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Did you know that prophecies are just stories? Fables, you know, uh...tonterías. They're there to make children believe their parents are in control.
~ Mictlan manipulating the Teca army to war.
Monster? I am the god of WAR!!!
~ Mictlan’s most famous quote before engaging the Teca army.

Lord Mictlan is the main antagonist of the 2021 Netflix limited series Maya and the Three.

He is the bloodthirsty Mayan God of War and ruler of the Underworld, who aspires to sacrifice the demigod princess Maya, the series’ protagonist and his arch-nemesis, and gain an increase in power to rule the Land of the Living.

He was voiced by Alfred Molina, who also played Satipo in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Reverend Leland Drury in White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf, Snidely Whiplash in Dudley Do-Right, Johann Tetzel in Luther, Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Bishop Manuel Aringarosa in The Da Vinci Code, Professor Jeffries in Chill Out, Scooby-Doo!, Maxim Horvath in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Ke-Pa in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service radio drama adaptation, Rippen in Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, Viggo Grimborn in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Destiny in Justice League Dark, Lasombra in Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, Mr. Freeze in Harley Quinn and The Duke in Solar Opposites.


Mictlan is a cruel god who has no empathy or pity for humans and is also particularly feared by the gods. He also does not hesitate to hurt babies, having taken Zatz's left eye and was initially going to sacrifice a newborn Maya if his wife had failed to make him believe that doing so 15 years later make him even stronger.

Mictlan's most characteristic personality trait is his insatiable thirst for power. To achieve these ends, he did not hesitate to betray and tear hearts of his own kind in order to gain ultimate power.

Mictlan also didn't love his wife Lady Micte, he didn't care about her personal happiness at all, forcing her to abandon her biological daughter and never interact with her and had zero qualms with killing her later on.



As implied by showrunner Jorge R. Gutiérrez, Mictlan was once a European knight who came to Mesoamerica with the conquistadors, a role he shared with his two brothers. As punishment for their crimes in life, the three of them were made into chthonic deities sentenced to rule over various infernal realms. While his brothers Xibalba and El Chamuco were made rulers of the Land of the Forgotten and the Cursed, respectively, Mictlan was given charge over the Underworld: a burning, volcanic wasteland inhabited by various dark gods who would serve him as his minions.

Eventually, there arose a prophecy stating that a 'Little Eagle and Three Jaguars' would travel to the Underworld and vanquish Mictlan, though he personally did not believe it, deeming it a children's story.


At some point during Mictlan's reign, he caught the eye of Lady Micte, a power-hungry death goddess who wanted the most powerful god to be her husband. She saw the God of War as a good fit, and the two were wed by the Candle Maker, a jovial deity presiding over souls and balance. Xibalba and his girlfriend La Muerte, one of Micte's sisters, also attended the wedding.

However, Micte soon grew repulsed by her husband's savage behaviour and power-lust, fearing that he would eventually turn on her. To avoid this, she had a brief affair with the mortal King of the Tecas, a human civilization, and later gave birth to the King's daughter, a demigod girl named Maya. The half-human child of Death would be the one thing capable of harming Mictlan and would increase his power exponentially if sacrificed. Micte later grew to love her daughter, but she couldn't hide her from Mictlan. Mictlan was prepared to sacrifice Maya while she was 'ripe', but Micte persuaded him to wait until she was stronger, at fifteen years old, under the pretense that it would make her husband stronger as a result. Mictlan sadistically agreed, sending Maya to be raised by her human father and his wife, believing it would cause the Tecas more pain if they grew attached to her.

Prince of Bats

Maya wasn't the only demigod Mictlan encountered in his court. Some years earlier, his own General Camazotz, the God of Bats, had a child named Zatz with a mortal woman named Zyanya from the Puma Barbarian tribe. Zatz's mother was killed by monsters, and Zatz was brought before Mictlan. Camazotz convinced Mictlan to spare the boy, but the God of War took one of Zatz's eyes, leaving him with an eyepatch for the rest of his life. Zatz, gaining the title Prince of Bats, remained in the Underworld with his father, eventually becoming Mictlan's emissary and a soldier in his army of gods.

War with the Tecas

At last, Maya's quinceañera came. Mictlan sent Zatz to retrieve the Princess, informing her of her true parentage as a result. Zatz was fought off by Maya's father and brothers, who declared war on the Underworld gods. Zatz returned to his master and told him this, and Mictlan went to intercept them.

On a march to the Divine Gate, the entrance to the Underworld, the Tecas encountered Mictlan, who slaughtered them easily by making them turn on each other (as God of War, Mictlan cam instigate aggression and conflict). Only Maya's father was spared, and the weapons of Maya's brothers were returned to her by a regretful Zatz.

Conflict with Maya and the Three

Maya eventually figured out that the figures of the prophecy refer to her and Three warriors, each from a different land, so she set out on a journey to find them and bring them back to Teca. Meanwhile, Mictlan again sent Zatz to retrieve the girl, this time accompanied by his ex-girlfriend Acat, the vicious Goddess of Tattoos. Maya fought Acat off with the help of Zatz, who was conspiring against Mictlan with his father. Maya eventually recruited her Three: Rico from Luna Island, Chimi from the Jungle Lands, and Picchu from the Golden Mountains, and took them back to Teca. Along the way, they encountered more Underworld deities, wanting Maya for Mictlan or for themselves to sacrifice. They included Cabrakan (God of Earthquakes), his wife Cipactli (Goddess of Alligators), brothers Hura (God of Storms) and Can (God of WInd), Chivo (God of Dark Magic), Bone and Skull (Goddesses of Thievery), Vucub (God of Jungle Animals), and Xtabay (Goddess of Illusions). Maya and the Three fought off all of them, even killing Skull, and entered the Underworld through the Divine Gate.

While in the Underworld, they met up with Zatz and presented themselves before Mictlan (who was being entertained by Xtaby), where Maya challenged him to single combat. Mictlan laughed at them, threatening to punish the Three's respective homes for this, and used his powers to make them turn on Maya. Though she was able to break them out of the trance, Mictlan bested them all with ease and strapped Maya to the sacrificial table, preparing to kill her. Micte, arriving, saw this and discreetly gave one of Mictlan's own swords to Chimi, which she used to impale into the War God's back. Micte freed Maya, who sent Mictlan into the pits of lava below his temple. The warriors escaped with Micte and destroyed the Divine Gate, though they lost Picchu and Mictlan began to fix the portal.

Final Battle and Death

With all the heroes regrouped at Teca, Mictlan prepared for the final battle between them. Bringing the repaired Divine Gate to them, Mictlan and his god army began to engage with them. Saddened that his wife had defected, Mictlan attempted to coax her back to him, but to no avail. After battling Maya and Zatz, Mictlan summoned forth an army of skeletal conquistadors, most likely the remains of the ones he served with in life. After aid from the neighbouring kingdoms began to turn the tide of the battle, Mictlan killed and devoured the hearts of Cabrakan, Cipactli, Hura, Can, Bone, Chivo, and Xtaby to increase his power. It turned out to be so much that his body exploded into a circular pool of gold liquid. Though it seemed like the end of Mictlan, his conquistador army marched to the pool and began to bow before its frothing contents. Eventually, Mictlan emerged from it in his final form: a colossal flying serpent, with a fire-breathing head on each end. In this form, Mictlan was completely animalistic, lacking any human traits he had left, though his desire for Maya and his enemies' destruction remained.

Despite his newfound power and the new casualties of his rampage, Mitclan cannot stop Maya from entering his womb and sacrificing herself by stabbing his heart with her blade, putting an end to the vile god of war once and for all. With Mictlan and his army gone, the land was safe and all the deceased were revived as spirits, including Maya, Zatz and Pichuu.


Mictlan: What were you thinking?!
Micte: I made this for you, mi amor.
Mictlan: Spawn of a human and the goddess of death. The one thing that could actually hurt me. Give me that thing.
Micte: Wait, my dear. If you sacrifice my half-divine child it will increase your power immensely.
Mictlan: Ah, you think of everything, mi amor.
Micte: Oh, yes. Sacrificing her now would increase your power, my love. But nos as much as it would if you sacrifice her when she was grown.
Mictlan: You know, sacrifices are more effective when they're ripe.
Micte: Why don't you wait, my sweet? I'll send her to the land of the living. Let the Tecas raise her. You can have her when she's, say, fiften.
Mictlan: Yeah. Give them plenty of time to fall in love with it before we rip it away for my sacrifice.
Micte: My husband, you are the master of inflicting pain.
Mictlan: Just think...the Tecas will have to do all the work of raising it.
Micte: They will be like our servants.
Mictlan: And it will never know who its true mother is. You will be nothing to it. Nothing. Nothing at all.
~ Mictlan before the events of the series, when he ordered his wife to abandoned a newborn Maya.
Mictlan: I send you out to fetch her, and you join her? And I see you've brought mortals from Luna Island, the Jungle Lands and the Golden Mountains. Know this, if you stand against me, your kingdoms will pay the price.
Maya: Lord Mictlan, god of war, murderer of my brothers and my people, I, Princess Maya, along with my three friends challenge you to a battle to the death!
Mictlan: [Laughs] Friends? [Laughs] Oh no! [Laughs] You have brought the power of friendship. [Laughs] Ay, I am doomed! [Laughs] Maya, let me show you and your friends just how pathetic you are. I'll start with Zatz. He, at least, should have know the depths of your stupidity.
~ Mictlan confronted by Maya and her friends after Zatz's betrayal is revealed.
Camazotz: You reign ends here! For Zyanya! [Camazotz tries to attack Mictlan but the god of war grabs him by the throat]
Mictlan: Oh, General Camazotz, did you really think I didn't know you and you son were plotting against me?
~ Mictlan just before he rips Camazotz's heart out.

Worship... me!!!
~ Mictlan's last words while evolving into his bestial final form before his death.



  • In the Spanish version for Latin America, Mictlan was voiced by Joaquín Cosío, who also played Camazotz in the same series, General Medrano in Quantum of Solace, Rattlesnake Jake in Rango, Scorpion in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Mateo Suarez in The Suicide Squad.
  • He can divide his head into two other distinctive heads.
  • Mictlan commits all of the Seven Deadly Sins:
    • Pride: He mostly thinks of himself and takes pride on being the God of War.
    • Wrath: He is very wrathful as he can get angry pretty easily, as the time King Teca called him a monster.
    • Greed: He is obsessed with power and war as he wants to ravage the world in order to become the most powerful God.
    • Envy: While he has an amount of power in the underworld, he is jealous of Maya, as she is the only demigodess who can kill him, due to being born to Micte and King Teca.
    • Lust: Not only has a lustful desire for power, he also has a lustful desire for his wife, Micte, who never loved her in the first place.
    • Gluttony: He is indeed gluttonous as he devoured the hearts of the other gods of the underworld, and became more powerful, even becoming a cannibal.
    • Sloth: While his wife gave him the chance for redemption, he refused to redeem himself and makes no effort to acknowledge that his actions hurt many innocents.

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