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Michelle Baldwin

Michelle Baldwin is a villainess from episode 9.15 "Blood Lust" of CSI: Miami.

She was played by Alicia Witt.


Michelle Baldwin was introduced as a kidnap victim along with Bridgette Walsh, and in the beginning of the episode, Michelle escaped, while Bridgette ended up killed. She later gave her account of what happened to the CSI crew on two separate occasions, while also embracing her husband, Dennis, both times. After learning that the culprits were a man and a woman, two sets of couples were called in for questioning, but Ryan Wolfe's DNA analysis on a hair found on the scene would reveal that Michelle was the villainous culprit, with Dennis as her accomplice.

Michelle had noticed that Dennis had a wandering eye, and with both of them agreeing that it would be a threat to their marriage, they resorted to abducting the women and later killing them. Michelle's "escape" in the beginning of the episode was part of her twisted way of teasing her victims, as she would help them attempt to escape only to send them back into Dennis' clutches, where they would not only kill their victims, but would also rip out their fingernails as a trophy. During Wolfe's analysis, Natalia Boa Vista realized that Michelle was a villainess when she opens a box similar to the kill kit from Bridgette's scene—and sees the fingernails inside.

It was at that moment that Dennis appeared with a gun pointed at Natalia, while Michelle followed and suggested that they had to get rid of her. Natalia asked if Dennis was cheating on her, only for Michelle to laugh off the claim and state that he would have, but their demented actions prevented that. The psychotic villainess mentioned their abduction of waitress Allison Caldwell and Bridgette, and they had also abducted Wendy Gibson (who was successfully rescued by Horatio). Just as the couple was moving in on Natalia, Horatio appeared and fatally shot Dennis, and later took Michelle into custody.

In the episode's final scenes, Natalia revealed that there were ten fingernails in the box, meaning that Michelle had abducted and killed ten women prior to the episode's events. When Horatio demanded the names of the ten victims, Michelle merely laughed and stated that the women didn't matter because they were all dead. Horatio then asked Michelle who had left her in her life, to which the villainess claimed that "everyone" left her.