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Villain Overview

I met him, 15 years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this 6-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes; the devil's eyes. I spent 8 years trying to reach him, and then another 7 trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply… evil.
~ Dr. Samuel Loomis contemplating his former patient, Michael Myers.

Michael Audrey Myers, (born October 19, 1957) also known as the Shape or the Boogeyman, is the main antagonist of John Carpenter's Halloween franchise.

He is an emotionless, mute serial killer who at the age of six murdered his older sister Judith in cold blood on Halloween night. As a result, he was incarcerated in a mental institution. Breaking out fifteen years later, Michael proceeds to stalk and murder the residents of his hometown in Haddonfield, Illinois, almost every year on Halloween night.

Due to his ruthless nature, unsettling behavior, almost demonic haunting demeanor, and even more surprisingly his lack of a tragic or sympathetic backstory to give a clear reason for his actions, Michael is considered to be the embodiment of pure evil. He is the archenemy of both Laurie Strode and Dr. Samuel Loomis.

He was portrayed by Tony Moran when unmasked, and Nick Castle when masked.


Although there are different timelines that divulge about the origins of Michael Myers, what’s defined is understood to be Michael's firm backstory. Michael Audrey Myers was born on October 19, 1957 as the only son of Donald Myers and Edith Myers and the younger brother of Judith Myers. The family resided in a two-story house at 45 Lampkin Lane in the suburban town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

In 1963, when he was 6 years old on Halloween night, he came home early after a night of trick or treating and took a chef knife from a drawer, put on a clown mask, sneaked upstairs, and brutally and mercilessly killed his older sister, Judith, after she had sex with her boyfriend, stabbing her seventeen times until she bled out. His parents caught him and he was sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium until he was at the age of 21 for an adult trial. His psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis, spent 8 years trying to reach him and understand his psyche and find out why he did such a horrible act but Michael had refused to say a word since that night and always showed no emotion of any kind. By the time he was fourteen, Loomis came to the stunning conclusion that he had to be the human embodiment of pure evil and had no actual motive in his homicidal actions and simply wanted to destroy peace. Thus, he spent seven more years trying to keep him locked away.

In 1978 15 years after killing his sister Michael now at the age of 21 was to be driven by Dr. Loomis and Nurse Marion Chambers to a court hearing to determine if he would be incarcerated into a federal prison. However Michael started a riot by freeing all the other patients from their cells and stole Loomis and Marion's car and drove back to Haddonfield. He also killed an industrial worker named Christopher Hastings to wear his grey jumpsuit coveralls and robbed a store to wear the iconic Captain Kirk mask that was painted white with dark hair and also stole a chef knife and rope. The town sheriff Leigh Brackett investigated the robbery but thought it was just kids making a mess.

Michael soon took residence in his old home and killed and ate a dog. He stalked a young 17-year-old girl named Laurie Strode and tried to kill her. In the process, he killed her friends Annie Brackett, the daughter of the sheriff, Lynda Van Der Klock, and Bob Simmons. Knowing that Laurie would find them, he removed Judith's gravestone and placed it behind Annie's corpse and also positioned the corpses of the other teenagers in ways that would frighten Laurie. Laurie however recovers from Michael's attacks and stabs him with a coat hanger. Just as she thought Michael was dead, he wakes up but Dr. Loomis arrives and shoots him six times, causing him to fall out the window. Dr. Loomis looks down from a three-story balcony but finds out that Michael has survived and escaped without anyone seeing his breathing can be heard all over Haddonfield meaning he could be anywhere, and that nowhere was safe from the boogeyman.


His continuity is complicated due to there being four diverging timelines:

Thorn Timeline[]

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

H20 Timeline[]

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
  • Halloween: Resurrection

2018 Timeline[]

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween (2018)
  • Halloween Kills
  • Halloween Ends


Michael's exact age from the movies and their sequels is also complicated due to the timelines.

  • Halloween (1978): 6 years old (1963) and 21 years old (1978).
  • Halloween II: 21 years old.
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers: 31 years old.
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers: 32 years old.
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers: 38 years old.
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later: 41 years old.
  • Halloween: Resurrection: 45 years old.
  • Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills: 61 years old.
  • Halloween Ends: 65 years old.



Despite never speaking or showing any emotions, if one reads between the lines and properly analyzes his actions, his personality is very clear.

Michael Myers is the absolute embodiment of pure evil. He is a remorseless, depraved, and sadistic serial killer whose only goal is to cause chaos, pain, and death upon innocent people whether they be men, women, children, or even his own family. He always makes sure to kill his victims in the most brutal and painful ways imaginable rarely ever giving his victims a quick death or showing them mercy. Michael not only likes to physically harm his victims but will even mentally and physiologically torment them as well in multiple ways, like killing their loved ones in front of them or playing dark and disturbing pranks, a perfect example of this is when Michael puts on a ghost costume and glasses, making Lynda believe it's her boyfriend, Bob. When her back is turned to make a phone call, he strangles her to death with the telephone line.

He has an absolute refusal to speak and his murders, which all happen on Halloween night, suggest that the night itself, or the sinister aspects of the holiday, play a part in his motivation. His murderous tendencies could be his own sick idea of how to celebrate Halloween. This indicates a somewhat childish mindset or, at the very least, an attempt to come across as even scarier to his victims. This ghost-like desire to haunt his victims and leave an impression on others on Halloween night indicates that his true obsession is with Halloween, itself. He further showcased this obsession when he wrote the words, "Samhain", in blood in Halloween II, which indicates that Michael is educated in the lore of Halloween. Overall, it's likely that Michael may consider himself a force of nature like many others do.

Michael likes displaying his victims' corpses in ritual-like presentations, showing he has a sick sense of art, such as placing his sister's tombstone over the recently killed Annie, and after nailing Bob Simmons' corpse on the wall with a knife, he tilts his head as if his body were a poster, admiring the gruesomeness of his murder.

Despite many believing that he has the mindset of an animal, Michael is in fact highly intelligent being able to outsmart and manipulate several people to his advantage for example he typically bides his time to stalk and sneak up on victims before killing them, and he leaves his victims on display for other potential victims to find before killing them as well. Michael can also be very pragmatic and cautious if the situation warrants it, as in Halloween Kills, he took the threat of the Haddonfield mob very seriously and did everything in his power to get rid of them before they hunted him down, and after his defeat at the hands of Laurie in the 2018 film, he stopped holding back and went full force on his victims, instead of toying with them, most likely because he didn't want to be caught off guard again.

Michael however is not without his fears as it indicated that he wears his mask to hide his face and emotions due to the fact Michael's face is seen to be normal looking and rather handsome, and since one of the sources of Michael's power is through the fear he inflicts on others, Michael could be afraid of losing that power and image if people were to see that deep down, despite his threatening presence, immense strength, and being the literal embodiment of evil, at his core, he is and will always be a mere human. In Halloween Kills, it’s hinted that the only other thing that he cares about, besides his mask, is his childhood home, as when he was a child, it's stated that he liked to stare out of his older sister's window, not because he was looking at the town, but because he was looking in his reflection. It’s very possible Michael stares into his reflection to look into himself and ponder what he is and why he is such a dark and twisted person.

Goals and Motivations[]

While it is widely accepted that Michael Myers's ultimate goal is to kill his own family, due to multiple changes in canon and continuity, confirming his ultimate goals and motivations to murder is nearly impossible. According to his nemesis, Dr. Samuel Loomis, the once-innocent boy just spontaneously committed murder apparently for no actual reason except that he is nothing more than pure evil. Indeed, almost none of his murders have ever led to anything remotely self-serving. However, despite his complete lack of reasoning, many of his actions exhibit distinct patterns and recurring traits, which may provide hints to understanding his psychopathy.

But most famously, his ultimate target appeared to be Laurie Strode, who was originally his last sister, making it his most widely assumed goal to kill his own family. Despite that, his choice of targeted relatives still appeared somewhat inconsistent. Right after murdering his sister Judith, he was discovered by his parents who made no attempt to kill him. This motive is completely absent in the 2018 timeline, in which Michael and Laurie are not related and Michael has no known living relatives. Characters in Halloween Kills speculate that Michael's only desire is to go back to living in his childhood home, and that Laurie and her loved ones have been incidental targets on his way there.

In the "Thorn" timeline, Laurie died during Michael's absence, leaving behind her daughter, Jamie Lloyd. As his niece and last surviving family member, murdering Jamie became his next goal. It is revealed that Michael's reason for targeting his own family, as well as the source of his supernatural strength, was a curse placed on him by the Thorn Cult. The curse of Thorn tasks the bearer to sacrifice his/her own family on Halloween night to spare the community from death and natural disasters. Michael is the latest bearer of the curse, with his niece his next sacrifice. It should be noted the curse is explicit only in the "Producers Cut" where Michael is depicted as a supernaturally bound slave to the cult and curse. In the theatrical cut, the curse is a theory never fully explored with Michael being driven by rage, and even Terrance Wynn describing him as pure evil.

However, in the separate "H2O" timeline, Michael's target is still his sister, Laurie Strode. He pursued her until he finally killed her, apparently completing his life mission. During this, Michael was not as persistent against Laurie's son John, who was also Michael's nephew, but rather attacked him primarily to get to Laurie. Because this timeline does not share continuity with the "Thorn" timeline, Michael's terrorism against his own family once again remains unexplained.

Physical Appearance[]

Michael is a rather tall man, with a height of what looks like 6ft and slightly skinny for his size on the outside. He wears a Mechanic's coverall jumpsuit, a white mask reminiscent of Captain Kirk from Star Trek, and black boots. He also carries a chef's knife as his signature weapon. It looks like he also has some sort of wound on his hand, as it almost looks like a burn mark. If one gets a good look at his face, it seems he has only one eye in the 2018 films due to Laurie stabbing it with a coat hanger. However, the mask he wears has gone through significant changes, from being a mask painted white, to it getting spray painted white, to giving it an older and slightly damaged look to it in the newer films, going so far as to include an entire burned right side of the mask (his left). In the Rob Zombie remake, he wears a mask he made, along with several others, during his time in Smith's Grove. It also seems like he has no eyes, but looking closely reveals he does have blueish eyes. In the 2018 timeline, in Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, he has lost three fingers due to his first fight with Laurie in 40 years. This is one of several other injuries he has, along with a bullet wound, and a neck wound.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Inhuman Strength: Michael possesses extraordinarily immense strength as he is able to lift people off the ground with little to no struggle at all. He is also capable of breaking through strong glass and walls with no problem.
  • Inhuman Durability: Michael possesses immense durability, making him seemingly impossible to kill, capable of withstanding hits from cars going at high speeds, large explosions, gunshots, acids, and other blows to his body while he is still able to walk it off (generally after a short rest period of around a few seconds to a few minutes).
  • Inhuman Endurance: While Michael is able to withstand all of his injuries and not be too bothered by them, he still does appear to be hurt with pained grunts and sighs.
  • Inhuman Stamina: Michael's stamina is shown to be pretty high as he can chase his victims for long periods of time due to his slow movements.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: In Halloween (1978), Michael gets his left eye poked out, but in Halloween II (1981) which takes place that same night, his left eye appears to be just fine and by the end of the film, both of his eyes are shot out with a gun. However, in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998), both of his eyes are fully recovered (along with his skin which was burned in H2).


  • High Intelligence: Michael possesses incredible feats of high intelligence as he is capable of displaying the ability to learn and strategize.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Michael is proficient in handling any type of object that he can use as weapons against his victims. His main weapon is a chef's knife that he uses to butcher his victims.
  • Master Tactician & Strategist: Michael is shown to be an exceptionally accomplished strategist and tactician.
  • Master Tracker/Stalker: Michael is capable of tracking or stalking his victims to their current location, regardless of the distance.
  • Stealth Mastery: Michael is shown to be adept at stealth as he was capable of keeping himself hidden without anyone spotting him.
  • Knifemanship: Michael is extremely proficient in the use of knives that he uses to kill, cut, stab, mutilate and slaughter his victims.

List of Michael's Confirmed Human & Animal Victims[]

Halloween (1978)

  • 1: Judith Myers - Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 2: Christopher Hastings - Killed by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 3: Olivia (Dog) - Killed and eaten by Michael off-screen.
  • 4: Lester (Dog) - Strangled by Michael.
  • 5: Annie Brackett - Throat slit by Michael.
  • 6: Bob Simms - Stabbed by Michael.
  • 7: Lynda Van der Klok - Strangled by Michael with a telephone cord.

Halloween II (1981)

  • 8: Alice Martin - Stabbed through the neck by Michael.
  • 9: Alan Gateway's unnamed son is mentioned to have been murdered by Michael Myers.
  • 10: Security Guard Bernard Garret - Stabbed in the head by Michael with a hammer claw.
  • 11: Bud Scarlotti - Strangled by Michael with a cordlike instrument.
  • 12: Nurse Karen Bailey - Drowned by Michael in a tub of boiling water.
  • 13: Dr. Frederick Mixter - Stabbed in the eye by Michael with a needle.
  • 14: Nurse Janet Marshall - Stabbed in the temple by Michael, and air injected into her skull.
  • 15: Nurse Virginia Alves - Stabbed by Michael with a needle, then I.V. stuck into her arm to drain the blood from it.
  • 16: Nurse Jill Franco - Stabbed in the back by Michael with a scalpel.
  • 17: Marshal Terrence Gummell - Throat slit by Michael with a scalpel.

"Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers"

  • 18: Alan Gateway's Son - Killed off-screen by Michael off - screen, mentioned.
  • 19: Attendant J. Black - Stabbed in the forehead by Michael using his thumb.
  • 20: Attendant L. Evans - Killed when Michael caused the ambulance to crash off-screen, body seen.
  • 21 & 22: Two Unnamed Ambulance Drivers - Killed when Michael caused the ambulance to crash off-screen, body seen.
  • 23: Unnamed Mechanic - Stabbed by Michael with a pry rod.
  • 24: Shelly Matthews - Strangled by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 25: Sundae (Dog) - Killed by Michael off-screen, mentioned. It is implied by Dr. Loomis that Michael kills dogs to eat them.
  • 26: Bucky - Electrocuted by Michael with a transformer.
  • 27 & 28: Two Unnamed Police Officers - Ripped to pieces by Michael off-screen, bodies seen.
  • 29: Deputy Pierce - Ripped to pieces by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 30: Deputy Logan - Ripped to pieces by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 31: Kelly Meeker - Stabbed by Michael with a shotgun.
  • 32: Brady Hoffmen - Head crushed by Michael.
  • 33: Orrin Gateway - Stabbed in the back by Michael and thrown out of a moving truck.
  • 34: Alan Gateway - Stabbed in the stomach by Michael and thrown out of a moving truck.
  • 35: Unger - Thrown off a moving truck by Michael.
  • 36: Earl Ford - Face torn and neck broken by Michael.

"Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers"

  • 37: Snookie (Parrot) - Killed by Michael off-screen.
  • 38: Unnamed Hermit - Neck broken, and beaten to death by Michael.
  • 39: Rachel Carruthers - Stabbed in the chest by Michael with a pair of scissors.
  • 40: Max (Dog) - Killed by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 41: Mikey - Stabbed in the face by Michael with a forklike instrument.
  • 42: Spitz - Stabbed in the back by Michael with a pitchfork.
  • 43: Samantha Thomas - Slashed by Michael with a scythe.
  • 44: Deputy Nick Ross - Killed by Michael with a pitchfork off-screen, body seen.
  • 45: Deputy Tom Farrah - Killed by Michael with a pitchfork off-screen, body seen.
  • 46: Tina Williams - Stabbed in the chest by Michael.
  • 47: Deputy Eddy Grey - Beaten to death by Michael.
  • 48: Deputy Charlie Bloch - Hung on a rope outside a window by Michael.

"Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers"

  • 49: Nurse Mary - Head impaled on a spike by Michael.
  • 50: Unnamed Motorist - Neck broken by Michael.
  • 51: Jamie Lloyd - Impaled on a corn thresher by Michael, and was killed after he turned it on.
  • 52: Debra Strode - Killed by Michael with an axe.
  • 53: John Strode - Electrocuted against a console by Michael, causing his head to explode.
  • 54: Barry Simms - Stabbed by Michael.
  • 55: Tim Strode - Throat slit by Michael.
  • 56: Beth - Stabbed multiple times by Michael.
  • 57: Unnamed Smith's Grove Patient - Stabbed in the stomach off-screen by Michael.
  • 58: Unnamed Cult Nurse - Slashed by Michael with a machete.
  • 59-65: Seven Unnamed Cult Doctors - Killed by Michael with a machete.
  • 66: Dr. Bonham - Killed by Michael with a machete.
  • 67: Unnamed Cult Doctor - Face smashed against bars by Michael.
  • 68: Dr. Samuel Loomis - Killed off-screen by Michael.

"Halloween H20: 20 years later"

  • 69: Jimmy Howell - Stabbed in the face off-screen by Michael with an ice stake.
  • 70: Tony Allegre - Stabbed off-screen by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 71: Marion Whittington - Throat slit by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 72: Charles Deveraux - Throat slit off-screen by Michael with a corkscrew.
  • 73: Sarah Wainthrope - Stabbed multiple times by Michael.
  • 74: Will Brennan - Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife.

"Halloween: Resurrection"

  • 75: Franklin Munroe - Decapitated off-screen by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 76: Willie Haines - Throat slit by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 77: Cynthia Myers "Laurie Strode" - Stabbed in the back by Michael, and fell off the rooftop.
  • 78: Charley Albans - Stabbed in the throat by Michael with a tripod leg.
  • 79: Bill Woodlake - Stabbed in the head by Michael.
  • 80: Nora Winston - Stabbed off-screen by Michael.
  • 81: Donna Chang - Impaled on a metal spike by Michael.
  • 82: Jenna Danzig - Decapitated by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 83: Jim Morgan - Head crushed by Michael.
  • 84: Rudy Grimes - Stabbed by Michael with three kitchen knives


  • 85: Cat - Killed by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 86-98: 13 Animals - Killed by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 99: Elvis (Rat) - Killed by Michael with a scalpel.
  • 100: Wesley Rhoades - Beaten to death by Michael with a tree branch.
  • 101: Ronnie White - Throat slit by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 102: Steve Haley - Bashed on the head 11 times by Michael with a baseball bat.
  • 103: Judith Myers - Stabbed 16 times by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 104: Nurse Wynn - Stabbed in the throat by Michael with a fork.
  • 105: Kendall Jacks - Thrown into a desk by Michael. (Unrated Cut)
  • 106: Noel Kluggs - Slammed against a wall by Michael. (Unrated Cut)
  • 107: Security Guard Zach Garrett - Bashed on the head by Michael with chains. (Theatrical Cut)
  • 108: Security Guard Larry Redgrave - Slammed against a wall by Michael. (Theatrical Cut)
  • 109: Security Guard Stan Payne - Accidentally shot by Patty Frost while Michael was using him as a shield. (Theatrical Cut)
  • 110: Security Guard Patty Frost - Throat ripped out by Michael. (Theatrical Cut)
  • 111: Nurse Gloria - Throat ripped out by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 112: Unnamed Security Guard - Strangled to death by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 113 &114: Two Unnamed Security Guards - Thrown through a window by Michael off-screen, bodies seen.
  • 115: Ismael Cruz - Head crushed by Michael with a TV.
  • 116: Joe Grizzly - Stabbed twice by Michael with a knife.
  • 117: Coyote - Killed by Michael off-screen, body seen.
  • 118: Bob Simms - Stabbed by Michael a kitchen knife.
  • 119: Lynda Van Der Klok - Strangled by Michael.
  • 120: Mason Strode - Slashed by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 121: Cynthia Strode - Neck snapped by Michael.
  • 122: Paul Freedman - Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 123: Officer Lowery - Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 124: Deputy Charles - Stabbed thrice by Michael with a kitchen knife.

"Halloween II (2009)"

  • 125: Coroner Gary Scott - Decapitated by Michael with a glass shard.
  • 126: Floyd Benny - Impaled on deer antlers by Michael.
  • 127: Sherman Benny - Stabbed five times by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 128: Jazlean Benny - Stabbed five times by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 129: Ivan (Dog) - Killed and eaten by Michael.
  • 130: Howard Boggs - Head stomped on numerous times by Michael.
  • 131: Lou Martini - Bashed against a wall by Michael.
  • 132: Misty Dawn - Bashed on a mirror 11 times by Michael.
  • 133: Wolfie - Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 134: Harley David - Strangled by Michael in the van.
  • 135: Deputy Andy Neale - Neck snapped by Michael.
  • 136: Annie Brackett - Beaten to death by Michael.
  • 137: Mya Rockwell - Stabbed four times by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 138: Becks - Thrown through a windshield by Michael.
  • 139: Dr. Samuel Loomis - Slashed and stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife (Theatrical Cut); Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife. (Unrated Cut)

"Halloween (2018)"

  • 140: Unnamed Bus Driver - Killed off-screen by Michael.
  • 141: Guard Haskell - Mortally wounded off-screen by Michael.
  • 142: Warden Kuneman - Mortally wounded off-screen by Michael.
  • 143: Kevin's Unnamed Father - Neck snapped off-screen by Michael.
  • 144: Kevin - Neck snapped by Michael.
  • 145: Unnamed Mechanic - Beaten to death by Michael with a rubber mallet.
  • 146: Unnamed Cashier - Jaw ripped open off-screen by Michael.
  • 147: Aaron Korey - Bashed into a door numerous times by Michael.
  • 148: Dana Haines - Neck snapped by Michael.
  • 149: Gina Panchella - Beaten to death by Michael with a hammer.
  • 150: Andrea Wagner - Stabbed in the throat by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 151: Vicky - Stabbed by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 152: Dave - Stabbed in the neck off-screen by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 153: Oscar - Impaled on a fence by Michael.
  • 154: Dr. Ranbir Sartain - Head stomped on by Michael.
  • 155: Officer Richard - Stabbed in the head off-screen by Michael with a pen knife.
  • 156: Officer Francis - Decapitated off-screen by Michael.
  • 157: Ray Nelson - Strangled by Michael with a chain.

"Halloween Kills"

  • 158: Officer Pete McCabe - Accidentally shot in the neck by Officer Hawkins while Michael was strangling him and using him as a shield.
  • 159: Firefighter Tom Bentley - Bashed on the head by Michael with a fire hook.
  • 160-162: Three Unnamed Firefighters - Killed off-screen by Michael.
  • 163-165: Three Unnamed Firefighters - Stabbed in the eye by Michael with a fire hook.
  • 166: Unnamed Firefighter- Stabbed in the stomach by Michael with a fire hook.
  • 167: Unnamed Firefighter- Hacked to death by Michael with a circular saw.
  • 168 &169: Two Unnamed Firefighters - Killed by Michael.
  • 170: Phil - Stabbed in the back by Michael with several knives.
  • 171: Sondra - Died of blood loss after being stabbed in the neck by Michael with a broken fluorescent tube light bulb.
  • 172: Dennis - Decapitated off-screen by Michael.
  • 173: Marion Chambers - Stabbed to death by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 174: Marcus - Stabbed in the eye by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 175: Vanessa - Accidentally shot herself in the head after Michael kicked the car door into her gun.
  • 176: Big John - Eyes gouged out by Michael.
  • 177: Little John - Stabbed to death by Michael off-screen.
  • 178: Lonnie Elam - Mangled off-screen by Michael.
  • 179: Cameron Elam - Neck snapped by Michael.
  • 180: Leigh Brackett - Throat slit by Michael.
  • 181: Unnamed Mob Member - Stabbed in the throat by Michael.
  • 182 & 183: Two Unnamed Mob Members - Throats slit by Michael.
  • 184: Unnamed Mob Member - Slashed by Michael.
  • 185: Unnamed Mob Member - Stabbed in the back by Michael.
  • 186: Unnamed Mob Member - Slashed in the back by Michael.
  • 187-194: Eight Unnamed Mob Members - Killed by Michael off-screen.
  • 195: Tommy Doyle - Bashed on the head by Michael with his own baseball bat.
  • 196: Karen Nelson - Stabbed to death by Michael with a kitchen knife.

"Halloween Ends"

  • 197: Meagan - Killed by Michael Myers off-screen, missing poster seen.
  • 198 &199: At Least Two Unnamed People - Killed by Michael Myers after being lured to him by Nelson Christopher off-screen, mentioned.
  • 200:Officer Doug Mulaney - Held by Corey, allowing Michael to slice his throat and stab him repeatedly in the chest with a kitchen knife.
  • 201: Nurse Deb - Pinned to a wall after being stabbed in the chest by Michael with a kitchen knife.
  • 202: Corey Cunningham/The Shape II - Neck snapped by Michael Myers.

List of Weapons used by Michael Myers[]

  • 1: Chef's Knife (signature and most common weapon)
  • 2: His Hands (also common weapons)
  • 3: His Unnatural Powers
  • 4: Phone Cord
  • 5: Hammer
  • 6: Cord
  • 7: Hot Water
  • 8: Syringes
  • 9: I.V. Machine
  • 10: Blood
  • 11: Scalpel
  • 12: Metal Rod
  • 13: Electric Transformer
  • 14: Shotgun
  • 15: The high speeds of a truck
  • 16: Scissors
  • 17: Garden Claw
  • 18: Pitchfork
  • 19: Scythe
  • 20: Car Hood
  • 21: Noose
  • 22: Metal Spike
  • 23: Corn Thresher
  • 24: Axe
  • 25: Fuse Box
  • 26: Surgical Machete
  • 27: Metal Bars
  • 28: Ice Skate
  • 29: Trickery
  • 30: Elevator
  • 31: Heights
  • 32: Camera Tripod
  • 33: Cable
  • 34: Walls
  • 35: Foot
  • 36: Chain

Remake Timeline[]

Main article: Michael Myers (remake)

Other Media[]

Dead by Daylight[]


Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight.

Michael Myers appears in the game Dead by Daylight alongside Laurie Strode. It's implied he either came to the Entity at his own will and became one of its minions or was captured against his will but, unlike the other Killers, accepted his new task and willingly kills; in fact, it is humorously implied through several of his attributes and available items/upgrades that the Entity actually has a hard time keeping Michael's bloodlust in check, when the opposite is true for almost every other killer under the Entity's command. Michael's appearance is considerably different than his appearance in the original movie, with different clothing (including a mask) and a different body shape.

Halloween (2013)[]

A short-lived Halloween video game was released in 2013 that involved Michael killing a man just like he killed Robert Simms in the original Halloween and he then slowly moves towards the protagonist Sarah just like the scene in the original film where Laurie is trying to get into her house before Michael reaches her and then he stalks Sarah and Billy in their house attempting to kill the two of them until he is temporarily killed in the garage and Sarah and Billy escape by car but Michael gets back up and continues his killing spree. Since then the game was taken down due to copyright reasons so Pig Farmer Games/Puppet Combo released an original version named 'Babysitter Bloodbath' which follows the same story just without Michael Myers or any Halloween decorations.


Micheal appears as a skin that can be purchased and used in-game for the player to play as, and he appears exactly as how he does in the first movie.


Theme of Halloween and Michael Myers[]


  • Michael Myers is heavily regarded as horror's most iconic figure. He is notorious for igniting the slasher genre and inspiring many other fictional killers in pop culture, most notably Jason Voorhees. Even now over forty years later, he remains among if not the most popular fictional serial killer in horror history.
  • Another attribute to Michael's popularity is that unlike other villains in real life and pop culture he has no tragic backstory that defines his character and makes him what he is today. He is aware of the difference between right and wrong, but he does not acknowledge it or care. He simply kills for no other reason than to put an end to peace and this makes him purely the embodiment of evil.
    • Ironically, his remake counterpart was shown to be tragic and insecure while his original incarnation has neither of those traits and is far exceedingly evil than his remake counterpart. Even though his remake counterpart is still extremely evil, he is still completely outranked by his original counterpart.
  • In the first two Halloween films, Michael's iconic white mask was in reality a Captain Kirk mask, repainted and with its features removed. The mask itself was derived from a cast of William Shatner's face done for the 1975 horror film The Devil's Rain.
  • Michael is one of the most intelligent horror movie villains as he tricks his victims as well as faces his adversaries pragmatically. He even showcases the ability to drive despite being locked up since he was six, although it’s left unclear how he gained this ability. Dr. Loomis believed that another inmate gave him lessons.
  • It has been seen when unmasked, Michael always looked quite handsome and innocent-looking. This was an aspect done by John Carpenter as irony due to him being considered a monster because of his homicidal actions Carpenter was so dedicated to this idea that for the scene where Michael was unmasked he briefly replaced Nick Castle with Tony Moran as the role of Michael as he felt Tony's face fit the description better.

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