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Michaela Turnbull is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera drama EastEnders. She served as a supporting antagonist in 2019 and 2020.

In her storyline, Michaela sought to prevent her estranged son Leo King from getting revenge on local resident Whitney Dean over the death of his late father Tony King; this was due to Leo refusing to believe that Tony was a paedophile who sexually abused Whitney. However, after Leo's vendetta results in Whitney killing him in self-defence when he attempted to kill her, Michaela in turn abducts Whitney to get revenge on her son. But she is unsuccessful and is later forced to leave the square on her own.

She is portrayed by actress Fiona Allen.


Michaela Turnbull first came to Albert Square in Walford, a fictional borough in East London, from the build up to Christmas 2019. She had just learned that her estranged son, Leo King, is in the square and seeking revenge on local resident Whitney Dean because of what happenend to his late father Tony King.

Back when Whitney and Tony first came to the square in 2008, it had transpired that Tony was a paedophile who had sexually abused Whitney since three years before their arrival and whilst he was engaged to her adoptive mother Bianca Jackson. Eventually he was exposed, arrested, trialed, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment for Whitney's abuse ordeal. Then in 2013, Tony committed suicide and it was since then that Leo has sought revenge on Whitney when he came in 2019 and forged a romantic friendship with her. By the time Michaela had found out, she was determined to make her son come home with her - as it later implied that Michaela and Tony were a couple until she discovered his true colors and broke up with him.

When they reunite, however, Leo refuses to come back with his mother and threatens her before continuing with his vendetta. In February 2020, however, Leo ends up being killed by Whitney when he attempts to murder her and she is forced to stab him in self-defense. Following his death, Michaela is devastated and she holds a grudge against Whitney for this reason. She later abducts Whitney after thratening her with a knife. The kidnapping lasts for a while until Whitney eventually escapes, but not before she learns that Michaela had known about what Tony to to her all along and had thus could've saved Leo the bother of his vendetta in the first place.

Later on, Michaela goes to The Queen Victoria public house where Whitney is hanging out with her friend Gray Atkins and his wife Chantelle. They immmediatedly demand her to leave but she refuses, which prompts Gray to threaten Michaela into staying away from Whitney. Afterwards, she has left the square and is never seen again.


  • The character Michaela Turnbull made a total of 8 appearences throughout her time on the show.