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Metal Elementor formerly known as Metallak, is an Elementor that appears in Season 2 of the Max Steel Reboot (2013 TV Series). He is the most aggressive and powerful Elementor and blindly follows Makino's rules. He is the main leader of the group of the Ultralinks. Metal Elementor's first appeared in "Full Metal Racket".


Metal Elementor is the strongest and smartest of all Elementors. On a mission to serve Makino and subjugate Earth, he is able to change into virtually any metal and liquefy his body to escape attacks or sneak up on an enemy. Aggressive, commanding and strict, he has little patience for the other Elementors, who he sees as bumblers and bunglers.

Abilities and Weaknesses


  • Absorb other Ultralinks.
  • Controls metallic objects.
  • Liquefy his own body
  • Turn his hands into a mace and a saw.


  • Being exposed to acid.
  • Being aggressive and arrogant.
  • Being crushed by the water pressure.


  • Serve Makino
  • Defeating Max Steel and N-Tek.
  • Showing the Elementors how stupid they are.
  • Absorbing every planet in the universe.



  • He was voiced by Trevor Devall.

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