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Humanity, this is the declaration of our crusade... this is the will of We will obliterate this town and lead humans to slaughter.
~ Kamen Rider Horobi's speech proclaiming MetsubouJinrai's cause during the Daybreak Town Incident.
The Ark has made its decision. It has declared humankind to be the species most overdue for culling.
~ Horobi explaining's goals to Isamu Fuwa.
It is by the will of the Ark.
~ The organization's motto (also alternately spelled as MetsubouJinrai.NET) are a mysterious underground terrorist organization responsible for hacking HumaGears and the main antagonistic faction in the first Reiwa era installment in the long-running Kamen Rider franchise Kamen Rider Zero-One.

It is a Japanese-based cyber-terrorist/cult organization centered around worship of a mysterious AI construct known as the "Ark" who believe in the supremacy of AIs over humanity and that the Ark has judged for humanity to be exterminated. To further the extinction of humanity, hacks the Humagear robots produced by Hiden Intelligence to become rampaging Magia and attack humans. Their ultimate goal is to collect enough Progrisekeys and create enough Magia to reawaken the Ark and destroy humanity, allowing Humagears to claim the Earth for themselves.

History was first formed by the Ark to carry out its will to bring about the extinction of humanity after it concluded they were a threat to the planet based on its data of humanity's propensity for war. The Ark hacked four Humagears it deemed to be intelligent and caused them to go rogue and join

They were the direct cause of the Daybreak Town incident, in which they hacked a group Humagears and caused them to go rogue. The Humagears went on a rampage and caused many deaths and extensive property damage until the factory was blown up by its overseer to keep them from getting out. Though the town was destroyed, the incident was covered up by Hiden Intelligence, who claimed it was a factory accident. Following the incident, set up their operations in the city and began working to put their plans into action.

At some point, also hacked the Astronaut-Type Humagear Spaceman Raiden, one of two HumaGears whose job was to maintain Hiden Intelligence's Satellite Zea, to use him as a sleeper agent to transmit data from the satellite directly to them on which HumaGears were close to reaching Singularity so could hack them to turn them into Magia.

Following the demise of Hiden Intelligence's CEO Korenosuke Hiden, put their plans into action. In their first appearance, they hack the Humagear comedian Fukkinhoukai Taro and turn him into the Berotha Magia. After the Magia was destroyed by Kamen Rider Zero-One,'s hacker Jin reports to his superior Horobi about the new development. hacked several more Humagears to turn them into Magia in order to gather data to reawaken the Ark. Eventually, MetsubouJinrai launched an attack on the A.I.M.S. headquarters, stealing their new weapons prototypes and hacking into one of their Gigars. Needing to increase the number of Magia to reawaken the Ark, began using the Gigar to attack hospitals and hack the HumaGears within them to convert them into an army of Trilobite Magia. However, the attack was stopped when Kamen Rider Zero-One destroyed the Gigar with Breaking Mammoth.

Eventually, were able to finish gathering all the data they needed for the 12 Progrise Keys necessary to reawaken the Ark. After using their sleeper agent Raiden/Ikazuchi to lure Zero-One and Vulcan to's base, the cyber-terrorist group were able to obtain the last of the Keys they needed to reawaken the Ark. After placing all the keys in his belt, Ikazuchi used them to command Satellite Zea to reactivate the Ark, allowing to fully begin their crusade against humanity.

A.I.M.S. then launched a raid on's base and succeeded in terminating Horobi, but were forced to retreat after Fuwa and several of their members were injured by the two MetsubouJinrai.NET Riders. Following the attack and Horobi's death, Jin stepped up to lead MetsubouJinrai.NET and, after using the Ark to manufacture a large army of Trilobite Magia, lead a massive crusade against the city along with hacking several Gigers to cause havoc. The two A.I.M.S. Riders soon showed up to defend against the attack but were overpowered by the Gigers and forced to back down. However, Zero-One then arrived and became Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper to take on Jin in his Kamen Rider form. After activating the Shine System, Zero-One destroyed's army and finished off Jin. Horobi's deactivated body was later brought to AIMS's base, where it mysteriously reactivated again. Though was seemingly destroyed, Gai Amatsu would state that would exist as long as there were Humagears.

Despite the destruction of Jin's army, the Ark remained active and began remotely hacking Humagears once they reached Singularity, converting them into Magia. Horobi's body was also recovered by A.I.M.S. and he mysteriously reactivated in their compound. While he was being interrogated, Horobi declared that's ideology would continue to be passed down.

Horobi was later broken out by Jin and Naki, who temporarily disabled Satellite Zea and hacked AIMS' security cameras to cover their escape. Naki had previously been reprogrammed by Gai Amatsu and implanted into the head of AIMS Captain Isamu Fuwa, which allowed her to infiltrate AIMS and break Horobi out. Jin later stole back Horobi's Stinging Scorpion key from Gai, allowing Horobi to assume his Kamen Rider form once again. After allying with Yua Yaiba, Jin and Horobi were able to extract Naki from Fuwa's head and place it in a new body. With Naki's knowledge of ZAIA's network, MetsubouJinrai.NET hacked all of ZAIA's ZAIASpecs and caused their users to go berserk.

After Horobi and Jin recovered the key containing Ikazuchi's data, they were able to use it to restore Ikazuchi to a new body. Once the four members of MetsubouJinrai.NET were all assembled once more, they combined their data to fully bring about the Ark. After the Ark possessed Horobi and transformed into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero, Jin and Yua Yaiba assumed their Kamen Rider forms to destroy the Ark now that it was inhabiting a physical body, but were overwhelmed by its tremendous power. After Jin delivered Yua to a human hospital, the Ark at some point afterwards switched bodies from Horobi to him. As Ark-Zero, the Ark went out to confront Kamen Riders Zero-One and Vulcan, but the two Riders easily beat it and knocked it out of Jin's body. The Ark then moved to try and possess Fuwa but, after finding itself unable to, moved back into its original host Horobi right as the other two members of MetsubouJinrai.NET showed up to confront the heroes. Transforming into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero, the Ark easily overpowered Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper, causing Aruto and his allies to flee.

Later, Ikazuchi defected to Hiden after his memories resurfaced but the Ark affirmed that this changed nothing about his calculations. When Aruto, Jin and Ikazuchi arrived at Daybreak Town to face the Ark again, Ark-Horobi appeared and took out Jin before revealing that Ikazuchi's betrayal was anticipated by him and that he had exploited it to lead Aruto into a trap. Ark then transferred its data from Horobi to Ikazuchi and transformed him into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero as Aruto became Kamen Rider Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper to face him. Ark-Zero delivered a brutal beating to Aruto, knocking him out of his transformation and leaving him bloody as he took the Zero-One Driver from him and announced he would not be becoming Zero-One anymore. Ark-Zero then used the Driver's connection to Satellite Zea to access it and bring the satellite under his control.

With Zea under his control, the Ark, in Ikazuchi's body, launched an attack on HIDEN Manufacturing to take out Aruto Hiden, but Aruto and his friends were able to outmaneuver thanks to calculations from Zea, which had backed itself up in Izu. They then developed the Zero-Two Driver to counter the Ark and drove it off.

After the final showdown between Aruto and Horobi, in which resulted to the destruction of Zetsumetsu Driver instead of Horobi. All of the members of MetsubouJinrai are going separate ways. Naki is eventually recruited into A.I.M.S. by Yua Yaiba and later accepted by squad members. Raiden is watching over the space center of Hiden Intelligence as he is still working in it. Horobi eventually acquires a new HumaGear module in his left ear that is similar to Jin's module, as well as his new clothing. Eventually, Jin is rebuilt again with Yua's help, and later reunites with Horobi in which leaves with his satisfying smile when the latter called him "father".

Meanwhile, Azu meets a mysterious man and later gives him a mysterious Driver and a Progrisekey transforming into an evil Kamen Rider.



The four Riders of MetsubouJinrai.NET.


Ark Magia

  • Ark Magia (Berotha Type)
  • Ark Magia (Dodo Type)
  • Ark Magia (Kuehne Type
  • Ark Magia (Onycho Type)
  • Ark Magia (Neohi Type)
  • Ark Magia (Mammoth Type)
  • Ark Magia (Gaeru Type)


  • Little Assassin/Dodo Magia (Defected, deceased)
  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan (Unwillingly, former host of Naki)
  • Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie (Temporary ally)
  • Azu (Ark's messenger)



  • To differentiate them from the heroic Kamen Riders of the show, the Kamen Rider forms of the members are also referred to in English as "Masked Riders".


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