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I was just doing what Uncle Sal told me to do.
~ Michael trying to justify his betrayal to Vito.

Michael Grecco Jr. is one of the supporting antagonists in the 2016 videogame Mafia III alongside Ritchie Doucet, and Roman Barbieri. He is one of Sal Marcano's lieutenants and a member of the Marcano Crime Family, running the rackets in the River Row district of New Bordeaux alongside Vito Scaletta, though there was some hate between the two of them, and Marcano would use it to his advantage.

He was voiced by Marrick Smith.


Michael Grecco Junior was born in 1946 in New Bordueax, Louisiana. His father was Michael Grecco Senior. His life had been rough from the beginning, as his true mother left her husband when Michael Junior was three years old. By all accounts Michael Senior had been a neer-to-well and chronic unemployable, which is why Michael Junior's mother filed for divorce and did not even care that she walked out on her toddler son as well. The life of both Michaels seemed to be on a downward spiral until by chance another woman fell in love with Michael Senior. This woman was the sister of Salvatore Marcano, who was the don of the Marcano Crime Family. For a time, such a marriage proved beneficial for Michael Grecco, both Senior and Junior. The elder Michael had married into one of the wealthiest and most socially prominent families in New Bordeaux. He was also offered a job where he would make and smuggle illegal drugs for Lou Marcano. This went well until Michael Senior was arrested on a drug bust and charged with distribution of cocaine. He was looking at ten years imprisonment, but was told he could get a lighter sentence if he turned state's evidence, to which he agreed. One day later, Michael Senior was dead. His neck was found broken in three different places, but the Marcanos either strongarmed or bribed the coroner into officially registering Michael's death as a suicide.

Sal Marcano refused to abandon his sister, as he figured she was not responsible for her husband's betrayal. Sal saw to it that she and her stepson were taken care of and kept in the family's good graces in the wake of Michael Senior's death. Years passed and Michael Junior entered puberty. Already a bully who brutally attacked other kids at school (although always with the help of other bullies, never one-on-one) and a juvenille delinquint, Michael Junior was following in the father's footsteps. His stepmother noted this as well, and suggested he make a career out of his bad behavior by working for her brothers. She leaned on Sal to have Michael Junior work for the Marcano Crime Family as did Michael Senior. Sal agreed to this, and got Michael started as a soldier in the crime family. 

Michael rose through the ranks, becoming a lieutenant in his 20s, which was unheard of for many gangsters. However, his position and respect were questionable. According to the more experienced members of the Marcano Crime Family, Michael Grecco did a good job at "making shit roll uphill". He would make himself known in an area, often messing up the situation, then leaving the more senior and/or experienced gangsters left to hold the sack. Michael's meteoric rise despite his poor leadership skills was arguably due to sliding by on connections with Sal Marcano, or more accurately, nepotism. However, his familial ties were shaky, as Sal felt loyalty to him out of courtesy rather than obligation. Michael Grecco was not the fruit of the loins of Sal's sister, but that she was caring for a child from her late husband's previous marriage. As Vito later put it, he is "nephew by marriage, not blood". Combined with his poor leadership and hotheadedness, it ultimately meant the ties could be broken and he was fairly disposable.

When Vito Scaletta was exiled to New Bordeaux and made to work for Sal Marcano, the two did not get along. Sal's wanted to get rid of Vito for years, as Vito was a Yankee and a likely mole for the Commission. However, as Vito is a made man, Marcano could not have killed him without the Commission's approval before. As such, Marcano was going to have to present excellent justification. After the heist of the Federal Reserve, Sal refuses to give Vito his cut, and then puts Grecco in charge of River Row to "help" Vito run things. Covertly, Grecco is under orders from Marcano to tighten the screws on Vito's rackets, and when he cannot pay, this will be the justification before the Commission that Sal needs to whack Vito. River Row, already a poor geographic area, is now even slimmer pickings for Vito now that Grecco has taken over his contraband racket and the dockworkers' union. Grecco installs two aged gangsters, Roy Thibideoux and Andy Turetto, in respective charge of the day-to-day operation of the contraband and the union. Both men are over-the-hill and considered past their prime, and Marcano figured they are deadwood for the crime family. Neither Thibideoux nor Turetto is pleased with this arrangement, in particular because they are more than twice as old as Grecco and he rarely listens to advice from older men. 

Mafia III

Betraying Vito

Grecco captures Vito and has him locked up in a freezer on the docks of River Row, abandoning him to his death. Luckily for Vito, Lincoln Clay arrives just in time and saves Vito, recruiting him and his rogue faction to battle against Marcano and take over New Bordeaux from him.

With Vito out of business, Grecco puts one of his men, Roy Thibideaux, in charge of the contraband racket of the district, while a union boss who once worked for Vito, Andy Turetto, now is made to ramp up collections and put the squeeze to workers and businesses through the dockworker's union. Lincoln collaborates with Vito and his men to ruin Turetto's and Roy's rackets, killing their enforcers, destroying their product and sabotaging Turetto's trailers. They eventually manage to kill or recruit Thibideaux, and kill Turetto (or convince him to re-defect to Vito), leaving Michael Grecco without any assets in River Row.


After the loss of his rackets, Grecco is unable to afford tribute to Sal Marcano. Marcano sends some of his men to get Grecco and whack him now that any usefulness he had to the Marcano crime family has evaporated. This coincided with Lincoln and Vito stalking Grecco, where they found him patronizing a prostitute in a cheap brothel in River Row. The original plan was to whack Grecco was he was distracted pleasuring himself with the fornication. Marcano's men, however, beat Vito and Lincoln to the punch, storming the brothel before the two men get the chance. Grecco, however, jumps out the window and flicks his middle finger to everyone, going so far as to hotwire a parked car and flee. By happenstance, the car Grecco stole was a black Samson Drifter. The car's rightful owner, Lincoln Clay, is perplexed how his car was stolen under his nose. Vito orders Lincoln to drive another car in hot pursuit, remarking that Michael Grecco stole the car "because he is a slippery little fuck". Soon a three-way gunfight ensues, with Lincoln thinking it may be easier to let Sal Marcano's men handle this. Vito protests that Marcano's goons will kill Grecco and that is it; they need to capture him to find out the reason behingd the subterfuge of River Row. Lincoln agrees and keeps driving as Vito opens fire.

Grecco is eventually overtaken on the road, and the pair grab him and put him into the trunk of Vito's car. Just then, they have a new problem, the New Bordeaux police. After fleeing a police chase, they bring Greeco to Vito's restaurant on the docks of River Row. Vito questions Grecco's motives behind his betrayal, and Grecco replies by telling him that he was following his uncle's orders. Vito then grabs some pliers and yanks out one of Michael's fingernails. He warns Michael that he has nineteen more chances to talk. Grecco finally reveals that he did this because Marcano has plans to build a casino, and he was afraid Vito was going to report this back to the Commission. Lincoln remarks why is Sal Marcano building a casino, as those places are illegal outside of Nevada. Vito then shouts at Michael that gambling is illegal in Louisiana, to which Greeco replies "No shit it is illegal! That is why Sal Marcano is paying a lot of money on lobbying to get the laws changed."

He then asks if they are going to let him go, now that he told them everything they need to know. However, Vito, still enraged with Grecco due to what he did to him, grabs a hammer and slams it against Grecco's skull. Lincoln asks what Vito is going to do with Grecco, and Vito replies "Fish gotta eat like everyone else." Vito then turns on the meat grinder while Lincoln leaves the scene, and Grecco is presumably murdered by Vito. His corpse was likely ground into chum and fed to the fish off the docks.

Mission Appearances

  • Fish Gotta Eat (killed)


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