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Michael Trinity is a minor antagonist inMobile Suit Gundam 00.

He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Ted Cole in the English version of the anime.


Michael is the most violent member of Team Trinity and always eager for a fight. He is also overprotective towards his sister Nena Trinity.


When the Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters are about to be captured the combined force of AEU-HRL-Union, Michael appeared and saved Allelujah. Michael, together with his siblings returned to space and soon have a meeting with Celestial Being. After Nena got hit by Setsuna for kissing him, Michael threatens to stab Setsuna, but is calmed down by Johann Trinity.

After their meeting with Celestial Being, they begin to attack multiple military bases with total annihilation tactics, which, during one of the operating, Michael killed Howard. After Nena attacked innocent civilians, Setsuna and Tieria seen Team Trinity as enemies and attacked them. Eventually, their battle ended and they separated in different ways.

Eventually, Wang Liu Mei managed to track down Team Trinity's base and offers them protection, however, their base is soon under attack by UN force. Soon, Ali Al-Saachez managed to track Team Trinity down and seemingly offers them help. Johann and Michael left their Mobile Suits, when Johann asked about Laguna Harvey, Ali told them that he killed him and quickly shot Michael in the heart, killing him.



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