Micheletto Corella

Chains will not hold me. Any more than they will hold my master.
~ Micheletto Corella

Micheletto Corella (also known as Michele di Coreglia or Miguel de Corella) is an antagonist in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. He is a skilled assassin and a member of the Templar Order. At one point, he was also the Governor of Piombino.

He was voiced by Tony Calabretta.


Micheletto was born in Valencia, Spain in the year 1470. He was a close friend of Cesare Borgia since they were both children. They never left each other's side and eventually grew into the men that went on to conquer Rome with pure force. Micheletto stayed with Cesare in the position of loyal bodyguard and pet assassin, perfecting his skills with the strangling cord until he became the perfect killer. Micheletto would go on to become the most loyal of Cesare's servants, often acting as an executioner and killing those who stood in his master's way. All these services led to him being named Cesare's right-hand man, though he still served the Borgia family on a whole. He became a condottiero and was named the governor of Piombino for a short period of time.

Micheletto developed a reputation for being the best killer in Rome. Many of Micheletto's murders went unrecorded, though knowledge of a few were kept known throughout the years. The Church aided Micheletto by covering up or ignoring his killings. Many of Micheletto's victims were noblemen, politicians, and other influential induviduals.

33 years later in August 1503, Micheletto was hunted by the Assassin Ezio Auditore and attempted to stop him from killing Lucrezia Borgia's latest lover, the stage actor Pietro Rossi. As soon as Ezio came close to Micheletto, he stabbed him with his hidden blade. In his last moments, he revealed the fact that he had poisoned Pietro's wine as a fallback plan, and that Ezio would be too late to save him. However, Ezio did not kill Micheletto, letting him go and saying that in his quest to empower Cesare, he himself would cause his own downfall.

After Cesare's failed attempt to overthrow his father, Micheletto attempted to gather an army to take back Rome, but this plan when awry when Cesare was arrested by the Papal Guard (by order of the new pope, Julius II). With his master imprisoned, Micheletto fled Rome.

After a short spell in prison, Micheletto reuinted with Cesare and the two attempted to gather the remaining Templar forces. Their forces, however, were soon broken after an attack by the Assassins. Micheletto then met with his master at their headquarters, the Lone Wolf Inn. While Cesare explained his further plans, Micheletto stated that he would aid his master. Cesare, however, merely commented that Micheletto had failed him. Enraged by this, Micheletto attacked his master, however, Cesare was quicker than him, and shot him through the head.