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Micah Synn was a savage warrior from Mount Suruba in Eastern Africa. He is a descendent of 18th century English settlers. Micah came to New York City  and became an instant celebrity. As such, his handler, Horatio Piper asked  Nelson and Murdock to represent his client.

Foggy Nelson agreed despite the law firm had problems with Micah and his savage ways.  Synn took food from vendors without paying and fought police officers who tried to stop him.

Murdock's premonition about Synn proved prophetic, as Micah began an intimate relationship with Foggy Nelson's wife Debbie. The two would eventually divorce after the affair became public.

A dangerous combatant and Synn was an almost constant adversary of Daredevil. Daredevil suspected that Micah had detected his "scent" and guessed his secret identity as Matt Murdock. Synn eventually weakened due to his poor environment of New York City. He was beaten by three homeless people and was saved by Daredevil. A weakened Synn begged Daredevil to "help me" on his knees,. The Micah Synn storyline ends with  Daredevil and the Kingpin have systematically taken out Synn's operation and defeated his tribe,


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