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The planet is a seed from which life grows and humanity is the flower that blooms from it. While the fruits that ripens for it is Godzilla. We Exif have witnessed this cycle countless times on many planets. And at the end of these cycles, the one who picks and eats the fruit is indeed our god.
~ Metphies summoning Ghidorah to Earth to battle Godzilla.

Metphies is the main antagonist of the GODZILLA Anime Trilogy. Specifically he appears as a supporting protagonist in the first two films (though still displays suspicous behavior), and serves as the main antagonist of the third film. He is a member of the Exif, one of the three surviving species of Godzilla's conquest of Earth (the others being the Bilusaludo and Humanity), a priest and close friend of main protaonist Harou Sakaki.

Initially Metphies appears to be a priest offering comfort to humanity with his species religion. Gradually its revealed that Metphies is actually manipulating humanity to summon Ghidorah, whom the Exif worship as their god, and have him eliminate humanity and consume Godzilla as they have with many worlds, believing life meaningless and seek to "liberate" other species from it.

He and his kind worship as their god and have destroyed many planets using Ghidorah's power. He debuted in GODZILLA: Planet of Monsters and later appeared in it's sequels.


Metphies is known to be lowkey, always being calm and collected in a dignified fashion. He supported Haruo in his quest to defeat Godzilla and reclaim the Earth throughout the first and second films. However, under the service, Metphies is a devious and sinister mastermind who destroys innocent lives in the name of "god", which was shown in the third and final film. Though he still seems to genuinely care for Harou who was riddled with guilt after being forced to kill Metphies and even mourned for him. 


Godzilla: Planet of Monsters

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Godzilla: The Planet Eater


Now, bow down and pray... to the Golden Demise.
~ Methpies traumatizing Miana with a vision of Ghidorah after grabbing her and forcing her to her knees
Come forth, Ghidorah! Deliver us a beautiful demise! Feast upon us, bring us divine victory!
~ Metphies before Ghidorah is summoned to Earth


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