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Middle Eye

Middle Eye is the secondary antagonist in the 2006 film Apocalypto.

He was portrayed by Gerardo Taracena.


Middle Eye is Zero Wolf's psychotic right-hand man and the most violent, ruthless and sadistic member of the Mayan warriors. During the village raid in the early draft of the film, Middle Eye captures one of the women and savagely rapes her inside a hut, executing her shortly afterwards.

While battling against the protagonist Jaguar Paw, Middle Eye proved to be a very formidable and dangerous opponent. After Jaguar Paw almost kills Middle Eye, he slits his father's throat in response. During the journey to the capital, a wounded captive named Cocoa Leaf is slowing the caravan. Middle Eye then decides to throw Cocoa Leaf to death to lighten the road, which disgusts even Zero Wolf since Middle Eye decided to kill him without his permission.

Much later, during Jaguar Paw's escape, Zero Wolf sends his men after him. Middle Eye is eventually killed by Jaguar Paw, succeeding to bring justice to his deceased father.


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