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A mother knows her baby. A mother always knows.
~ Mrs. Michelle Osborne

Mrs. Michelle Osborne is the main antagonist of the Season 6 episode "Birthright" of Law & Order: SVU. She is a tragic widow who arranged the botched kidnapping of the 6 year old girl Patricia "Patty" Branson who reminded her so much of her late 2 year-old child Anna, who ultimately turned out to be another daughter of hers due to the machinations of her unscrupulous fertility doctor Dr. Stanley Norton. Her 2 co-conspirators were the 2 private investigators she hired to find her beloved child, the middle-aged PI Peter "Pete" Carson and his 23 year-old partner Kenneth "Kenny" Pratt.

She was portrayed by famous actress Lea Thompson who is best known for her role of Lorraine Baines-McFly from the Back to the Future movie trilogy.


Mrs. Michelle Osborne and her beloved husband Steve together sired a baby girl they named Anna in the year 1998. Unbeknownst to the couple, a family physician, Dr. Stanley Norton, who runs the Norton Fertility Clinic whom they were clients of, have intentionally manipulated Michelle's medical files so she could inadvertently donate unused embryos and pay extra money in return. This proceeded into her having not one but four other biological offsprings via vitro fertilization and those very children were born without her knowledge to other couples who were unable to traditionally procreate, and who were also Norton's patients. One of those children was Patty Branson, who was later born to Sarah and Matt Branson 2 weeks prior to Anna's birthday that following year.

Eventually, Mr. Steve Osborne and his daughter Anna, on their trip to visit her paternal granparents in Morris Town, New Jersey, died in a severe car accident involving a gasoline tanker explosion that completely volatilized their remains. This accident traumatized and mentally broken the now lonely Mrs. Michelle Osborne.

One day, she saw Patty Branson at New York's Central Park, and a combination of motherly intuition and her mental instability led her to believe Patty was Anna. As a result, she would find and hired someone to kidnap Patty off her desired reunion.


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