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Michael Amador is one of the main antagonists of Season 3 of 24.

He is portrayed by Greg Ellis.

Michael Amador is an international arms dealer who had acquired the Cordilla virus from rogue Ukrainian scientists and tried to sell it. Jack Bauer was working undercover as a middleman between the Salazar cartel and Amador in order to get ahold of the virus. Jack, Ramon Salazar and Hector Salazar met with Amador at a high-security tent he was staging the deal in. However, Amador also had made a deal with another potential buyer for Cordilla virus represented by Nina Myers. Amador held an auction for the virus, which Nina won. Jack and Salazar later captured Nina and forced her to retrieve the virus from Amador. However, Amador had already sold the virus to Stephen Saunders and instead of Cordilla virus vial, Amador gave her a bomb and later escaped the authorities.

Amador then travelled to to Los Angeles, where he met with Stephen Saunders. Later Amador was captured by CTU and interrogated about the location of the virus and the buyer.


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