last two Dokugumon), Thomas ordered MachGaogamon to end the battle. MachGaogamon then defeats MetalPhantomon.


A Cyborg type Digimon who mechanized his entire body, and took on the form of Phantomon, who in turn takes on the form of the Grim Reaper. He remains active with an energy supply installed in a Digital World of another dimension, and it's said that very few people can tame this monstrosity. He likes to attack the enemy with "Grave Scream", which emits a strange weird sound before releasing energy from his scythe---that can penetrate through armor---and takes away the soul of his enemy. His special attack is "Soul Predator", which enlarges his scythe and releases an enormous amount of energy, which completely deprives the enemy of its soul.


  • Grave Scream
  • Soul Predator
  • Scythe of Cyborgs
  • Metallic Hunter


  • MetalPhantomon's previous Digimon form is Phantomon
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