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Well, it's not being dealt with by doctors. Doctors are covering it up. The whole point of the criminal justice system is to make things right when everything else fails. With all due respect, you have failed.
~ Tritter to Lisa Cuddy.

Detective Michael Tritter is the main antagonist in the third season of the Universal/FOX medical drama House MD. He is a police detective holding a grudge against Dr. Gregory House for humiliating him who takes it upon himself to do anything he can to get House removed from his business practice, in the process nearly ruining the lives of several innocent bystanders. He is considered to be the archenemy of Greg House.

He was portrayed by David Morse, who also portrayed Robert Turner in Disturbia.


Tritter was a detective and a patient of Dr. House's during clinic duty. While Tritter told him about his symptoms House acted surly, rude and condescending (his usual behaviour), prompting an annoyed Tritter to kick his cane and trip him over. In response when asked about his symptoms once again, House told him he'd need to run a test which involved him sticking a thermometer into Tritter's anus, infuriating and humiliating him. In revenge Tritter pulled over House while he was riding home and arrested him for "illegal narcotic possession" even though his Vicodin was in fact prescribed and left him sitting in a jail cell all night before being bailed out by Wilson, this didn't stop Tritter however who was only getting started with digging up dirt and seeking revenge on House.

Over the course of his investigation he searched House's home only to find an indorenate number of Vicodin stashes as well as two prescriptions written out by Dr. James Wilson and decided to declare him a drug addict as a result, and also places Wilson under investigation. Tritter tries to convince Wilson as well as Dr. Cameron, Foreman and Chase to testify against House but when of them refuse he takes things to a higher level by beginning to ruin the reputation of Wilson and nearly destroys his entire craft by freezing his assets and suspending several of his licenses.

In his spare time Tritter continues to dig up dirt on House and looks through the hospital logs, with him declaring to Lisa Cuddy that every employ in the hospital was indeed guilty of allowing a "drug addict" to treat patients, meanwhile Wilson finally caves in with the increased pressure being placed upon him leaving him no choice but to tell Tritter he'll help testify against House.

When Wilson and Tritter eventually come to an arrangement of House pleading guilty and going into rehab while still being allowed to practice medicine when he's finished House stubbornly refuses but Tritter nevertheless gives him three days to at least think about it. Unfortunately even after House comes to him saying he accepted the deal Tritter breaks their arrangement, citing him checking pharmacy logs and realizing House forged his way into collecting pills for himself.

House gets more desperate after this, finally agreeing to go into rehab and even apologizes to Tritter, he refuses to accept House's words however, infuriating the man to the point of him berating him in the rehab centre for all of his deeds and hypocrisy. Tritter still refuses to budge however, telling House that he doesn't believe he's actually changed and that the court date is still in place.

During the court hearing Tritter begins presenting his evidence while House behaves in a very nonchalant manner, even leaving the courtroom to deal with a patient. In the end however Tritter fails in his plans to have House's career destroyed with the judge herself telling him that he was completely blowing everything he brought up about House out of proportion, in spite of this she still sentences House to one night in jail for contempt of court. Although disappointed Tritter meets his failure with dignity, telling House that he hopes he's wrong about him before wishing him luck and leaving.

Tritter wasn't punished for any of his misdeeds and unfortunately for him, he remained wrong about House as he was back on Vicodin religiously shortly after the whole ordeal had blown over.


You son of a bitch! What about your words, your actions? "Gotta get House cleaned up, gotta get him to show some humility," but when it comes to actually doing something, you proved that all you care about is bitch-slapping a guy who refused to kiss your ass.
~ Dr. House describing Tritter's personality.

Tritter is a very spiteful, hypocritical, petty and entitled man who will stop at nothing to obtain what he wants, namely the arrest and suspension of practice for Dr. Gregory House, something which he is willing to go through the most insane means to obtain. He is also quite snarky, smug, arrogant and self-absorbed, not unlike House himself.

Tritter does have some decency about him though, as he can be genuinely friendly and personable when not provoked and even after he fails at getting House eliminated from the practice of medicine, he wishes him the best of luck in his future regardless, showing that he does have some levels of goodness within him.


Tritter is a tall man with a burly build and short closely cropped greying blonde hair which is slightly receding. His skin is fair, his eyes are brown and his face is rather sharp but also aged.

He is a well-dressed man on top of this, almost always wearing suits, blazers, shirts and ties, etc, all appropriate for the given situation. His most common outfit was that of a dark beige tweed blazer, a slightly mustard coloured shirt, black slim chinos, black shoes and a Syrian patterned golden brown tie.


  • Tritter is one of the most popular villains from the entire series, in spite of this though he is disliked by a lot of fans, which was likely intentional since he was written to be a hate sink from his earlier appearances especially.
  • Many critics complained about Tritter's arc going on for too long but nevertheless regard him as a worthy opponent to House, which is why many consider him to be the archenemy of Dr. Gregory House.



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