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The Microbots are allies of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 1000 and the secondary antagonists in the future party on Club Penguin. They assisted the Proto Bot in destroying earth far into the future but were wiped out by the players.


In the year 4014 they allied themselves with the Proto Bot due to them both having similar goals, they assisted the latter in his battles against the Extra Planetary Federation (the future division of the Elite Penguin Force) as well as the EPF from the past. They had the abilities to fire lasers and had prolonged strength and fighting abilities. The players and both versions of the EPF would stop them from entering Earth by blasting and destroying them in space, eventually leading to all of them being wiped out.


  • They are the strongest of all of the robots to appear in the game.
  • They also bear a resemblance to the Test Robots despite being much stronger than them.
  • Of all of the original CP villains who have so far not appeared in the new app Club Penguin Island, they appear as one of the least likely along with Herbot, the MascBots and Klepto.


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