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Ahh f-ck! You, you've got some balls.
~ Mickey Desmond

Mickey Desmond is a minor antagonist of Mafia II. He is the cousin of Brian O'Neill, who takes over control of the Irish gang after his demise.

He was voiced by Joe Barrett.


After the murder of his cousin Brian O'Neill in prison in 1945, Mickey took over control of his gang.

In 1951, he plotted to enact revenge on Brian's killer, Vito Scaletta and also show that he means real business.

Along with his gang, Desmond turned up at Vito's home one night and torched it while he was still inside. Vito however managed to escape and find his friend Joe Barbaro.

Later that evening Mickey, and his gang hung out in a bar and spoke about their plan to find Vito and kill him, and branded him a "coward" for running away. But at that precise moment Vito walked into the bar with Joe and began gunning down Desmond's thugs. Desmond tried to escape in his vehicle, but he was caught and killed by Joe and Vito.

Once killed, it is possible to loot his body which will give the player 500 dollars. Vito then moved to an apartment in Oyster Bay.


  • His model is used for Tam Brodie, an antagonist in the Mafia II DLC Packs The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta.