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Michael Booth is a major antagonist in Machete. He is portrayed by Jeff Fahey, who also portrayed Jobe Smith in Lawnmower Man and Leo Kane in Criminal Minds.

At first he appears to be on Machete's side as he asks Machete to assassinate Senator John McLaughlin for $150,000. As Machete is about pull the trigger on McLaughlin (who was giving a speech to a large crowd about why he should be re-elected), he notices another sniper who shoots Machete in the shoulder, then shoots McLaughlin in the leg. Security cameras only capture footage of Machete on the roof, making it seem like he was the who shot McLaughlin. At this moment it becomes very clear that Booth and McLaughlin are actually working together, and the fake assassination attempt was only meant to boost support for McLaughlin's re-election (which it does).

Machete manages to get away, and Booth has his men hunt down Machete relentlessly, but all efforts are to no avail. It is later revealed that Booth works for Rogelio Torrez, who expresses disappointment that Booth's men have been unable to capture Machete, and that Booth seems to tolerate failure. Booth proves that he doesn't tolerate failure by killing his closest henchman and friend (who happens to have been the sniper who shot McLaughlin) via strangling with a wire for Torrez to see (though moments later Booth shows remorse for killing his friend). 

Machete breaks into Booth's house for evidence of his crimes, and he also drugs Booth's wife and daughter, April, then brings them to a nearby church where Machete's brother serves as a priest. Machete's brother gives him video recordings of Booth's confessions, and when Machete is able to get into Booth's laptop he finds even more evidence of the fake asssassination as well as the drug trade that Booth, Torrez, and McLaughlin are all part of. Unfortunately when Booth returns home, he finds is laptop, wife, and daughter missing, and as a result he has a group of mercenaries go to the chuch to kill Padre (Machete's brother).

Machete gets his revenge when Booth's secret information is leaked to the public during McLaughlin's first public speech since he was shot. McLaughlin and Booth get away from the crowd, but out of rage McLaughlin shoots and kills Booth in the car.

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