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See, I decided I'm not going to break Lucifer's life, I'm gonna take it.
~ Michael revealing his plans to Mazikeen.
Welcome home. So, how do you like the mess I've made, Samael?
~ Michael confronting Lucifer at Lux.

Michael Demiurgos is the overarching antagonist of the TV series Lucifer, serving as a mentioned character in Season 4 and as the main antagonist of Season 5. He is an archangel and the evil twin brother of Lucifer Morningstar, whose life he intends on ruining in an act of spitefulness to prove himself as the better angel between the two of them.

Like his brother Lucifer, Michael is portrayed by Tom Ellis in his first villainous role.


Physically, Michael fully resembled his twin brother Lucifer from head to toe whilst in his human form. However, the two of them could be told apart based on a few details, with the first being his angels wings since his are raven black with the right one being damaged, whereas Lucifer's are majestic white with both of them being fully intact. After a confrontation at Lux, Lucifer used a demon blade to carve a large scar across his face so he wouldn't impersonate him again. While Lucifer wears stylish clothes due to his deep care about his appearances, Michael doesn't and wears an ill-fitting blazer, a flimsy turtleneck and loose chinos. Besides his wardrobe and physical appearance, Michael stands with a slope in his back and speaks with an American accent as opposed to Lucifer's British accent.



At the beginning of creation, Michael was born to God and Goddess alongside his twin brother Lucifer and all their angel siblings. Growing up, Michael was described by his twin as "weaselly" and "cowardly", occasionally using his powers of fear exhibiting to psychologically taunt his siblings and trick them with his schemes, which mainly ended with him getting an "atomic wedgie" from each of them for doing so, primarily from his eldest brother Amenadiel. Michael also developed a pathological jealousy towards Lucifer, who was deemed by almost everyone as the perfect angel, and he would do anything to prove himself by trying to be smarter and more cleverer but to no avail.

To ruin his brother's reputation and prove himself as the better angel between the two of them, Michael whispered to Lucifer the idea of rebelling against God to do a better job, which resulted in Lucifer being defeated and getting cast down to Heaven. Afterwards, Michael continued his manipulations by carefully planting ideas into his brother's head, such as seducing/corrupting Eve in the Garden of Eden and presumably other decisions as well. Eventually in 2011, Michael had him retire from ruling Hell and move to Los Angeles on Earth, which forced Amenadiel to be sent there to get him back to the underworld.

Knowing that Amenadiel would become so obsessed with completing the task that it would cause him to lose his wings, Michael used this opportunity to climb the ranks in the Heavenly Host and eventually take his brother's position as God's right-hand. He had also ensured that only he can speak to their father and nobody else is allowed to, making him untouchable in the Silver City. In 2020, Michael listened to a conversation between Gabriel, Raphael and Remiel about how Lucifer willingly return to ruling Hell, praising him for sacrificing his happiness with Chloe Decker in order to stop the rebellious demons. More angrier that everyone was still praising him despite the rebellion, Michael decided to go to Earth and "play with his toys" so he can force him to return and ultimately prove how selfish he still is.

Arrival on Earth

Michael impersonating Lucifer while on Earth.

Arriving on Earth, Michael poses as Lucifer and saves Chloe from a shootout with a criminal. Over the next few days as he consults on an L.A.P.D. case, he acts like Lucifer and proclaims himself as "Lucifer 2.0", while also trying to drive a wedge between him and Chloe by behaving differently such as lying and intimidating Linda about her fears. Upon being confronted by an angry Mazikeen at the penthouse, he is forced to confess to her about who he is. He tells her why he's there and offers her the chance to join him. The next night, he seduces her at the penthouse just as Chloe walked in. He is able to win her over afterwards and the night after that when the case was solved, Michael locks up Maze after she has second thoughts and he changes his plans to taking Lucifer's life on Earth instead of ruining it. After Chloe arrives at the penthouse, he tries to seduce her only for her to shoot him in the leg to prove that he was not Lucifer. As he admitted who he truly was, he learns that Chloe was suspicious from the beginning and that seeing with Maze confirmed it, knowing Lucifer would never do that. After she expresses about what she has with Lucifer is real, Michael then told her the truth about her birth and how she was a "gift from God" to Lucifer.

Michael fighting Lucifer at Lux.

Returning to Lux, Michael is confronted by Amenadiel who figured it out after remembering his previous tricks. Amenadiel confronted him for not belonging there and while Michael says Lucifer's life sucked, Amenadiel explained how his use of exploiting people's fear is to hide the fact that he is afraid of not beating Lucifer. Michael scoffs this and disappears. A few days later, Michael learns that Lucifer had returned to Earth and then confronts him at his penthouse. The two twin brothers berate about how Lucifer was apparently always the cool one and that Michael was always trying to prove that he was the cleverer one. Michael then taunted him about how he was actually the one behind most of his decisions, wanting to take credit for his life while pinning the blame on him. Enraged upon learning this, Lucifer fights Michael and the two brawl across the penthouse, which resulted in Lucifer using a demon blade left by Maze to carve a scar across Michael's face to stop him from pretending to be him. Michael however had other plans, as proven when he approached Mazikeen and offered the truth of a secret Lucifer was keeping from her, in which she had to find out for herself. The secret was revealed to be what happened to her mother Lilith, who left Hell decades before.

Inciting His Plans

Michael revealing himself to Dan so he could control him.

After some time of absence, Michael began targeting another one of Lucifer's associates, Dan Espinoza and waited for the perfect opportunity. He took his chance when Lucifer threw his phone out the window of Linda's house and stole it. Once Dan left, Michael imitated Lucifer's voice and tricked him into heading back in, where he witnessed Lucifer's devil face through the window before taking off in fear. The next day, Michael bore a white gown and approached Dan at the cemetery, where he introduced himself and told Dan he could make amends for his past misdeeds. He took him to an abandoned zoo on top of a mountain where he convinced him that Lucifer is indeed the devil and that he needed to shoot him in order to save his family and the world. At some point as well, Michael gave his nephew Charlie, Amenadiel's son with Linda, a common cold so he could use it to exploit Amenadiel's fears for his safety since he was actually mortal.

Several days later, Michael kidnapped Chloe and brought her to his cave where he kept her behind bars. He returned to see her with a latte and explained that he needs her for a part of a much bigger plan of his. He then tries to manipulate her inner fears about her relationship with Lucifer, explaining that he cannot create fears but simply expose what's already there. Realizing that Chloe wasn't actually afraid, Michael then took advantage of Lucifer's feelings upon learning that he never told her that he loved her, and he then leaves. He meets up with Amenadiel at the hospital in regards to Charlie's cold, revealing to him that his cold means he's a mortal and therefore vulnerable to disease. Upon returning, he finds Chloe gone and Maze waiting for him. As she intends on killing him, he convinces her that he's the only one being honest with her and offers her the one thing she wants: a soul so she can find a soulmate, but only if she helps him which she agrees to.

Michael facing off against Lucifer and Amenadiel at the L.A.P.D.

After Amenadiel grows fearful about Charlie's health and safety, his powers then stop time uncontrollably and prove that his son wasn't a Celestial. This signals Michael to arrive at the precinct where he finds his two brothers at, where they figure out that he's behind this as well. He refuses to reveal his endgame but explains he can't control Amenadiel's fear over Charlie's illness, which Lucifer becomes convinced that Michael is responsible for to manipulate them. As the two twins try to sway Amenadiel about Charlie's mortality, he attacks Michael but Maze intervenes and pushes him off. As Maze fights Lucifer, Michael fights Amenadiel who is enraged about Michael using Charlie as a pawn, which Michael taunts him about how it was easier to manipulate him than Lucifer's friends. As the two brothers eventually knock out Maze, they unveil their wings. However, before they are about to use their full power, they are stopped by God, who says that he hates it when they fight.


Powers and Abilities

Michael presenting his black angel wings to Mazikeen.

  • Angelic Physiology: Michael shares many of the same abilities as all the other angels, such as his immortality, invulnerability, regenerative abilities and superhuman physical abilities as well as untold mystical powers. In addition to his natural divine and mystical abilities; he has displayed some special abilities, such as;
    • Fear Manipulation: Like the other angels who have their own unique special power (such as Lucifer drawing out people's desires and Amenadiel slowing down time), Michael could draw out people's deepest fears and use them against his opponents.
    • Body Chemistry Manipulation: Michael was able to somehow cause Charlie to develop flu like symptoms in order to play on Amenediel's fears of Charlie's possible mortality.
  • Master Combatant: Aside from his powers, Michael is an apex martial arts fighter as he was able to hold his own against both Lucifer and Amenadiel in one fight despite the assistance of Mazikeen. During his confrontation with Lucifer and Amenadiel, Michael used technique and deflective attacks on his brothers. He also displayed incredible throwing accuracy, as he attempted to kill a human with the demon blade.
  • High Intelligence: Aside from his fear inducement, Michael was still possessed of a great intellect, with and cunning. It has been stated numerous times that Michael prefers to use his wit and intellect to outsmart, observe and play everyone around him against each other. Michael would always prefer the use of his wit and manipulative mastery over physical confrontation, and only engage sin physical confrontations as a last resort.
  • Unrivalled Manipulation: He is an extremely talented manipulator since he could exploit people's fears and use them to hurt Lucifer, such as Mazikeen wanting a soul, Dan fearing about Lucifer being the devil, Chloe being afraid of Lucifer changing and Amenadiel growing scared about the possibility of Charlie being mortal and therefore vulnerable to sickness, suffering and death.
    • Manipulative Patterns: Michael's manipulations always happen in loop-like patterns, leading to more chances for his manipulative skills to shine. He was able to use whispers to convince Lucifer to make questionable decisions that include his rebellion, his corruption of Eve and leaving Hell for a vacation on Earth and other activities. He states that this was all in a bid to show how he has power over's Lucifer's own free will through his wit alone.


Linda: What about "Michael"?
Amenadiel: No. Definitely not Michael.
~ Amenadiel bluntly declining Linda's suggestion to name their son Michael, which foreshadowed the archangel's true colors.

Although religion has often praised Michael as God's most majestic angel due to the story of the rebellion in Heaven, it is in fact quite the opposite. While Lucifer is still an anti-social narcissist with family issues, he felt remorse for anyone he offended and/or hurt and was capable of both redemption and feeling love; whereas Michael makes his devilish twin brother look like a saint. In his entire family, he was disliked by his siblings, including Amenadiel who bluntly refused to name his son after him while showing disgust and anger towards the very mention of his name.

Amenadiel: You see, you pride yourself on exploiting everyone's fears, but we've always known yours. You're terrified that Lucifer is better than you. That he'll always be better than you.
Michael: Please. Our brother? The Devil? The-the-the guy that was cast out of Heaven for all eternity?
Amenadiel: Exactly, Michael, because despite even that, you know, deep down... he'll always end up winning.
~ Amenadiel confronting Michael over his deep fears in regards to his obsession with beating Lucifer.

After his first appearance, while he presents himself as charming and well-mannered, Michael is pathologically driven by a superiority complex with the inner nature of an overgrown man-child, all of which he first developed during his childhood after growing increasingly jealous of his twin brother's popularity. Wanting to prove himself as a better angel than Lucifer through the means of skill, charm and intellect, Michael grew more and more desperate to prove this and would go to great lengths considered both unethical and unholy to do so, which include psychologically tricking Lucifer into making questionable decisions and trying to ruin his life on Earth to make him give into his darker impulses. These actions are what led Michael to become so arrogant and egotistical that he believes he will take the credit for Lucifer's decisions, by also making people blame him for everything that's been going wrong in their lives. He also has no problems with using his own family as pawns, as evident when he presumably gave Charlie a common cold so he could manipulate Amenadiel's fears for his health.

According to Lucifer, Michael used to be a cowardly manipulator who would always never make good on his threats towards his siblings, as he would take great pleasure in using his fear-exhibiting powers to manipulate with them but would always end up with them getting their own on him. This indicates a high level of psychopathy and sadism, even when he was younger. However, as time went on, he became more and more confident in making his threats reality as he went on to manipulate Chloe with her fears of Lucifer being different, Linda about her past failure as a mother and Dan after tricking him into learning about Lucifer's true nature. He remains sadistic when he arrives on Earth, when he constantly taunted Amenadiel about how he cannot protect Charlie from sickness due to being mortal, or when he revealed to Chloe the truth about her existence. He is also a hypocrite for whenever he uses his powers to psychologically toy with his enemies' fears, he is deep down trying to use them to hide his own fears and insecurity about how he believes that Lucifer is indeed better than him and always will be.

Behind all of his displayed charisma and manipulations, Michael hides a great level of childish insecurity that he cannot contain whenever he is rightfully told that he is no Lucifer, showing that besides his attempts to prove himself as the better angel, he cannot deny the fact that he will never live up to his brother's praise. These insecurities point to increased psychopathy added with delusional arrogance as when Mazikeen pointed out how Chloe will find out about him, Michael was so confident that he could turn her against Lucifer before then, even though he credited her for remaining suspicious. He was also in denial that he couldn't portray as Lucifer since he didn't fully understand him or his liking to humans, the latter of which he finds "filthy" and inferior much like his mother Goddess.

Unlike his brother Lucifer, Michael lacks his impulsive and hedonistic tendencies. Every step Michael takes is methodical, manipulative and calculated, which made it very difficult for him to pose as Lucifer. He lacked Lucifer's expensive taste or flirtatious nature, preferring to use his wit rather than indulging any impulses. This resulted in Chloe easily finding out that he wasn't Lucifer, since she knows he would never betray or lie to her. Despite his arrogance, Michael was still able to have some control over Lucifer's life through his machinations and turn some of his closest friends/allies against him, such as Mazikeen and initially both Chloe and Dan. He even went as far as to state that all of the steps he and others have taken, and all that has happened so far is going according to his "bigger plans", showing how effective he is at calculated manipulation of events and people alike.


Appearances of Michael Demiurgos

Season 4

  • "Save Lucifer" (mentioned)

Season 5

  • "Really Sad Devil Guy"
  • "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"
  • "¡Diablo!"
  • "Detective Amenadiel" (mentioned)
  • "BluBallz"
  • "Our Mojo"
  • "Spoiler Alert"


Maze: What the hell are you doing here?
Michael: To right a very serious wrong. See, there I am in the Silver City, doing my thing, when Gabriel strolls in and says, "Lucifer went back to Hell, voluntarily." Well, I just cracked up, as you can imagine, but then Raphael starts going off about how Lucifer's grown, and then Remy says, "Yeah, what a sacrifice," and then pretty soon all I hear is, "Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer!"
Maze: So you're jealous?
Michael: No. I'm pissed. Lucifer finally does what he's supposed to do without whining about it and he gets praised? He rebelled against Dad. Almighty God, for God's sake. Since when do we congratulate a convict for serving a sentence? And if I know my eternally selfish brother, and I do, all this sacrifice and responsibility bullshit, it's just smoke and mirrors. I don't know who he's trying to fool, but I do know that as soon as he hears someone is up here playing with his toys. maybe even breaking a few, then he will come flying right back up to reveal his true colors. So... (in English accent) Hello, Los Angeles.
~ Michael explaining his motives to Maze.
Michael: Not like you, right? Lucifer the rebel, deciding you can do a better job than Dad? You know, I wonder how you got that idea in your head in the first place.
Lucifer: Right, that's your play, is it? Taking credit for my failed rebellion? By all means, it's yours.
Michael: Now, you see, that is the best part. All I did was plant the idea. You're the one who chose to do it. You still get to keep all the blame yourself.
Lucifer: Your lies are so tedious, Michael.
Michael: Not as tedious as your denial. 'Cause I'm not lying now, brother, and I think, deep down, you are realizing that. And once you realize that, you're gonna wonder maybe it wasn't just the rebellion that was my suggestion. What else? What about your little sexcapade in the garden, or, oh, your little vacation here to Earth.
Lucifer: That's impossible.
Michael: Mm-mm. It was quite easy, actually. All it took was a little whisper here, a carefully orchestrated coincidence there, and your pathological self-absorption, of course. Voilà! All your idea.
Lucifer: Why?
Michael: Because all our lives, you thought that you were better than me. The great Lucifer Morningstar, but you're not, are you? You're just Samael.
~ Michael revealing to Lucifer that he's been manipulating him for eons.


  • In the Bible, Michael is one of the archangels and the leader of God's army, which he led against Lucifer and the fallen angels during their rebellion.
    • He also appears in the DC Comics as "Michael Demiurgos" and is a major protagonist. He is the second most powerful archangel and is the only one who can conceive children, thus resulting in the birth of his daughter Elaine Belloc.
  • Regarding his dual roles in Season 5, actor Tom Ellis explained, "So in terms of Lucifer and Michael being different, I had to go old-school in that and figure out physicality and voice and how a character walks, as opposed to any sort of transformative prosthetics."
  • Michael is arguably the series' Bigger Bad as he is revealed to be the one who influenced Lucifer into rebelling in Heaven, seducing and corrupting Eve in the Garden of Eden, and retiring from ruling Hell to living on Earth, thus setting up the events of the entire series.
    • Some fans theorize that Michael is in fact the one that Father Kinley was investigating and blaming for the many terrible events throughout human history. However, this is yet to be confirmed.
  • His facial scar is a reference to Lucifer Morningstar's appearance in the Sandman comics.
  • Because of his personality, motives and actions, Michael garnered a disliking from both the fans and the series's cast that the hashtag #MichaelIsADick started trending on social media.


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