"Ya know why you'll lose? You're a woman and no man in his right mind listens to any woman!"

Microwave was a villain from Marvel comics, an enemy of She-Hulk and like several before and after him was an activist turned criminal after he allowed his pro-microwave stance go to a near-terrorist level, deciding to utilize a battle-suit powered by microwaves to get rid of Jennifer Walters, who was leading the movement to remove the microwave tower (which she believed was causing health problems in the surrounding community).

Stealing the suit he would stalk Jennifer and her boyfriend, bombarding them with low-level microwaves for hours until he was finally spotted by Jennifer, who took to her She-Hulk persona and battled the villain, ultimately defeating him and destroying the suit - he also admitted that he had amplified the microwave tower's output, prompting She-Hulk to tear down the tower personally.

It can be presumed Microwave was arrested for numerous crimes such as stealing the suit, stalking, endangering the public and his potentially terrorist-like alteration to the microwave tower's output.