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Michael is the secondary antagonist of Mechanical Violator Hakaider, an action movie based on the Kikaider franchise. He is a robot built by Gurjev to serve as the head of his security forces and enforce peace in Jesus Town. It is revealed at the end of the film that Michael is actually a heavily modified Kikaider, who presumably was reprogrammed by Gurjev to enforce his twisted view of "justice".

He was voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue, who also voiced Jerid Messa in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


Michael was built by Gurjev as the improved successor to Hakaider, whom he had deemed a failure and disposed of.

Michael is first seen apprehending a criminal about to commit suicide. Michael stops him from shoot himself, and later has him brought to a facility where he has his free will removed via a chip implanted in his mind. After Hakaider breaks into Jesus Town, Michael travels to the site where Hakaider killed dozens of Jesus Town's security forces. He finds one dead soldier with his visor cracked and takes a moment to close his eyelids. However, when another soldier limps towards him, injured by still alive, Michael shoots and kills him for failing to die like the rest of his men.

Michael later leads an operation to take out the resistance Hakaider has joined up with, murdering every member except Kaoru and seemingly destroyed Hakaider. Kaoru tries to escape but is caught by Michael, who tortures her by pressing his Angel Claw up against her face. However, Kaoru manages to wriggle out and flee, later meeting up with Hakaider again. After Kaoru passes due to her injuries, Hakaider goes to the Jesus Town parliament to confront Gurjev and end his reign over Jesus Town.

After fighting through all of Gurjev's security forces, Hakaider finds Michael waiting for him. Michael attacks Hakaider and the two androids fight. Though initially appearing evenly matched, Michael soon gains the upper hand and beats down Hakaider, knocking him to the floor. Hakaider attempts to reach for his pistol, but Michael grabs it first and shakes all the rounds from it before knocking Hakaider upside the head with it. However, Hakaider then grabs some of the rounds from the pistol and loads them into his arm cannon, which he fires at Michael. Caught off guard, Michael's arm is blown off by Hakaider before the android overpowers him and knocks his head off.

However, Gurjev then arrives and has Michael's head plugged into the Death Angel superweapon, which he sends after Hakaider. The Death Angel overwhelms Hakaider at first, but after discovering his chest cannon Hakaider fires it at the Death Angel and destroys it, blowing Michael's head off it again. Michael's head, by this point having lost its white color scheme and revealed to have actually been the head of Kikaider, begins to lose power and can do nothing but repeat "I am justice" over and over before deactivating.


  • Michael's name is taken from the Archangel Michael, the angel famous for leading the forces of Heaven against Satan's forces, fitting the religious theming of the film.
  • The revelation of Michael being a reprogrammed Kikaider was apparently unpopular with many fans of the Kikaider franchise, who felt their childhood hero was being disgraced by being turned into a villain.


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