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Hot shot, cop! Your ass is mine!
~ Mick to Harry Callahan.

Mick is the main antagonist in the 1983 Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact.

He was portrayed by Paul Drake.


Mick is a sadistic rapist and a high ranking member of a gang of criminals. One night, Mick and his companions brutally rape an artist named Jennifer Spencer and her sister, leaving the latter permanently catatonic, much to Jennifer's horror. After recovering from her horrific ordeal, Jennifer retaliates by killing the gang members who raped her one by one. The murders attract the attention of Inspector Harry Callahan, who becomes determined to hunt down the culprit and bring them to justice. After meeting with Jennifer in person, he tracks her all the way to the house of Mick's female companion, Rae Parkins (the one who lured Jennifer into Mick's clutches in the first place). Mick is already at the house with Rae, as both had suspected Jennifer would be coming for them and that they'd be ready for her. However, Callahan enters the house and arrests Mick after he tries to attack him, while Jennifer, who successfully hides herself from Callahan, appears in the living room and shoots Rae dead.

Mick is unfortunately bailed out of prison by two of his associates and they track down Callahan at his motel, beating him up severely before throwing him into the ocean. Mick then leads his men to Jennifer and they kidnap her, intending to rape her again at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park. Jennifer manages to break free of her captors and they chase her through the park, shortly before Callahan arrives and kills Mick's thugs.

Mick's death

Mick falls onto the horn of a carousel unicorn, impaling him

Mick recaptures Jennifer and holds her hostage before escaping to the top of the Giant Dipper. As he taunts Callahan, Jennifer once again slips away, leaving Callahan free to shoot him several times with his .44 Magnum. Mick, still alive, crashes through a fence and falls screaming onto the carousel below, where he is fatally impaled on a unicorn's horn.