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I'm a...survivor, Black Lung! A survivor! That's all there is; living and dying.
~ Micah Bell to Arthur Morgan when confronted with his treachery.
You shot me [laughs] shot me pretty good.
~ Micah's last words to Dutch before his death.

Micah Bell III is the main antagonist of the Red Dead Redemption duology, part of the Red Dead franchise, serving as the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption and the main antagonist of the 2018 prequel Red Dead Redemption II. He was also mentioned in the online spin-off Red Dead Online.

He is the extremely psychopathic and dangerous hitman for the Van der Linde gang, in which he killed immoral amounts of people for money and sport. He constantly kills people for the smallest of things, such as killing his old friend for not being able to stop him getting arrested. He eventually rats the gang out for his own gain, murders Arthur Morgan in cold blood and runs away. He is eventually caught by John Marston, who kills him by shooting him several times.

From Chapter 1 to 5, Micah is a major character since he's the member of the Van der Linde gang where he helps Dutch, Arthur and their allies get the job done. At the end of Chapter 6, Micah betrays Arthur, Dutch and the Van der Linde gang by becoming an informant of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and becomes the main antagonist.

He was portrayed by Peter Blomquist in motion capture, who also played Harlan J. Fontaine in L.A. Noire.


In 1899, Micah had only been a member of the Van der Linde gang for no more than 5 months before a robbery in Blackwater goes horribly wrong, forcing the gang to hide out in Colter in the Western Grizzlies, although not soon after traveling into the state of New Hanover, Micah was caught by the law for murder and taken to jail in Strawberry.

He is broken out days later by Arthur Morgan before they go on a shooting spree in the town before heading back to Dutch. After a botched robbery in Saint-Denis, Micah, along with Dutch, Arthur, Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella are washed ashore on the island of Guarma before eventually making their way back to the United States.

Sometime after returning from Guarma, he began working as a mole for Andrew Milton and the Pinkerton Detective Agency, which (coupled with Dutch's own instability) causes the Van der Linde gang to fall apart. Arthur learns of his treachery from Milton, who is killed shortly after by Abigail.

After Arthur and John Marston confront him at the camp, a standoff ensues, resulting in Micah shooting Susan Grimshaw dead. However, before the situation between them could escalate any further, Agent Ross and the Pinkertons discover the gang's location, forcing them all to flee.

Arthur and John head to a nearby mountain before parting ways, leaving Arthur to fight off agents until Micah soon reappears to kill him. A brawl then commences between the pair which ultimately ends with Arthur's death.

Eight years later, former Van der Linde gang member Sadie Adler discovers Micah has formed his own gang and they were hiding out on Mount Hagen. Wishing to avenge Arthur, John and Charles Smith travel with her to hunt him down.

However, after finding Micah, he manages to take Sadie hostage and reveals he has partnered up with Dutch who emerges from the nearby dwelling. John makes one last attempt to reach out to Dutch during a brief standoff, which results in Dutch shooting Micah. Micah stumbles backwards, frantically grabbing his bleeding chest.

In a last ditch attempt, Micah raises both his revolvers to gun them all down, but John is faster and shoots him several times, obliterating his face and chest. Micah collapses backwards, most likely to muscle memory, before collapsing dead in the cold snow, avenging Arthur and ending his nightmarish reign.

Unfortunately, Milton's subordinates Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham later find Micah's corpse and track John down. Ross coerces John into tracking down and eliminating Bill, Javier and Dutch before betraying and killing him, avenging Milton and Micah's death.


All of you pick your side now because this is over, all them years, Dutch, for this snake?
~ Arthur Morgan turning against Micah after learning his betrayal to the gang.
I believe there's winners and losers...and nothing else besides.
~ Micah's worldview.

Wild, ruthless, and unpredictable, Micah is undoubtedly the most unprincipled and chaotic member of the Van der Linde gang, even by the gang's standards, crossing many lines that the others normally wouldn't. Micah is a narcissistic, mocking, hurtful, callous, and sadistic outlaw who has absolutely no qualms in killing others with a barbaric glee. This is shown when he caused a shootout in the town called Strawberry and killed a former acquaintance and his wife only to reclaim his prized revolvers, and doing this all after Arthur saved him from being hanged. Even towards his fellow gang-members, Micah is very insulting and tends to bully and antagonize most of them, as he punched Bill Williamson across the face after being offended by a mere joke. The only exception to this is Dutch van der Linde, who Micah shows a devoted loyalty to, and Dutch respects him in return. Micah also tries to gain Arthur's approval, although Arthur doesn't trust him for good reason.

Micah is also extremely derisive and racist, treating Lenny, Charles and Javier with open contempt solely because they are not white. He bullies Reverend Swanson for his alcohol and morphine addiction, as well as the pastor's lack of contribution towards the camp. Aside from bullying and harassing Reverend Swanson, Micah also harassed other members of the gang who don't contribute to helping the camp. It is also believed that he killed Cain, Jack Marston's dog, and was shown kicking the dog beforehand. Micah also creepily flirts with the girls at camp and is implied to have sexually harassed Sadie Adler when they first met. He refers to this behavior as "the merry dance of the sexes", although Arthur rightfully proclaims him as a creep.

After returning from Guarma, Micah secretly begins to work as a mole for the Pinkertons, as revealed by Agent Milton. Micah soon begins to manipulate Dutch into thinking that there's a traitor and takes full advantage of his leader's sanity slippage. He also starts to undermine Arthur and ridicules his tuberculosis by calling him "Black Lung". After his betrayal is discovered by Arthur, Micah maintains Dutch's belief in him and succeeds in turning what's left of the gang against Arthur and John. Micah later reveals that all that matters to him is surviving and that he is loyal to nobody. Although at the same time, he expresses his anger at Arthur knowing of his treachery and sadistically fights the outlaw who is approaching death from his TB. All of this makes Micah a murderous and manipulative traitor, who will do whatever it takes to turn the tides in his favor.

Despite being irredeemably evil and malicious, one hidden encounter in the camp where he threatened Leopold Strauss suggests that Micah strongly despises loansharking as much as Arthur, calling it unseemly and not a man's game. At the same time, however, this scene also foreshadows Micah's treacherous nature and how willingly he would betray someone who sees him as an ally.

Aside from Micah's dislike for anyone who looks different, loan sharks, lazy people who don't contribute to the camp Micah calls every single member of the gang weaklings. He strongly admits and shows that he doesn't like people that he sees as weaklings. Even though Micah respects Dutch he believes that Dutch is to soft which is something Micah can't stand. He has shown many times he hates anything and everything weak and soft (which is ironic, since Micah himself was never as strong as Arthur or John, as he was able to defeat Arthur only because he was weakened and on the brink of death from his tuberculosis).

Micah Bell has also insulted some members of the gang who have low intelligence like Bill Williamson and others. All of this shows that Micah hates laziness, weakness, softness and people who aren't very smart. Aside from insulting Bill's intelligence, Micah also harasses Bill about leaving the army and calling him a coward because of his discharge. On a few occasions Micah calls Bill a liar saying that he thinks all of Bill's stories of his time in the army are lies to make himself feel better.

Micah calls Bill a stupid, dumb, moron and a fool on more then one occasion. Aside from calling Bill a fool Micah admits that he thinks everyone in the gang are fools. Micah has admitted to Bill several times he doesn't think highly of soldiers or people who serve in the army. Because of his strong disdain for people who are lazy, weak, soft and who don't contribute to anything. When Micah gives Reverend Swanson trouble and a hard time because of his morphine and alcohol addictions.

Micah also insults Karen because of her drinking problems as well Micah causes both Karen and Swanson to snap at him a few times when he antagonizes them. Aside from Karen and Swanson getting angry at Micah for bullying them over their alcohol addiction Bill also snaps and gets angry with Micah when he insults his intelligence. Charles, Lenny and Javier snap a few times when Micah insults them as well. Micah laughs whenever he gets other gang members riddled up or angry at him however Charles is one of the few members of the gang Micah doesn't laugh at when Charles stands up to him.

Aside from not liking members of the gang Micah has mentioned a few times that he doesn't like animals either which is one of the reasons why is always abusing Jack's dog. Aside from Micah confirming his hate for animals when Micah talks to John he mentions that he has never been attacked by animals and how they won't come anywhere near him. Micah admits that animals don't like and John says he's not surprised since "animals don't like to eat things that are already rotten". Before Cain goes missing Bill mentions a few times that Cain can tell something isn't right about Micah and that the dog doesn't like him.

Micah laughing after being mortally wounded by Dutch, despite obviously being in extreme pain, and then giving a nonchalant shrug moments after he's finished off by John could be evidence that Micah is so vindictive, he doesn't care about his own death as long as he knows John will eventually pay for his murder, since Micah knew that John would be investigated after murdering a Pinkerton spy. Micah's prediction would come true after John was executed by Ross' men four years later. Though, Jack would then avenge his father by murdering Ross three years later, making Micah's victory a temporary one.





  • Depending on Arthur's honor level and ending, Micah's actions will change, by either killing Arthur or leaving him to die.
    • In the "Go with John" decision, if Arthur's honor is high, Micah will simply leave Arthur to die of his TB after failing to persuade Dutch to join him in escaping the chaos. If his honor level is low, Micah will proceed to execute him by shooting him in the head after a short hostile chat with him.
    • In the "Go for the Money" decision, if Arthur's honor level is high, Arthur will be victorious in the knife fight against Micah, permanently damaging his left eye by slashing it with his knife and Micah will simply leave Arthur to die of his TBC while he retrieves the bag of money that Arthur attempted to steal. If Arthur's honor level is low, Micah will be victorious against Arthur, stabbing him in the chest and later on stabbing him in the back, ultimately killing Arthur.
      • If Arthur went for the money with high honor, when John meets Micah again, Micah will be sporting a large scar across his left closed eye, hence the damage given to him by Arthur.
  • The fact that Micah actually spares Arthur if he has high honor suggests that Micah has an honorable side (unlikely as it is). If the player has low honor, Micah remarks "you're no better than me" before killing him.
    • Though one could make the argument that Micah only spared him to avoid the incoming lawmen.
  • Micah shares some similarities with Dimitri Rascalov, another main antagonist of a Rockstar Games franchise. However, Micah was debatably slightly eviler than Dimitri.
    • Both characters see betraying everyone as 'Survival of the Fittest'.
    • Both were thought to be allies to the main character at the start of the game.
    • Both are more or less loyal to only one person, with Micah being loyal only to Dutch van der Linde while Dimitri was loyal only to Ray Bulgarin. However, Micah had to betray Dutch in order to manipulate Dutch that his fellow gang members were traitors, while it's implied that Dimitri stayed loyal to Bulgarin only because Bulgarin more powerful, which would make betraying him stupid and would end with Dimitri dead in no time.
    • Both have blond hair and blue eyes.
    • Both betray their bosses at some point with Micah betraying Dutch while Dimitri betrayed Mikhail Faustin. However, this was Dimitri's ploy to have Niko kill Mikhail for him before Dimitri ends up betraying Niko Bellic in a twisted fashion. He also betrays Niko again in the mission "If the Price is Right" when Dimitri tells Niko that he has killed the buyers' representatives and that he will keep the heroin all to himself.
    • Both killed a hero character only to be killed by the hero's close one in return with Micah killing Arthur Morgan while Dimitri (indirectly) killed Roman Bellic. Also, both of the heroes' deaths are optional. However, Roman Bellic was not a playable character whereas Arthur Morgan is. As for Arthur Morgan, however, he still dies anyway as a result of tuberculosis, which was considered incurable (assuming he has high honor).
    • What also differentiates between Micah and Dimitri is that Micah isn't afraid of getting in on the action, while Dimitri solely relies on his henchmen to do the dirty work for him and is shown to be cowardly when confronted by Niko, while Micah himself has no such trait and doesn't hesitate to attack the protagonist.
  • Micah Bell is often considered to be the most hated character created by Rockstar and overall one of the most hated characters in video game history due to him betraying the gang, manipulating Dutch, and having such a nasty personality.
  • Including Cleet and Joe, there were 54 members in Micah's gang on Mount Hagen, all of whom were killed off by John, Sadie and Charles.

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