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Villain Overview

You see, in this world, there's people like me and there's people like you. And people like me eat people like you for breakfast and shit them out. You're nothing but foreign vermin, a stinking introduced species. And it's up to my kind to wipe your kind out. And that makes me the winner, which makes you...
~ Taylor's speech to Paul after catching him for the last time in Wolf Creek 2, after which he head butts him and knocks him out.

Michael "Mick" Taylor is the main antagonist of the Wolf Creek film series, as well as the 2016 mini-series of the same name. He is also the main protagonist of Wolf Creek: Origins and Wolf Creek: Desolation Games.

He is an extremely sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killer who enjoys kidnapping and murdering tourists from the Australian Outback after deceptively gaining their trust. A ruthless and psychopathic madman to the core, Mick brutally tortures his victims as well as sexually assaulting and mutilating them.

The character was portrayed by John Jarratt.


He claims that his performance was so convincing he was unable to get work for two years following the release of the first film. Jarratt's performance has been highly praised and has since been thought of as one of the great horror heavies in film. Jarratt's evil laugh, which he claims took four months to get just right, gave costarring actress Cassandra Magrath nightmares.

The character's personality traits were modeled after Jarratt's father (though he stresses that the psychotic killer part was added) and the character is styled after the polar opposite of Crocodile Dundee.


Mick is a murderous, unpleasant, manipulative, opprobrious, deceitful, vicious, and clever man who seems nice, but ultimately is an extremely traitorous, dangerous, and uncaring individual who is sexually obsessed with torturing, raping, and murdering women particularly, although he will also kill the men they are with, usually leaving them to die. He is so depraved that he even chases and kills children.

He usually begins by stalking victims before rendering their car immobile and later arriving to offer help. He offers to tow them back to his camp. If they oblige, the victims are drugged and tortured. If they refuse, the victims are murdered on the spot. Mick will also toy with victims, like pretending to shoot them or freak them out with bizarre behavior before revealing his true colors.

A proud xenophobe, Mick spent time in Vietnam raping and killing local women. He is also hypocritical, as he often claims to his victims that they are not welcome in Australia, yet killed many Australians as shown in Wolf Creek: Origins.

An untrustworthy and treacherous man, he will display increasingly unstable traits such as a psychotic glare before drugging his victims. He may also be cannibalistic, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Little is known about the character to keep him more ominous; however, Jarratt created a detailed biography for the character to base his performance off. He has not released this information.


  • Bowie Knife
  • Stash of stolen cars
  • Semi truck
  • Ford F100 hunting truck
  • Holden HQ Statesman sports car
  • Holden HZ Statesman Caprice
  • Gasoline
  • Remington Model 541 .22LR rifle
  • Tikka 595 .308 hunting rifle
  • Stolen Lee-Enfield SMLE No. 1 Mk. 3 .303 rifle
  • Taurus Model 689 revolver
  • Unidentified double-barreled shotgun
  • Torture shed
  • Torture cave


  • His unnamed sister
  • Numerous rats
  • Jim Taylor
  • Mrs. Taylor
  • A dog
  • The dog's owner
  • Bar patron
  • Cutter the serial killer
  • Jerry the pedophile
  • A serial killer
  • The serial killer's brother
  • Rose
  • The last serial killer
  • Numerous Police officers
  • A raped woman
  • A man who discovered him raping a woman
  • A soldier
  • Numerous soldiers
  • Numerous women
  • 3 Soldiers
  • 9 Tourists
  • A motorist
  • A pub owner
  • The pub cook
  • 3 pub patrons
  • Numerous tourists he "rescued"
  • A motorist
  • Kristy
  • Liz (possibly)
  • Gary Bulmer
  • Brian O'Conner
  • Rutger
  • Katarina
  • Jack
  • Lil
  • 2 unnamed native Australian cattle thieves
  • unnamed tribal elder/shaman.
  • Numerous kangaroos
  • Numerous rats.


Nothing like fresh rainwater from the top end!
~ Mick Taylor
What in the bloody hell are you buggers doing out here?
~ Mick Taylor
In this world, there's people like me, there's people like you. People like me eat people like you.
~ Mick Taylor
Jesus Christ, Mick! Rule number one, put the bloody fire out... f**k's sake!
~ Mick Taylor
What the bloody hell are you mob doin' out here? Scared the s**t out of me!
~ Mick Taylor
Nothing wrong with the battery!
~ Mick Taylor
I was doing people a service really, by shooting them. There's kangaroos all over the place... like tourists.
~ Mick Taylor
I could tell you. But then I'd have to kill you.
~ Mick Taylor
She was good for months... until she lost her head!
~ Mick regarding one of his countless female victims.
Now, your little mate's right, I am a *pig shooter*! Ya know what I do to pigs when they start squealin'? I make 'em stop!
~ Mick Taylor
Now, as I keep tellin' ya, you know, I always use a rubber with you cunts! I don't know where you been.
~ Mick Taylor
Yeah! Except you don't get to phone a friend because you'll be too busy screaming in f#%king agony!
~ Mick Taylor



  • He is based on Australian serial killer Ivan Milat known as "The Backpack Killer" who killed tourists in the outback during the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Mick Taylor is by far the most evil and chaotic character of Wolf Creek. The only characters that are almost as evil as him are Sergeant Atkin and Jeff the pedophiliac murderer.

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