Long live evil!
~ Michael Moreland

Michael James Moreland is a practitioner of evil. His origins are currently unknown. He is the arch-nemesis of Green Owl, a hero that has fought against him on a few occasions.

He has a twisted web of relationships, and has a kind of insane form of intelligence that relies on his crooked mind.



His origins are currently unknown, but it is possible that he came from a poor family.


After his youth, he was stationed in Brandon Township. He met a person who is now known as the Green Owl. The Owl was a keeper of peace, and Moreland was chaotic. He sttod up to him, and when Moreland was defeated and spared by the Owl, he swore revenge against him.


Moreland then moved to a remote location, before going into a different city. Michael thought that Green Owl couldn't track him. But what he left behind made it clear: He was goingto be found.


Green Owl

Green Owl is a hero, the arch-nemesis of Michael Moreland. Moreland befriended him for a time, but Owl ultimately turned away from his evil grasp. Moreland has tried to destroy him ever since. Michael Moreland escaped from the location where Green Owl was and went into hiding. Little to Moreland's knowledge, Owl knows exactly where he is.


Jemini was Michael Moreland's evil apprentice. Jemini followed him everywhere. They developed a romantic relationship, until Moreland insulted her ways, and he became alone once again. Jemini has since joined Green Owl's team in destroying Moreland.


Helios is a double agent working for Moreland. He is building up a trust in Green Owl, one that he will use to exploit and destroy him. Moreland believes that this will be enough to take care of the one proble in the way of acheiving his goal: World domination.