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I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes; the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil.

Dr. Samuel Loomis contemplating his former patient, Michael Myers.

I always knew he'd come back. In this town, Michael Myers is a myth. He's the Boogeyman. A ghost story to scare kids. But this Boogeyman is real. An evil like his never stops, it just grows older. Darker. More determined. Forty years ago, he came to my home to kill. He killed my friends, and now he's back to finish what he started, with me. The one person who's ready to stop him.Laurie Strode in the 2018 Halloween film.

Michael Audrey Myers (born October 19, 1957), also known as The Shape or The Boogeyman, is the main antagonist of the Halloween franchise. He is an emotionless serial killer who is typically portrayed as the embodiment of pure evil and is also the archenemy of both Laurie Strode and Samuel Loomis.


His continuity is complicated due to there being four diverging timelines:

4-6 Timeline

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Alternate 4-6 Timeline

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
  • Halloween 6: The Producer's Cut

H20 Timeline

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
  • Halloween: Resurrection

Final Timeline

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween (2018)
  • Halloween Kills
  • Halloween Ends


Michael's exact age from the movies and their sequels is also complicated due to the timelines.

  • Halloween: (1978) Twenty-one years old.
  • Halloween II (1981): Twenty-one years old.
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers: Thirty-one years old.
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers: Thirty-two years old.
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers: Thirty-eight years old.
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later: Forty-one years old.
  • Halloween: Resurrection: Forty-five years old.
  • Halloween (2018): Sixty-one years old.
  • Halloween Kills: Sixty-one years old.
  • Halloween Ends: Sixty-five years old.


  • He was portrayed by Nick Castle (masked) and Tony Moran (unmasked) in the 1978 film, with Castle after 40 years returning to provide the breathing sound effects and some scenes as Michael for Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.
  • He was portrayed by Dick Warlock in the 1981 sequel.
  • He was portrayed by George P. Wilbur in the 4th and 6th film.
  • He was portrayed by Don Shanks in the 5th entry.
  • He was portrayed by Chris Durand in the 7th entry H20.
  • He was portrayed by Brad Loree in the 8th installment.
  • He was portrayed by James Jude Courtney in the Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.


Michael Myers is an unusually persistent, but very human serial killer in the H20 and Final timelines, with only the 4-6 and alternate 4-6 timelines as a genuine supernatural killer. Michael Myers was a young yet depraved 6-year-old boy who murdered his older sister Judith on Halloween night ever since then he has refused to speak.

In the 4-6 timeline, Michael's actual personality becomes vague and conflates depending on the version. In the fifth film, Michael has an odd moment of humanity when he takes his mask off for Jamie and sheds a tear before resuming his rage. The difference is in the Producers cut where Michael is explicitly shown as a puppet bound by a supernatural curse, while the theatrical cut the curse is a theory brought up but never fully explored with Michael's rage being what drives him. In the theatrical cut, Jamie seemingly reaches out to him again, only for Michael to push her down harder onto the blades after seeming to reach back to her.

In all other depictions, Michael is portrayed as evil personified. He never shows any emotion and has no remorse for his actions. Furthermore, despite never speaking, he shows sadism as he enjoys making his victims suffer and pulling pranks to scare them as if he were a psychotic child. Therefore, he is well aware of his actions.

Michael's most distinct characteristics are his preference to always be wearing a mask, his absolute refusal to speak, and his murders, which all happen on Halloween night, suggesting that the night itself, or the sinister aspects of the holiday, play a part in his motivation. His murderous tendencies could be his own idea of how to celebrate Halloween. This indicates a somewhat childish mindset or at the very least, an attempt to come across as even scarier to his victims.

In his first murder spree as an adult, he exhibited an absolutely twisted sense of mischief, which he himself seemed to inwardly show signs of amusement for. He dresses up in costumes and masks to approach unwitting victims, occasionally murders his victims in elaborate and inventive ways, and would sometimes display his victims' corpses in ritual-like presentations, like placing his sister's tombstone over the recently killed Annie. In the "Thorn" timeline (movies 4-6), he decorated an entire attic like a gallery, complete with candles, his victims on display, and a coffin reserved for his own niece.

For 15 years, he was kept in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, under the care of Dr. Samuel Loomis, who understood that he was actually pure evil, intending to put an end to peace.

On October 30, 1978, Michael escaped to seek vengeance and began his new intention of putting an end to his family and all the peace in Haddonfield, Illinois while being pursued by Loomis, who intends to stop him.

Michael seems to like playing games on his victims by sadistically stalking and terrifying them before brutally killing them. A perfect example of this is when Michael puts on a ghost costume and glasses, making Lynda believe it's her boyfriend Bob. When her back is turned to make a phone call, he strangles her to death with the telephone line. Aside from Laurie Strode and his family members, there are still vague patterns to his chosen victims, as well as rare individuals he has chosen NOT to kill.

He has also chosen not to kill an unattended baby, hinting that he wouldn't kill targets whom he finds to be unworthy prey. However, he was willing to kill a young boy, who appears to be a preteen, in the 2018 movie. He typically bides his time to stalk and sneak up on victims before killing them. And he leaves his victims on display for other potential victims to find before killing them as well. This ghost-like desire to haunt his victims and leave an impression on others on Halloween night indicates that his true obsession is with Halloween itself. He may consider himself a proxy for Halloween, or the evil it represents to some people he further showcased this obsession when he wrote the words Samhain in blood in Halloween 2 which indicates that Michael is well educated in the lore of Halloween.

Michael has shown many times to be highly intelligent in Halloween he was smart enough to block all exits inside the Wallace house to ensure Laurie could not escape. Michael also prefers to kill his victims at night under the cover of darkness to avoid being caught, he also chooses not to kill children who are trick-or-treating on the street, possibly because he doesn't want to cause widespread awareness of his presence to avoid detection. In Halloween 2018 Michael was able to deduce that Laurie's family was hiding in a secret basement because of a gunshot that had come from the floor.

The original Michael Myers has killed (at least) 81 people (with the actual number being around 97), and his remake has killed 46 (if you count the kills of his dream in Halloween II 2009). No matter how young or old his victims are, Myers always resorts to the same methods; playing games before killing them in some of the most brutal ways imaginable.

Goals and Motivations

While it is widely accepted that Michael Myers's ultimate goal is to kill his own family, due to multiple changes in canon and continuity, confirming his ultimate goals and motivations to murder is nearly impossible. According to his nemesis, Dr. Samuel Loomis, the once-innocent boy just spontaneously committed murder apparently for no actual reason except that he is nothing more than pure evil. Indeed nearly none of his murders have ever led to anything remotely self-serving. However, despite his complete lack of reasoning, many of his actions exhibit distinct patterns and recurring traits, which may provide hints to understand his psychopathy.

But most famously, his ultimate target appeared to be Laurie Strode, who was originally his last sister, making it his most widely assumed goal to kill his own family. Despite that, his choice of targeted relatives still appeared somewhat inconsistent. Right after murdering his sister Judith, he was discovered by his parents and made no attempt to kill him. This motive is completely absent in the 2018 timeline, in which Michael and Laurie are not related and Michael has no known living relatives.

In the "Thorn" timeline, Laurie died during Michael's absence, leaving behind her daughter, Jamie Lloyd. As his niece and last surviving family member, murdering Jamie became his next goal. It is revealed that Michael's reason for targeting his own family, as well as the source of his supernatural strength, was a curse placed on him by the Thorn Cult. The curse of Thorn tasks the bearer to sacrifice his/her own family on Halloween night to spare the community from death and natural disasters. Michael is the latest bearer of the curse, with his niece his next sacrifice. It should be noted the curse is explicit only in the "Producers Cut" where Michael is depicted as a supernaturally bound slave to the cult and curse. In the theatrical cut, the curse is a theory never fully explored with Michael being driven by rage, and even Terrence Wynn describing him as pure evil.

However, in the separate "H2O" timeline, Michael's target is still his sister, Laurie Strode. He pursued her until he finally killed her, apparently completing his life mission. During which, Michael was not as persistent against Laurie's son John, who was also Michael's nephew, but rather attacked him primarily to get to Laurie. Because this timeline does not share continuity with the "Thorn" timeline, Michael's terrorism against his own family once again remains unexplained.

List of Michael's Confirmed Human Victims


  • 1: Judith Myers is stabbed 17 times to death.
  • 2: Christopher Hasting is stabbed in his chest.
  • 3: Annie Bracket has her throat slit.
  • 4: Robert Simms is pinned to a door with a knife through his chest.
  • 5: Lynda Klok is strangled with a phone cord.

Halloween II

  • 6: Alice Martin is stabbed.
  • 7: Alan Gateway's unnamed son is mentioned to have been murdered by Michael Myers.
  • 8: Bernard Garrett is impaled in the head with the claw-end of a hammer.
  • 9: Vincent Scarlotti is strangled with a cord.
  • 10: Karen Bailey is drowned and scalded in hot water.
  • 11: Fredrick Mixter is stabbed in the eye with a syringe.
  • 12: Janet Marshall is injected in her eye with a syringe containing an air bubble.
  • 13: Virginia Alves has her blood drained by an I.V. Machine that Michael used on her.
  • 14: Jill Franco is impaled with a scalpel in her back.
  • 15: Terrence Gummell has his throat slit with a scalpel.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

  • 16: Jimmy slips on the blood from Virginia's murder and dies from a head injury.
  • 17: Attendant J. Black is impaled in his head with Michael's thumb.
  • 18: Attendant L. Evans is murdered off-camera by Michael Myers.
  • 19: An unnamed Paramedic is murdered by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 20: An unnamed Paramedic is murdered by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 21: An unnamed Mechanic is stabbed with a metal rod.
  • 22: Shelly Matthews is killed off-camera by Michael Myers.
  • 23: Bucky is thrown on a transformer and zapped to death.
  • 24: Deputy Pierce is ripped apart by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 25: An Unnamed Police Officer is killed by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 26: An Unnamed Police Officer is killed by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 27: Deputy Logan is killed by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 28: Kelly Meeker is pinned to a wall by a shotgun impaled through her stomach.
  • 29: Brady has Michael's thumbs pressed in his head and he has his neck snapped.
  • 30: Orrin Gateway is knifed in his back.
  • 31: Alan Gateway is stabbed in the stomach.
  • 32: Unger is thrown off a speeding truck.
  • 33: Earl Ford has his neck ripped open.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

  • 34: An unnamed Hermit is stabbed in his back.
  • 35: Rachael Carruthers is stabbed with a pair of scissors.
  • 36: Mike is stabbed in the head with a garden claw.
  • 37: Spitz is impaled with a pitchfork.
  • 38: Samantha Thomas is sliced with a scythe.
  • 39: Nick Ross is stabbed repeatedly in the neck with a pitchfork off-camera.
  • 40: Tom Farrah is stabbed repeatedly in the neck with a pitchfork off-camera.
  • 41: Tina Williams is stabbed.
  • 42: Eddy Grey is slammed on the hood of his police car.
  • 43: Charlie Bloch is hung from a window by a noose.
  • 44: Max Hart is killed off-camera.
  • 45: Patsey West is killed off-camera.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

  • 46: Nurse Mary is impaled in the head on a metal spike.
  • 47: An Unnamed Motorist has his neck brutally snapped.
  • 48: Jamie Lloyd is impaled on a corn thresher.
  • 49: Debra Strode is hacked with an axe.
  • 50: John Strode is stabbed to a fuse box and is shocked to death.
  • 51: Barry Simms is stabbed inside his car.
  • 52: Tim Strode has his throat slit.
  • 53: Beth is stabbed multiple times in the back.
  • 54: An Unnamed Sanitarium Patient is stabbed in the stomach.
  • 55: Dr. Bonham is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 56: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 57: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 58: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 59: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 60: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 61: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 62: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 63: Dr. Terence Wynn is hacked up and killed with a medical machete.
  • 64: An Unnamed Cult Doctor has his face and skull crushed against metal bars.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

  • 65: Jimmy Howell is stabbed in the face with a skate off-camera.
  • 66: Tony Allegre is stabbed in his back.
  • 67: Marrion Whittington has her throat slit.
  • 68: Charles Deveraux has his throat slit off-camera.
  • 69: Sarah Wainthrope has her leg stabbed and crushed in the dumpwater. She is then stabbed in the back repeatedly, killing her.
  • 70: William Brennan is stabbed in the back and dropped to the floor.
  • 71: An Unnamed Paramedic has his throat crushed and a mask stuck to his head. Laurie decapitates him with an axe, believing him to be Michael. Because of this, he is technically Michael's 71st victim.

Halloween: Resurrection

  • 72: Franklin Munroe is ripped apart off-camera.
  • 73: Willie Haines has his throat slit.
  • 74:Laurie Strode is impaled in the back with the knife. He then let's her off the knife, letting her fall to her death off the roof.
  • 75: Nora Winston is killed off-camera and hung by a cable.
  • 76: Charley Albans is impaled in the neck with a tripod leg.
  • 77: Bill Woodlake is stabbed in the head.
  • 78: Donna Chang is impaled on a metal spike.
  • 79: Jennifer Danzig is decapitated with the knife.
  • 80: Jim Morgan has his skull crushed.
  • 81: Rudy Grimes is pinned to a door with three knifes through his chest.

Halloween (2018)

  • 82: A nameless father is killed off-camera. His corpse is later seen sitting on a lawn chair next to the transport bus, with a closed fracture in his throat.
  • 83: A preteen boy is strangled and has his neck broken inside a car, which Michael steals.
  • 84: Aaron Korey has his head bashed against a brick wall several times, then even more into a toilet stall door.
  • 85: Dana Haines has her neck broken partially off-camera. Her corpse is seen shortly after with her head seemingly twisted 180°.
  • 86: A Clerk is killed off-camera, but is seen with his jaw partially ripped off and his teeth taken out.
  • 87: An engineer is killed off-camera, but is seen with blood splatter on his body and his brass hammer laying next to him in a pool of blood.
  • 88: A nameless mother is killed off-camera but Michael is heard slamming her head into a table multiple times and then repeatedly hits her with a hammer. Her corpse is seen with a hole in the head, blood pooling on the table.
  • 89: An unnamed woman is stabbed through the throat with a kitchen knife.
  • 90: Vicky slips on the floor, and is then stabbed twice in the back during a struggle with Michael.
  • 91: Dave is killed off-camera, but is seen impaled with Michael's knife through his neck, hanging on a wall.
  • 92: Oscar is stabbed in the back, and then his jaw gets impaled on a fence post.
  • 93: Dr. Ranbir Sartain has the side of his skull crushed when Michael stomps on it with his boot.
  • 94: Two police officers are killed off-camera. Their mutilated corpses were later seen in their patrol vehicle.
  • 95: One is seen with a scalpel sticking out of his head and his throat slit.
  • 96: The second officer got decapitated and his head was seen hollowed and carved into a jack-o-lantern, lit up by a flashlight inside.
  • 97: Ray Nelson is strangled with a chain, and has his neck broken.

Halloween Kills

  • 98: 11 Firefighters are killed after Michael escapes the burning house.
  • 99: Phil is impaled on glass and stabbed in the back with multiple knives.
  • 100: Sondra is stabbed in the neck with light fixture.
  • 101: Dennis is decapitated off-screen.
  • 102: Marion Chambers is stabbed twice in the stomach and her neck is broken.
  • 103: Marcus is stabbed in the eye with a kitchen knife.
  • 104: Vanessa accidentally shoots herself in the head after Michael kicks a car door that hits her arm.
  • 105: Big John is stabbed in the armpit and has his eyes gouged out by Michael's thumbs.
  • 106: Little John is stabbed to death off-screen.
  • 107: Lonnie Elam is killed off-screen, implied to have been crushed by the attic door.
  • 108: Cameron Elam has his neck snapped all the way around.
  • 109: Leigh Bracket has his throat slit with a kitchen knife.
  • 110-116: Michael massacres six people who were trying to kill him in a lynch mob.
  • 117: Tommy Doyle is stabbed in the side and then has his skull crushed with a baseball bat.
  • 118: Karen Nelson is stabbed several times with a kitchen knife.

Animals killed by Michael


  • 1: An Unnamed Female Stray is slammed twice against a wall and eaten.
  • 2: Lester the German Shepard is strangled.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

  • 3: Sundae the Golden Retriever is murdered off-camera.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

  • 4: Max the Doberman Pincher is murdered off-camera.

Halloween (2018)

  • 1: An Unnamed Dog is hung from a tree off-camera. (deleted scene)

Debatable Killings

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Halloween: Resurrection

  • 5: An Unnamed Nurse

List of Weapons used by Michael Myers

  • 1: Kitchen Knife (signature and most common weapon)
  • 2: His Hands (also common weapons)
  • 3: His Unnatural Powers
  • 4: Phone Cord
  • 5: Hammer
  • 6: Cord
  • 7: Hot Water
  • 8: Syringes
  • 9: I.V. Machine
  • 10: Blood
  • 11: Scalpel
  • 12: Metal Rod
  • 13: Electric Transformer
  • 14: Shotgun
  • 15: The high speeds of a running truck
  • 16: Scissors
  • 17: Garden Claw
  • 18: Pitchfork
  • 19: Scythe
  • 20: Car Hood
  • 21: Noose
  • 22: Metal Spike
  • 23: Corn Thresher
  • 24: Axe
  • 25: Fuse Box
  • 26: Surgical Machete
  • 27: Metal Bars
  • 28: Roller Skate
  • 29: Trickery
  • 30: Elevator
  • 31: Heights
  • 32: Camera Tripod
  • 33: Cable
  • 34: Walls
  • 35: Foot
  • 36: Chain


My suggestion is termination. Death is the only solution for Michael. There is nothing to be gain from keeping evil alive. One shot of sodium thiopental would render him unconscious. I'll be with him to make sure his life is extinguished, my ear on his chest to hear for myself that his vitals no longer function and immediately incinerate the body. It needs to die, it needs to die! It needs to die!

Samuel Loomis on Michael Myers in the final timeline.
Michael Myers1.mp3


Theme of Halloween and Michael Myers


  • Michael Myers is heavily regarded as one of horror's most iconic figures. He is notorious for igniting the slasher genre and inspiring many other killers most notably Jason Voorhees. Even now, he remains among if not the most popular fictional serial killer in horror history.
  • Another attribute to Michael's popularity is that unlike other villains in real life and pop culture he has no tragic backstory that defines his character and makes him what he is today he is aware of the difference between right and wrong but he does not acknowledge it nor care he simply kills for no other reason than than to put and end to peace and this makes him purely the embodiment of evil.
    • Ironically, his remake counterpart was shown to be tragic and insecure while his original incarnation has neither of those traits, and is far exceedingly evil than his remake counterpart. Even though his remake counterpart is still extremely evil, he is still completely out ranked by his original counterpart.
  • Michael has shown on multiple times to be highly intelligent as he tricks his victims as well as faces his adversaries pragmatically and even showcases the ability to drive despite being locked up since he was six although it’s left unclear how he gained this ability Dr. Loomis believed that another inmate gave him lessons.
  • It has been seen when unmasked Michael always looked quite handsome and innocent looking this actually can be seen as ironic due to him being considered a monster because of his homicidal actions.
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