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Quite a long while, we have spent time observing the people of Earth. Even before Godzilla arrived, since the dawn of human civilization, we often watched and intervenes with the citizens of Earth. Because you see, you humans happen to be very interesting subjects. From all our observations, we know more about humans then you know about yourselves; it is your nature to form communities. And what you humans know as "free will" is actually a rare occurrence. The words of God tend to not reach people, only the words spoken by people do. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to speak and spread the guidance of God to others around them. To do this, you must find a hero. They don't need power nor reason, but simply a willingness to act, someone to inspire faith. People admire the leaders of an era, they search for truth in their words, and through this person, they search for God. There is no need for everyone to know God's words directly, if one single hero can show the people the path, then everyone else will eagerly follow. All this time, I've been searching and waiting for a new leader to bring them to their final destination. I've been waiting for this hero to arrive. Yes, I've been waiting patiently... Haruo.

~ Metphies' monologue.
The planet is a seed from which life grows and humanity is the flower that blooms from it. While the fruits that ripens for it is Godzilla. We exif have witnessed this cycle countless times on many planets. And at the end of these cycles, the one who picks and eats the fruit is indeed our god. Great King Ghidorah, the golden demise. All of the creations in this world exist for one purpose: TO BECOME AN OFFERING TO GOD!
~ Metphies explaining King Ghidorah’s nature as he battles Godzilla.

Metphies is the main antagonist of the GODZILLA Anime Trilogy. He appears as the deuteragonist of the first film, the tritagonist of the second film, and the central antagonist of the third film. He is a member of the Exif, one of the three surviving species of Godzilla's conquest of Earth (the others being the Bilusaludo and Humanity), a priest and a close friend of the main protagonist Harou Sakaki.

Initially, Metphies appears to be a priest offering comfort to humanity with his species religion. Gradually it is revealed that Metphies is actually manipulating humanity to summon King Ghidorah, whom the Exif worship as their god, and have him eliminate humanity and consume Godzilla as they have with many worlds, believing life meaningless and seek to "liberate" other species from it.

He and his kind worship as their god and have destroyed many planets using Ghidorah's power. He debuted in GODZILLA: Planet of Monsters and later appeared in its sequels.

He was voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese and Lucien Dodge in English. The latter also voiced Akaza in the English dub for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Metphies is known to be lowkey, always being calm and collected in a dignified fashion. He supported Haruo in his quest to defeat Godzilla and reclaim the Earth throughout the first and second films. However, this devious stunt also displays Metphies' abilities in both coercion and foresight, being able to utilize Haruo's thesis and the committee's desperation as a means to both push Haruo to success, while succeeding in the primary objective of stopping Godzilla. After the Exif reveals its true nature, Metphies reveals his true personality as a sinister and cunning mastermind who blindly serves and obey their god Ghidorah's destructive ways. Metphies, unlike his superior Endurph, is very manipulative and amoral, grooming and conditioning Haruo all his life in order to be the chosen figurehead and messianic figure for Ghidorah as well as spurred on his hatred for Godzilla. Despite this reveal, Metphies still appears to be fond of Haruo, mainly because he wants to unleash his hatred and use him to act as a bridge for Ghidorah to destroy the universe through him.


Godzilla: Planet of Monsters

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Metphies has a supporting role in the movie. He is one of the people who go to Mechagodzilla City, commenting that the City seems to have a vile element. Later, he goes to one of the Bilusaludo to get his ritual bead fixed, only for the technology-reliant alien to mock his ideas of religion. After that, he goes to Haruo and warns him of a more powerful force than Godzilla lurking around in space, the monster that destroyed his home planet, whispering its name in his ear.

When the Bilusaludos reveal Mechagodzilla City's true intentions, Metphies and several other people escape to a nearby cave. When Haruo later struggles over the decision to either destroy Mechagodzilla City and let Godzilla live, or continue to allow the City to spread, Metphies contacts him and informs him of Mechagodzilla City's programming and its intent to propagate and consume the entire Earth with nanometal. After an argument with Galu-gu Haruo is successfully convinced to side with Metphies and destroys the City's control center, with the consequence of freeing an injured Godzilla, who destroys the City with two blasts.

In the post-credits scene, the name that Metphies whispered into Haruo's ear is revealed as Ghidorah.

Godzilla: The Planet Eater

Metphies finally reveals his true colours in the final instalment of the Anime Godzilla series. At the start, he converts many of the surviving humans to his beliefs, lying by saying that they were protected from Mechagodzilla City's nanometal assimilation by a god when in reality it was the medical treatments given to them by the native Houtua. When Haruo confronts Metphies about this, he brushes it off, saying in times of crisis, humanity needs a god to believe in, and Metphies names Haruo as what he believes as the prophesied saviour who would help their god come to Earth. After that, Miana, one of the Houtua twins, confronts Metphies about hiding his telepathic abilities. After a brief mental conversation with her, Metphies grabs Miana in response, forces her to her knees, and traumatizes her with a vision of Ghidorah.

Later, Metphies, after placing his fixed ritual bead on his Garbetrium, sets up a ritual with those who converted to his cult, along with another older Exif priest on the Aratrum ship, chanting for Ghidorah to destroy Godzilla, and to bring forth a “beautiful demise”. After that, shadows of Ghidorah's heads begin emerging from the Garbertrium, creeping across the floor and biting into the shadows of the cultists, dismembering their actual bodies, which does not bother Metphies.

After that, Metphies goes to a hilltop with the unconscious Miana, tying her to a wooden structure, and begins to summon Ghidorah to Earth after the latter destroyed the Aratrum. As Ghidorah appears, Metphies serves as his guide, allowing him to attack Godzilla, who suffers difficulty in the fight, unable to hit the reality-warping Ghidorah, who counters all his attacks. Eventually, Haruo confronts Metphies, only to reveal that Metphies replaced his right eye with a Garbetrium bead, allowing him to serve as Ghidorah's eyes on Earth and guide him to attack Godzilla. Metphies begins to put Haruo through many mental illusions, explaining the past of his species and how they came to worship Ghidorah, offering up planets as sacrifices to their god. Metphies then tries to convert Haruo by showing him false illusions of his deceased allies, who tell him to embrace Ghidorah.

In an illusion of the Hiroshima bombings, Metphies is suddenly compromised by a vision of Mothra, which allows Maina and Martin to tell Haruo about Metphies' bead and how it helps Ghidorah. Trying to win Haruo back, Metphies reveals that when the elderly ship was about to depart to the new planet, he sneakily gave a bomb to Haruo's grandfather, destroying the ship and setting every single other event that had happened in motion, further torturing him by showing an illusion of his grandfather telling him to accept Ghidorah, following it up with a vision of the explosion that seemingly killed his parents, with Ghidorah's shadows crawling out of the explosion. However, after a memory of his parents naming him, Haruo finally breaks free of Metphies' control, gouging out both of his eyes and shattering the bead, weakening Ghidorah. Godzilla is able to take advantage of this, easily destroying the once-powerful Ghidorah and using his atomic breath to shatter the wormholes he crawled out of. After his god's defeat, Metphies speaks to Haruo before dying, saying that Ghidorah would always be watching him. These words eventually lead to Haruo's decision to allow himself, the last Vulture and his girlfriend Yuko, who was infected by the nanometal, to be destroyed by Godzilla, ensuring that neither Ghidorah nor Mechagodzilla could ever return again.


Now, bow down and pray... to the Golden Demise.
~ Methpies traumatizing Miana with a vision of Ghidorah after grabbing her and forcing her to her knees.
Come forth, Ghidorah! Deliver us a beautiful demise! Feast upon us, bring us divine victory!
~ Metphies before Ghidorah is summoned to Earth.


  • Metphies' name may come from Mephistopheles, reflecting his evil nature and status as a collector of souls for a more powerful entity, in this case Ghidorah.
  • Metphies is reminiscent of the False Prophet from the Book of Revelation, acting as a religious figurehead who misleads humanity so as to offer them to Ghidorah. Likewise, Ghidorah himself may represent the the Beast from the Book of Revelation, being a multi-headed supernatural evil entity.


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