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You've got a lot of toys bruv.
~ Michael commenting on Mr. Lomax's gargantuan collection of beanie babies.
Who even buys this stuff man?
~ Michael's last words before he gets murdered while mocking those who still support the Nazi party.

Michael "Tealeaf" Fry is one of the three tritagonists (alongside Oscar Lomax and Maureen Sowerbutts) of the BBC psychological horror, mystery sitcom show Psychoville.

He is the community service appointed home help of Mr. Lomax and finds himself thrown headfirst into the latter's dealings of mysterious precious commodities (beanie babies) and in the process caught up in the conflict surrounding Lomax and the other former patients of Ravenhill Hospital.

He was portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya in his first villainous role, who would later go on to play Black Death in Kick-Ass 2 and W'Kabi in Black Panther.


Season One

Michael is first seen when he arrives at Mr. Lomax's house, the latter invites him in and Michael starts to explore the landing, eventually heading for a door that appears to be locked before Mr. Lomax appears and demands he not enter the room. Michael annoyed tells Lomax that he made him jump and the two discuss the duties he'll be appointed towards, with Lomax telling him that he's read up on him before giving him his constant nickname "Tealeaf". Michael reads to Lomax until he's eventually dismissed home, however instead of leaving Michael sneaks back in to find out what Lomax was so protective of him discovering. He unlocks the mysterious door only to find an incredibly large collection of Beanie Babies. Lomax congratulates Tealeaf on his discovery and tells him of his true duty aside from reading to him was actually to help him find the one toy missing from his collection "Snappy the Crocodile".

The two scroll through eBay and eventually find Snappy, at this point Lomax tells Tealeaf his backstory about how he literally gave his eyes to obtain Snappy before he had lost him, the two people who got his eyes a pair of conjoined twins dubbed by Lomax as the witches of eBay then engaged in a bidding war with Lomax and Tealeaf before the sellers pulled the toy from their auction upon realising how valuable he was.


Halloween Special

Season Two


Michael is a fairly calm, relaxed and stoic young man who rarely loses his temper or composure unless it's in extreme circumstances or he's been pushed too far such as when he was about to be killed or when Mr. Lomax threw "Sammy the Crocodile" into the river after Michael nearly died trying to get him back. In general his friendship with Lomax is also very strong and the two share something of a close bond shown during moments when Michael is protective over people taking advantage of his blindness as well as the devastated reaction he has upon seeing his death.


Michael is a handsome, tall and athletic young man with dark skin, brown eyes, short thick black hair and matching eyebrows. He dresses much like typical young men his age in simple casual clothes such as hoodies, tracksuits, jackets, etc.


  • Coincidentally nearly a decade after Psychoville Daniel Kaluuya would star in Jordan Peele's Get Out which also featured him playing a character getting caught up in the bizarre and disturbing behaviours of rich white people, even appearing alongside an elderly, eccentric, blind man.


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