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Chrissake! I've got another daughter.
~ Hunsaker, upon being confronted over his role with Shadow Company.

Michael Hunsaker was a secondary antagonist in the 1987 movie Lethal Weapon. He was portrayed by Tom Atkins.

Enlisting in the United States military, he served alongside Roger Murtaugh during the Vietnam War and at one point took a bayonet in the lungs that had been meant for Murtagh, saving Murtaugh's life in the process. Following the war the two had fallen out of contact with each other, with the two last speaking around 1975.

By 1987 Hunsaker had two daughters, the elder of whom was named Amanda. Falling in with the wrong crowd Amanda had become addicted to drugs and had left the family home by then.

Becoming a banker, he worked with former special forces General Peter McAllister and Shadow Company to launder the profits from their heroin smuggling operation through his bank. When Hunsaker decided he wanted out Shadow Company arranged to have poisoned heroin provided to Amanada. Taking the heroin, Amanda jumped from the balcony of her hotel room. Initially suspected to be a suicide, an autopsy soon revealed that Amanda had taken heroin laced with drain cleaner and if she had not jumped she would have died anyways.

Learning that his daughter was murdered and had not committed suicide as earlier indicated, Hunsaker arranged a meeting with Murtagh - who was an LAPD homicide detective - and asked him to hunt down and kill the people who murdered Amanda. Murtagh refused to do that but investigated the murder, which led them to realize that some special forces were involved in the death of Amanda.

Going to Hunsaker's home Murtagh confronted Hunsaker, who confessed that he had been part of Shadow Company and had been helping launder their money through his bank. He confessed his involvement in the conspiracy but was afraid McAllister would target his remaining family. Hunsaker was killed by Jack Joshua before he could confess too many details, who shot up Hunsaker's home with a machine gun. Joshua had to report that while Hunsaker was dead that the latter had spilled the beans to a police officer.

Seeing his former friend dead, Murtagh said that Hunsaker had gotten off easy for the crimes he had committed.


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