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I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this 6 year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes; the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply… evil.
~ Dr. Samuel Loomis about his former patient Michael Myers.

Michael Audrey Myers, also known as The Shape or The Bogeyman, (born October 19, 1957) is a legendary serial killer and the main antagonist of the 1978 classic horror film, Halloween and its many sequels (except for Halloween III: Season of the Witch) and its modern remakes.

Michael is a force of pure evil who can't be stopped and possesses immortality due to his inhumanity. Michael Myers was a little 6-year-old boy who murdered his older sister, Judith, on Halloween night. For 15 years, he was kept in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, under the care of Dr. Samuel Loomis, who understood that he was actually pure evil, intending to put an end to peace. On October 30, 1978, Michael escaped to seek vengeance and began his new intention of putting an end to his family and all the peace in Haddonfield, Illinois while being pursued by Loomis, who intends to stop him.

Michael seems to like playing games on his victims by sadistically stalking and terrifying them before brutally killing them. A perfect example of this is when Michael puts a ghost costume on along with glasses, making Lynda believe it's her boyfriend Bob. When her back is turned to make a phone call, he strangles her to death with the telephone line.

The original Michael Myers has killed (at least) 81 people, and his remake has killed 46 (if you count the kills of his dream in Halloween II).

In the 1978 film, he was portrayed by Nick Castle (masked) and Tony Moran (unmasked). In the 1981 sequel, he was portrayed by Dick Warlock. In the fourth film, he was portrayed by George P. Wilbur. In the fifth and sixth entry, he was portrayed by Don Shanks. In the seventh entry H20, he was portrayed by Chris Durand. In the eighth installment, he was portrayed by Brad Loree.



Six year-old Michael after killing his sister.

Michael Audrey Myers was born on October 19, 1957. When he was six years old, Michael Myers killed his older sister Judith, and was sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium. His psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis, spent eight years trying to reach him, and when he realized that he was pure evil, spent seven more trying to keep him locked away. Just as he was about to be permanently locked up, on Halloween Eve, Michael stole a Smith's Grove car and drove back to Haddonfield.

Michael stalked his other sister Laurie Strode, and tried to kill her. In the process he killed Annie, Lynda, and Bob. He received some injuries from Laurie before Dr. Loomis shot him six times, causing him to fall out the window. Unfortunately, he survived.

Old Timelines

Halloween II

Taking place immediately after the previous film, Michael continued trying to kill Laurie that night and killed many more victims, most of them at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, but was eventually shot in the eyes by Laurie, and set on fire by Dr. Loomis, who activated several flammable gas tanks and turned on a lighter, causing an explosion that set Michael on fire and supposedly burned him to death. From here, the old timeline splits into two alternate timelines.

4-6 Timeline

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Michael was left in a coma. He was sent to Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium until  he was arranged to transfer back to Smith's Grove. However, upon hearing that his sister Laurie Strode had died and her daughter Jamie Lloyd lived in Haddonfield. After the vehicle crashed off a bridge, Michael escaped and stopped at Penney's gas station and murdered the employees. Michael responded by driving off in a stolen truck, burning the station to the ground in the process and leaving Loomis stranded. Jamie saw him as Loomis finally arrived in town.

He contacted sheriff Ben Meeker with the pair of them went out searching for Jamie, who was trick-or-treating with Rachel. Meeker and Loomis took refuge in the former's house. Jamie and Rachel were driven out of town to safety as  Rachel was forced to take the wheel when he killed their driver. She eventually throwing him off the roof and hitting him straight on. Jamie went over to check her uncle's body, and as he rose once again, Meeker and a team of armed police showed up and shot him relentlessly until he fell down a nearby mineshaft.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

A year later, Michael awoke from his coma. Michael returned to Haddonfield, and began stalking Rachel and stabbing her with a pair of scissors. When Rachel's friends Tina Williams and Samantha showed up looking for her, Michael followed them to a party. At the party, Michael murdered Samantha and her boyfriend in the barn just as Tina found the bodies of her friends and the police officers sent to protect.

Sheriff Meeker arranged to using Jamie as bait. Michael murdered the staff at the Children's Clinic to distract the police. Michael killed the police officers and began chasing Jamie through the attic.  He pursued Jamie downstairs, where Loomis shot him with tranquilizers before finally beating him unconscious with a plank of wood. Michael was taken into custody at the Haddonfield Police Station, and Meeker made preparation for him to be transferred to a maximum security facility.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

The residents of Haddonfield believed that Jamie and Michael died in the explosion at the police station in 1989. In fact, the mysterious man in black had taken them and had hid them away in an unknown building, and now had impregnated Jamie. Jamie hid her baby at a bus station and fled back to Haddonfield. When Michael forced her off the road, Jamie took refuge in a barn, where Michael found and impaled her on a corn thresher. As the bleeding Jamie told him he could not have her baby, Michael switched on the machinery and watched as his niece was gutted. He then returned to Jamie's vehicle in search of the infant, to find that he was not there.

Meanwhile, relatives of the couple who adopted Laurie Strode. Tommy Doyle tracked the call to the bus station and discovered her baby, who he named Stephen. Michael returned to his house and murdered the Strodes in search of Jamie's baby, leaving only Danny and his mother Kara alive.

Tommy and Loomis tracked the cult down to the Smith's Grove Sanitarium. As Loomis confronted Wynn , Wynn congratulated Loomis on being the first to recognize the unique power of Michael's evil. Michael then continued his search for Jamie's baby, only to be pumped full of drugs and beaten unconscious with a pipe by Tommy. As Tommy, Kara, and the children prepared to leave Smith's Grove for safety, Dr. Loomis decided to stay to attend to some "business". When Loomis returned, Michael was nowhere to be found, his mask is on the floor, and Loomis is heard screaming.

H20 Timeline

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

The H20 timeline canonizes the events of only the first two films. Michael was not heard from since Laurie Strode had faked her death in an automobile accident, renamed herself "Keri Tate", and became the headmistress at Hillcrest Academy High School and had a son named John. After terrolising the town, Michael pursued John and his girlfriend to Laurie's house, where the two finally meet each other for the first time in 20 years. Michael killed Laurie's boyfriend and Laurie, John and his girlfirend eventually escape, but afterwards, Laurie orders them to escape (and they do so) while Laurie stays behind to fight Michael.

She picks up an axe and arrives back at the school. She finds Michael and enters a final battle with him. After a long pursuit, Laurie eventually stabbed Michael several times and threw him off a balcony. As Laurie prepared to finish off an unconscious Michael, a security guard stopped her, claiming that "he's already dead".

The police come and clean the mess and put Michael in a body bag and put it in an ambulance. Laurie receives the axe, steals the ambulance with Michael's body in the back and drives off with it. Michael is still alive and he escapes the body bag, and again tries to kill her but Laurie slams on the brakes, throwing him through the windshield. He gets up but Laurie runs the ambulance at her brother and the vehicle tumbles down a cliff but she escapes, while Michael gets trapped between it and a tree.

Laurie manages to recover and pick up her axe again and stands in front of Michael. They reach out to each other, but Laurie remembers all of the loved ones that Michael has taken. She pulls her hand back and delivers the final blow and decapitates Michael, finally killing him. Michael's head rolls down and stops. As police sirens are heard in the background, Laurie sighs in relief, now that fear and evil has finally been lifted now that Michael Myers is gone.

Halloween: Resurrection

Three years later, Michael's death in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later was revealed to actually be the death of a paramedic. It is revealed that he was not decapitated, but he switched clothings and mask with a paramedic who was killed instead. After unintentionally killing an innocent man, Laurie had been arrested and sent to the Grace Andersen Sanitarium. She was believed to be in a catatonic state by the nurses, but was secretly preparing for her brother's inevitable return. Michael finally appeared on Halloween 2001, killing two security guards to get to his sister.

Laurie lured him onto the institution, where Michael dangled over the edge of the roof and feigned confusion. Unable to risk taking another innocent life, Laurie hesitated and attempted to remove Michael's mask to be sure. Michael took advantage of this indecision, grabbing his sister and stabbing her in the back. Laurie defied her brother one last time, kissing his mask and telling him that he would see him in hell before falling off the roof to her death.

Final Timeline

Halloween (2018)

Construction starts at 19th October.


  • He was portrayed by Nick Castle (masked) and Tony Moran (unmasked) in the 1978 film with Castle returning to the role for the 2018 film.
  • Dick Warlock portrayed him in the 1981 sequel.
  • He was played by George P. Wilbur in the 4th and 6th film.
  • Don Shanks played Myers in the 5th entry
  • Chris Durand played him in the 7th entry; H20.
  • While Brad Loree played him in the 8th installment.

List of Michael's confirmed human victims


  • 1: Judith Myers is stabbed 9 times to death.
  • 2: Christopher Hasting is stabbed in his chest.
  • 3: Anne Bracket has her throat slit.
  • 4: Robert Simms is pinned to a door with a knife through his chest.
  • 5: Lynda Klok is strangled with a phone cord.

Halloween II

  • 6: Alice Martin is stabbed.
  • 7: Alan Gateway's unnamed son is mentioned to have been murdered by Michael Myers.
  • 8: Bernard Garrett is impaled in the head with the claw-end of a hammer.
  • 9: Vincent Scarlotti is strangled with a cord.
  • 10: Karen Bailey is drowned and scalded in hot water.
  • 11: Fredrick Mixter is stabbed in the eye with a syringe.
  • 12: Janet Marshall is injected in her eye with a syringe containing an air bubble.
  • 13: Virginia Alves has her blood drained by an I.V. Machine that Michael used on her.
  • 14: Jill Franco is impaled with a scalpel in her back.
  • 15: Terrence Gummell has his throat slit with a scalpel.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

  • 16: Jimmy slips on the blood from Virginia's murder and dies from a head injury.
  • 17: Attendant J. Black is implaled in his head with Michael's thumb.
  • 18: Attendant L. Evans is murdered off-camera by Michael Myers.
  • 19: An unnamed Paramedic is murdered by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 20: An unnamed Paramedic is murdered by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 21: An unnamed Mechanic is stabbed with a metal rod.
  • 22: Shelly Matthews is killed off-camera by Michael Myers.
  • 23: Bucky is thrown on a transformer and zapped to death.
  • 24: Deputy Pierce is ripped apart by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 25: An Unnamed Police Officer is killed by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 26: An Unnamed Police Officer is killed by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 27: Deputy Logan is killed by Michael Myers off-camera.
  • 28: Kelly Meeker is pinned to a wall by a shotgun impaled through her stomach.
  • 29: Brady has Michael's thumbs pressed in his head and he has his neck snapped.
  • 30: Orrin Gateway is knifed in his back.
  • 31: Alan Gateway is stabbed in the stomach.
  • 32: Unger is thrown off a speeding truck.
  • 33: Earl Ford has his neck ripped open.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

  • 34: An unnamed Hermit is stabbed in his back.
  • 35: Rachael Carruthers is stabbed with a pair of scissors.
  • 36: Mike is stabbed in the head with a garden claw.
  • 37: Spitz is impaled with a pitchfork.
  • 38: Samantha Thomas is sliced with a scythe.
  • 39: Nick Ross is stabbed repeatedly in the neck with a pitchfork off-camera.
  • 40: Tom Farrah is stabbed repeatedly in the neck with a pitchfork off-camera.
  • 41: Tina Williams is stabbed.
  • 42: Eddy Grey is slammed on the hood of his police car.
  • 43: Charlie Bloch is hung from a window by a noose.
  • 44: Max Hart is killed off-camera.
  • 45: Patsey West is killed off-camera.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

  • 46: Nurse Mary is impaled in the head on a metal spike.
  • 47: An Unnamed Motorist has his neck brutally snapped.
  • 48: Jamie Lloyd is impaled on a corn thresher.
  • 49: Debra Strode is hacked with an axe.
  • 50: John Strode is stabbed to a fuse box and is shocked to death.
  • 51: Barry Simms is stabbed inside his car.
  • 52: Tim Strode has his throat slit.
  • 53: Beth is stabbed multiple times in the back.
  • 54: An Unnamed Sanitarium Patient is stabbed in the stomach.
  • 55: Dr. Bonham is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 56: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 57: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 58: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 59: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 60: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 61: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 62: An Unnamed Cult Doctor is hacked up with a medical machete.
  • 63: Dr. Terence Wynn is hacked up and killed with a medical machete.
  • 64: An Unnamed Cult Doctor has his face and skull crushed against metal bars.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

  • 65: Jimmy Howell is stabbed in the face with a skate off-camera.
  • 66: Tony Allegre is stabbed in his back.
  • 67: Marrion Whittington has her throat slit.
  • 68: Charles Deveraux has his throat slit off-camera.
  • 69: Sarah Wainthrope has her leg stabbed and crushed in the dumpwater. She is then stabbed in the back repeatedly, killing her.
  • 70: William Brennan is stabbed in the back and dropped to the floor.
  • 71: An Unnamed Paramedic has his throat crushed and a mask stuck to his head. Laurie decapitates him with an axe, believing him to be Michael. Because of this, he is technically Michael's 71st victim.

Halloween: Resurrection

  • 72: Franklin Munroe is ripped apart off-camera.
  • 73: Willie Haines has his throat slit.
  • 74: Laurie Strode is impaled in the back with the knife. He then let's her off the knife, letting her fall to her death off the roof.
  • 75: Charley Albans is impaled in the neck with a tripod leg.
  • 76: Bill Woodlake is stabbed in the head.
  • 77: Donna Chang is impaled on a metal spike.
  • 78: Jennifer Danzig is decapitated with the knife.
  • 79: Jim Morgan has his skull crushed.
  • 80: Rudy Grimes is pinned to a door with three knifes through his chest.
  • 81: Nora Winston is killed off-camera and hung by a cable.

Animals killed by Michael


  • 1: An Unnamed Female Stray is slammed twice against a wall and eaten.
  • 2: Lester the German Shepard is strangled.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

  • 3: Sundae the Golden Retriever is murdered off-camera.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

  • 4: Max the Doberman Pincher is murdered off-camera.

Debatable Killings

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

Halloween: Resurrection

  • 5: An Unnamed Nurse

List of Weapons used by Michael Myers

  • 1: Kitchen Knife (signature and most common weapon)
  • 2: His Hands (also common weapons)
  • 3: His Unnatural Powers
  • 4: Phone Cord
  • 5: Hammer
  • 6: Cord
  • 7: Hot Water
  • 8: Syringes
  • 9: I.V. Machine
  • 10: Blood
  • 11: Scalpel
  • 12: Metal Rod
  • 13: Electric Transformer
  • 14: Shotgun
  • 15: The high speeds of a running truck
  • 16: Scissors
  • 17: Garden Claw
  • 18: Pitchfork
  • 19: Scythe
  • 20: Car Hood
  • 21: Noose
  • 22: Metal Spike
  • 23: Corn Thresher
  • 24: Axe
  • 25: Fuse Box
  • 26: Surgical Machete
  • 27: Metal Bars
  • 28: Roller Skate
  • 29: Trickery
  • 30: Elevator
  • 31: Heights
  • 32: Camera Tripod
  • 33: Cable
  • 34: Walls

Remake Timeline

Main article: Michael Myers (remake)





  • Michael Myers is heavily regarded as one of horror's most recognizable icons. He is notorious for inspiring many other slasher films, most notably Jason Voorhees.
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