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You know, in Naples, there's an expression. When you think you're f-cking them, they're f-cking you.
~ Michael Korda to Scott Roper

Michael Korda is the main antagonist in the 1997 film Metro.

He was portrayed by Michael Wincott, who also played Philo Gant in Strange Days, Top Dollar in The Crow, and Scroop in Disney's Treasure Planet.


In San Francisco, Michael Korda is first shown when Scott Roper takes his friend, Sam Baffert to see him. Sam asks him about a man who stole jewelry, when Sam finds out that Korda is the one who stole the jewelry, as he is a professional jewel thief. The visit ends when Korda stabs Sam to death in an elevator. Scott goes into the apartment to see the corpse of Sam on the apartment floor, after hearing a woman scream at the sight of Sam's dead body.

Scott decides to get revenge, but Captain Solis refuses to let him interfere with the case, so Scott decides to do it on his own.

Scott and his new partner, Kevin McCall head down to a jewelry store where hostages are being hold and sees that Korda is the man behind the heist. Korda takes a hostage and drives away in a truck. Scott and Kevin use Captain Solis's car to chase him. Korda wrecks the truck and boards a cable car, shooting the operator, and puts it in speed and Kevin and Scott chase him. Scott jumps onto the cable car.

Korda is chased into a parking garage where Korda attempts to run Scott down with a car. Korda is then arrested.

During a visit from his cousin, Clarence Teal, he orders him to kill Scott's girlfriend, newspaper reporter, Veronica "Ronnie" Tate to seek revenge on Scott. Teal shows up at Ronnie's apartment and attacks Ronnie. Scott arrives just in time and chases Teal down a fire escape. After a knife fight, Scott kills Teal by running him down with a car. An angry Scott visits Korda in jail and threatens to beat him up and kill him if he ever goes near him, Ronnie or anybody else he knows. He also shows Korda a autopsy picture of Clarence's corpse, which enrages Korda. Korda tells him he will find a way to mess with Scott and anybody else he cares about, causing Scott to leave in rage.

Korda escapes from jail and kidnaps Ronnie. He lures Scott and McCall to an abandoned shipyard and threatens to kill Ronnie by decapitating her on a cutting machine, which Ronnie is pinned to, if he doesn't follow Korda's instructions. McCall is on a roof about to shoot Korda with a sniper rifle. Korda then attempts to run Scott down with his sports car. After Scott frees Ronnie from the cutting machine. During a shoot-out between Korda and McCall, Korda shoots McCall in the abdomen, but McCall survives. Scott and Korda fight in Scott's truck, which Korda is driving. Scott puts a pipe in between the door and pedal, causing Korda to get stuck in the truck. After a battle, Scott leaps out of the way as Korda rams into a stack of explosive barrels, causing a massive explosion that destroys Korda and his truck.



  • His first name is a possible reference to his actor.
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