My name is Meteora!
~ Meteora taking on her true name.

Meteora Butterfly, also referred to as "Miss Heinous", is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Mina Loveberry) of the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She serves as a recurring antagonist in seasons one and two before becoming the main antagonist of season three. As of "Conquer", Meteora was reverted to infancy by her mother, Eclipsa Butterfly. She then served as a supporting character in Season 4. 

She is voiced by Jessica Walter.


She was the former headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses who strictly controls bad behavior in wayward princesses, forcing them to act like "proper" princesses with no individuality of their own. In the second season, she becomes the arch-nemesis of the show's deuteragonist, Marco Diaz. In the season 3 episode, Monster Bash it is revealed that Miss Heinous's real name is Meteora Butterfly, and that she is the long-lost daughter of Eclipsa. She maintains her youth and long life by sucking life force of princesses.


She was originally a student of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses as King Shastacan gave her away to the true head of the of the school, a robot headmistress St. Olga for adoption. Throughout Meteora's childhood, the headmistress acted as her mother and tried her best to suppress Meteora's true identity and heritage to the point that Meteora completely forgot who she truly was. Years later, she eventually replaced St. Olga as the new headmistress.

As the headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, Miss Heinous makes sure her staff has the princesses attending her reform school be reformed into normal princesses. For particularly troublesome princesses, she uses the "Solitary Conform-ment Chamber," which forcibly brainwashes them into acting the way she wants them to. Despite her best attempts, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz infiltrate the school and cause a revolt. After they leave, she finds out that they came from Earth and swears to annihilate them.

Miss Heinous loses her job as headmistress and is seen living with her assistant Gemini in a rundown apartment complex, with very little money. She hires Rasticore Chaosus Disastervaine to find and destroy Star and bring Marco to her as revenge for what they did to her. However, Rasticore fails, and his hand is delivered back to Miss Heinous, to her displeasure.

She, along with Gemini and Rasticore's slowly regenerating arm, comes to the Diaz Household, informing Marco's parents that he has wronged her. After a brief negotiation, she is able to convince them to allow her to punish him by filming a video for the rebel princesses Marco inspired where he renounces the words he used to incite the revolt. Despite Marco saying this in a deeply sarcastic way, Heinous is satisfied with the results, and departs. That night, as she prepares to sleep inside her car, she talks to Rasticore's arm, telling it she will annihilate Marco and Star, and make the multiverse "shiver in fear" of her. As she says this, she removes the makeup used to hide her club cheek symbols.

Miss Heinous returns to the school in an effort to get control back. She reveals to her former students that the "Princess Marco" they idolize is a boy, and she also says she needs them just as much as they need her. However, the students chase her off once again, and she starts using princesses as fuel to restore her youth.

Later, Miss Heinous tries to steal Marco's youth, but she ends up becoming part of a conflict between Star and Mina Loveberry in which she is revealed to be the half-breed daughter of Eclipsa Butterfly and her monster husband, Globgor.

The episodes "Total Eclipsa the Moon" and "Butterfly Trap" reveal that all records of Meteora's existence were erased by the Magic High Commission. Eclipsa's ex-husband King Shastacan did not want to raise Meteora, so he got rid of her and adopted a peasant child named Festivia, who instead became the next queen of Mewni.

Meteora and her allies once again invade St. Olga's in order to reactivate the robot of the same name, to reveal the truth through her memory board. The various memories show that St. Olga acted as a maternal figure to Meteora throughout her childhood and prompted her to suppress all of her inner magic and monster traits. One memory shows that a baby Meteora was deemed unfit to inherit the throne of Mewni by King Shastacan, thus was given away to St. Olga. With this reveal, Meteora realizes that she should've been a queen of Mewni. After destroying St. Olga, tearing off Pony Head's horn, ripping out Gemini's heart and using it to disintegrate Rasticore (who is once again reduced to a single arm), Meteora collects Rasticore's arm and heads off to reclaim the throne of Mewni.

Eclipsa and Queen Butterfly set out to search for Meteora in "Tough Love", after she ravages and leaves a trail of destruction across Mewni. Meteora is also revealed to have a newfound power of consuming individual's souls, and has grown immensely along with gaining purple striped fur, resembling more like her father. Once Eclipsa and Moon confront her, Eclipsa tries to pacify and reason with her daughter, but the attempt is unsuccessful when Meteora is denied the throne of Mewni. However the issue escalates when a fight ensues between Moon and Meteora, resulting in Moon being left in a damaged state and escaping through a portal due to Eclipsa intervening and Meteora taking advantage of so. Meteora then escapes and continues to head towards Butterfly Castle.

Meteora continues her destructive path of heading towards Butterfly Castle to seize the Mewni throne in the episodes "Divide and Conquer". While Star Butterfly searches for her mother (who was injured by Meteora in the previous episode) in the magic dimension, Marco and his group, the "Marc-nificent Seven" encounter Meteora and make several attempts to defeat her, but they are unsuccessful, and she manages to consume everyone on Mewni's souls (excluding Tom Lucitor who is somewhat immune to her powers). Later Star Butterfly engages in a magic battle against Meteora. Just before Meteora can finish Star off, Eclipsa takes the magic wand herself and uses her dark magic spells to attack her daughter, using her "Black Velvet Inferno" spell to defeat Meteora once and for all. However the spell is revealed to have reverted Meteora back into an infant. With Star giving up the royal magic wand, Eclipsa departures with her daughter to reunite with her monster husband, Globgor, who is shown to be imprisoned in a giant crystal within the monster temple.

Following the events of  "Divide" and "Conquer", Meteora still remained as a baby and is seen now living in the Monster Temple with her mother Eclipsa while the latter is dealing with improvements and progress on her new castle. In "Butterfly Follies",  she appears, crawling around the room where Star and Marco are staying. After leaping into Eclipsa's arms, Meteora then gave Marco an unnerving but brief glare, making him nervously wonder if she remembers anything from her previous life.


Time to take back the throne of Mewni.
~ Meteora deciding to take her throne back.
End of the line, Butterfly!
~ Meteora to Star.



  • Due to having club markings on her cheeks, Miss Heinous seems to have a connection with the Butterfly family. During the event of Monster Bash, it is revealed that she is indeed a Butterfly named Meteora since she is Eclipsa's daughter. She also the only Monster-Mewman hybrid in the family.
    • She is also the second member of the Butterfly family to be considered as black sheep and outcast after Eclipsa because of her Mewman-monster hybrid status.
  • She appears to be the oldest-living member of the Butterfly family, having lived since the time of Eclipsa without being crystallized or otherwise suspended in animation. "Tough Love" confirms this to be due to her draining the youth out of the princesses at St. Olga's.
  • To date, next to Toffee and Ludo, she is the only villain who played an antagonistic role in all the first three seasons of the show.
  • She bears a strong comparission to Professor Ratigan. Both being sophisticated characters later to become fearsome monsters. [1]


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