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Sou Hiyori, also known as Midori, is the main antagonist in the first half of the third and final chapter of the RPG Maker game Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- He is actually a doll of the original Sou Hiyori, and acts as the Fourth and Fifth Floor's Master, setting traps for the participants and running away, since the main objective of the floors is to kill him.


Midori is first found inside a coffin right after the survivors enter the Fourth floor, after checking all the other coffins containing the participants of the death game that died in the first trial, Midori reveals to be alive and stands up together with the other deceased participants. He reveals that him and the others are actually dolls, and that they (with the exception of himself) will serve as supports for the survivors, forcing them to make pairs of one human with one doll. He explains that the main objective of the survivors is to kill him, and runs away shortly after. The survivors are attacked by a Obstructor, dolls that only purpose are to stop the survivors. After defeating the Obstructor they start to track Midori down.

After exploring the fourth floor a fair deal, Midori reveals that he's watching everything that happens via CCTV. They eventually arrive at his control room, but he is nowhere to be found. There they find his collar removed in a desk, and all of a sudden, an AI of none other than Shin Tsukimi starts running and talks with the group. He reveals that the original Sou was a childhood friend of his, but that even to him he was a complete mystery.

Midori enters the room telling everyone that he wants his collar back. The group calls him bold to just appear in the middle of them, but he threatens them with a gun that he claims to have four bullets loaded, saying that he would kill four of the groups members before dying. This threat makes the group wary of attacking him, and he activates a red light on Sara Chidouin's collar, and explains that they will now play a game of tag, and that if Sara doesn't tag someone else, she will die in one hour.

The group gives chase to him but are eventually stopped by a group of Obstructors on the library. After defeating them, Kanna asks Sara to tag her, not before Keiji tagging Sara himself to avoid burdening Kanna. After solving the library's puzzle, they finally corner him, but they discover he can't be tagged, since he lacks a collar. He strikes a deal with the survivors saying that he will put on a spare collar if they let him run away. On the control room, the survivors observe Q-taro's dummy, Mai Tsurugi literally and figuratively backstabbing him, and its revealed that the dolls are actually on Midori's side, and were instructed to kill all the humans, and if Midori dies, they all die. Q-taro survives the stabbing and knocks Tsurugi off of him, and gives a speech on how they are all allies just trying to survive, and that they should all rally against Midori. Every doll, with the exception of Hanako Mishuku, complies.

During the final stand off with Midori, he taunts Keiji about his past, throwing the gun Keiji used to kill his childhood hero to his feet and showing that he knows all about him, sparking Keiji to attempt to kill Midori himself. The dolls try to stop the group from tagging him, but eventually with enough effort from everyone they successfully pin him down and tag him, winning the tag game. Midori surprises Keiji with a doll of his childhood hero in the same expression as when he was killed, mortifying Keiji. Midori uses this as an opportunity to attack him and trap him on a coffin that will incinerate him in a short time. Midori then presents Sara with a choice. Either sign his contract, which has its details blacked out to save Keiji, or let him die.

Throughout the remainder of the chapter, Midori taunts Sara and co., offering the contract at any chance he sees fit. It is eventually revealed, through the use of a lantern that lets participants see the truth of their memories, that Midori was actually responsible for putting the Death Game in motion by having everyone sign contracts akin the the one constantly being teased at in exchange for a wish being granted. Midori was secretly Gin Ibushi's counselor, Alice Yabusame's prison guard, and Q-taro Burgerberg's hospital nurse, among other fake occupations. During his time at these jobs, Midori lured the participants in with the contract, which really forces the signer to commit themselves to the ASU-NARO company during the Death Game.

It is later revealed that Midori has had an almost perverse fascination with humans from a young age. He would kidnap people and experiment on them almost weekly. Midori would see what makes humans hurt physically, what hurts them mentally, test the limits of the human body, and overall search for what breaks them. During these simply inexcusable experiments, Midori somehow learned how to manipulate human memory, and thus ASU-NARO's many AIs were created.

During the Banquet, when all the dummies have assembled behind the gate room, Midori reveals that, while he is still biologically human, he has replaced an unmentioned amount of his body will doll parts, which allows the light beneath his coffin to appear red. He showcases this via spinning his head around multiple times in quick succession without moving any other limbs or hurting himself. Within the same event, Midori is blended in his coffin by a massive drill, leaving nothing left of him whatsoever.


Midori has green hair and wide bizarre Jade eyes. His hair is short and wavy with a "rat-tail". He stands slightly hunched over in a black suit and red tie, and wears a red scarf with red and black polka dots, exactly the same as the scarf that Sou Hiyori wears. He also wears a collar like the rest of the participants of the game.


Midori shows himself to be just as sadistic and bizarre as the other floor masters, being even more so than Sue Miley or Rio Ranger. He is very cruel as its shown that he derives happiness from teasing and harassing the participants even in life or death situations. He is also a very controlling individual, tricking the group to always be in control of the situations. His energetic and playful manner of speaking is often completely oblivious to the dangerous circumstances of their situation, treating dark topics with little weight; often lightheartedly referencing his own death with no hesitation, and making it into a game. Sometimes dropping the act, he seriously scold the participants for not following his orders. His role on the organization is unknown, but the original Sou Hiyori was possibly a high ranking member of them.



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