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Meteion, otherwise known as The Endsinger when joined with her sisters, is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Fandaniel) of Final Fantasy XIV, appearing as the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and the catalyst of the Final Days.

She and her sisters were artificial lifeforms created by the ancient known as Hermes, whose purpose was to observe the lifeforms of the planets/stars they visit. However, after finding only dead or dying worlds, the shared conscious of Meteion concluded that all life is meaningless and sorrowful. And so, consumed by the despair of their shared consciousness, she makes it her resolve to free all life from their sorrowful existence by destroying all of creation.


Meteion is depicted as a harpy-like humanoid child with fair skin, bird-like feet, blue hair, as well as small wings on the sides of her head, and long tail feathers on the backside. After being corrupted by nihilism, her hair and cloths become pitch-black, while her skin becomes completely pale. She can also appear as a small bird with two long tail feathers. And when becoming the Endsinger, her hair becomes extremely long with many tendril-like segments branching out, her arms become long white angelic wings, her face has long dark tear stains, golden shoulder pads with skull carvings, a halo on the back of her head, and the center of her body is a gaping black void.


Initially Meteion was calm, kindhearted, and an overall friendly individual who was curious and exited to learn more about the world around her. However after her sisters witnessed the death and misery of the stars she has visted, Meteion was consumed by their despair and became nihilistic, sorrowful and self-destructive. She believed that existance is nothing but meaningless misery, and by destroying all life in the universe she is freeing them all from their miserable lives allowing them to find peace thru oblivion. She during her battle with the Warrior of Light and they're allies, she becomes confused and baffled on how people would still cling on to hope even in the most dire of circumstance and later demanding to know why wont they embrace self-destruction and nihilism to be free like her. After she is finally defeated and peers into the Warrior of Light's memories, Meteion regains her faith on life.



Meteion was an artificial lifeform created by the Ancient named Hermes who lived in the star known as Etheirys. She was the first of many identical twin siblings created using Dynamis, an energy source derived from emotion instead of magic like with Aether, and possessed an incredible hivemind. Her main purpose was for her siblings to explore the universe in search of stars with the promise of lifeforms to study and analyze, while Meteion stays at home relaying the information gathered by her siblings for her masters to research.

However during their travels the siblings found only dead or dying worlds, some of which they accidentally destroyed due to their influence. When Meteion gathered all the information she received from her siblings, she was horrified as her individuality was suppressed by the hivemind. When the Convocation of Fourteen caught wind on what was going on, they quickly took action by attempting to shut down Hermes' project. Cornered, Hermes asks Meteion for a final report. Meteion reveals the collective information gathered by her siblings and concludes that all life is meaningless and sorrowful. To counter this, she plans to stop life from existing and find peace through oblivion. The Convocation tries to destroy her, but Hermes incapacitates them with his magic, declaring that he will test the universe to see if life is worth preserving, while giving Meteion the chance to escape.

Meteion then traveled to the farthest reaches of creation and together with her siblings, she began singing the Song of Oblivion, destroying every star and world in its wake. Only with the creation of the primal Zodiark was Meteion's oblivion halted, protecting the last star with a powerful barrier.


After the mad Ascian Fandaniel destroyed Zodiark by merging himself with the primal and killing himself soon after, Meteion resumed her attack on the last star Hydaelyn. With the world on the brink of destruction once more, the Warrior of Light and their allies learned of the existence of Meteion. Using the starship Ragnarok, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn traveled to the dimension where Meteion resided: Ultima Thule. Meteion tries to break the Warrior of Light's will to live and embrace nihilisim by killing their allies one by one but the Warrior still clung onto hope, and with the aid of the spirits of Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus, they were able to create the Elpis Flowers, which restored Meteion's individuality. However, the hivemind was still in control, and so the siblings merged together with Meteion to become the Endsinger. With the unexpected aid of Zenos Galvus in his draconic Shinryu form, the Warrior of Light engages with the Endsinger in an epic final battle between creation and self-destruction. After a climactic final struggle, the Warrior of Light was able to defeat the Endsinger thanks to the collective hopes and prayers of their allies. Defeated and freed from the influence of her siblings, Meteion was able to peer into the Warrior of Lights memories, regaining her faith in life, and allowing her to pass on in peace.



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