Go on then! Shoot me! Go on!! Shoot me, you f**king coward! You haven't got the f**king guts!!
~ Michael Jennings to Forrest Taft

Michael Jennings is the main antagonist in the 1994 film On Deadly Ground.

He is portrayed by Michael Caine.


Jennings is a dark-haired, exceedingly well-dressed and well-groomed English oil tycoon who owns Aegis Oil. He is a smooth talker and seasoned conman: in public he seethes false benevolence, presenting himself as a humanitarian and a champion of the environment; in private he is short-tempered, extremely pampered and verbally abusive. His chief of security, MacGruder, is equally reprehensible. He also berates MacGruder for killing Silook.

Jennings is almost supernaturally greedy and will do absolutely anything it takes to retain his oil rights in Alaska, including murdering his own workers, hiring mercenaries, manipulating the authorities, and cutting corners on his oil rigs to the point of ecological cataclysm.

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