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I'm gonna blame the movies.
~ Mickey Altieri
You should really deal with your trust issues, Sid. I mean poor Derek, he's completely innocent and such a nice boy too. He's bright and funny and handsome, decent singing voice. And he was going to be a doctor. This is just the kinda boy you'd like to take home to mom, if you had a mom!
~ Mickey taunting Sidney after killing Derek.

Mickey Altieri is the secondary antagonist of Scream 2, the second installment of the Scream movie franchise.

He was one of Sidney Prescott's best friends at college and was obsessed with movies and often filmed whatever was going on but was actually an already active serial killer. He subtly increased paranoia and suspicion when the murder spree began with intimate conversations. He finally revealed himself to be one of the killers to Sidney. He was betrayed by his mentor, but managed to get one more scare in before getting gunned down by Sidney and Gale Weathers.

He was portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, who also portrayed Thomas Gabriel in Live Free or Die Hard, Agent 47 in Hitman, Lucas Troy in Archer and Willard Stenk in Missing Link. While in-disguise, he is voiced by Roger L. Jackson, and in-costume scenes were portrayed by Allen Robinson, Chris Durand, and Lee Waddell.



A lunatic obsessed with films, he met Nancy Loomis on-line on a website for serial killers, being described as “one of the 97 already active serial killers in the U.S.” She helped him go to Windsor College, and pay his tuition fees, so the two of them could execute a murder spree. He planned on getting caught and starring in the following media circus. At college, he befriended original survivors Sidney and Randy Meeks, as well as Sidney's boyfriend, Derek Feldman. He even started dating Sidney's roommate, Hallie McDaniel, to further embed himself in her life. Mickey did most of the killings as Mrs Loomis wanted to target people involved in her son’s death. Once the murder spree was over, Mickey stabbed Hallie to death after escaping a car accident, shot Derek while he was tied to a cross, and attempted to shoot Gale on the stage, but she managed to survive, and killed Mickey, with help from Sidney.

Scream 2

In an early scene in the movie, while at film class, he argues that violence in the media contributed to the theater killings the following night. He also says sequels can be better than the original, unlike Randy. Mickey and Randy seem to have a solid relationship, unlike the rocky one between Randy, and the killers, Stu and Billy, from the first movie. However, under this, Mickey is deranged and psychotic. Mickey has a fascination with murderers and how the media affects them. He met Mrs. Loomis, Billy Loomis's mother on a serial killer website and agreed to help him with his tuition fees and expenses, if he can kill Sidney for her. With her guidance and tuition expenses, he does the killings, so she can plan out the revenge for Sidney killing her son.

Mickey, in the last scene, claims that unlike most killers, he wants to be caught so he "can blame the movies", planning to be immortalized by the media, and be in the world's most talked about court trial. He shoots his friend Derek, who was hanging by a cross. However, Mrs. Loomis shoots him, saying that his motive will never be believed. Before he seemingly dies, he shoots Gale off stage. After the whole ordeal is over, he jumps back up and gets killed in a hail of bullets by Gale and Sidney. Character In the Scream 2 DVD commentary, Wes Craven likens Mickey to Iago; both characters deftly cast suspicion onto others.


Confirmed Victims

  1. Several people - Off-screen; done as his time as a serial killer prior to the events of Scream 2.
  2. Maureen Evans - Stabbed to death.
  3. Officer Andrews - Throat slashed with knife.
  4. Officer Richards - Impaled in back of head through windshield by pipe while on moving car.
  5. Hallie McDaniel - Stabbed 4 times in the chest.
  6. Derek Feldman - Shot in chest with handgun.

Speculated Victims

  1. Phil Stevens - Stabbed in the ear through bathroom stall.
  2. Cici Cooper - Thrown through glass door, stabbed twice in the back, thrown off a balcony.



  • He is the only Ghostface who was a serial killer before the events of his film, giving him quite possibly the biggest kill count out of them all.
  • He was described as "20's, athletic, cool and rowdy" in the script.
  • In the original script, Mickey and Derek had switched roles. Mickey was innocent and chained naked outside by his Greek brothers for declaring his love for Hallie over them. Sidney eventually untied him, but he was then stabbed to death simultaneously by two killers. In the finished script, this role was given to Derek, and Mickey ended up with Derek's film obsession and being Ghostface.
  • A deleted scene further cemented that Mickey and Hallie were a couple.
  • Mickey is considered by many as one of the most powerful Ghostfaces in the franchise. For these reasons:
    • He showed enough intelligence to fool Sidney and others.
    • He showed great resistance, since he was able to withstand shots from Mrs. Loomis, of which they could damage important organs, and he was able to stand up without difficulty to hit the last scare.
    • He showed top speed both in combat and displacement. Since he was able to finish off officers Andrews and Richards quickly, and that they were Chief Hartley's best men. In displacement he showed to run very fast, apart from taking into account what is mentioned in the script, he was athletic.

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