Oh. Please. Please. Don't be shy. There are some nasties about here alright. Not me. I'm friend to all and happy to serve a traveller so bold as you. Is it information you seek? That I can provide. Yes. Oh yes. Heehee. That village above here, home to a sad creature. Hers is a tale of tragic exchange. Cost her and her people greatly, though I suspect she bore no regret in making it. Heehee, yes. I know. I know. You're intrigued. You want to know the tale. Well I'm sorry. I'd love to tell it, but I'm just, I'm very, very sorry, and I haven't eat in some time... And oh, I'm STAA-AARVING...
~ Midwife during her first encounter.

Midwife is a minor antagonist in the video game Hollow Knight. Hidden in depths of Deepnest, this spider-like creature attempts to befriend the Knight, all in an attempt to eat them.


Midwife can be found in the bottom layers of Deepnest, located behind a breakable wall to the right at the end of the bottom right corridor to the Distant Village. When first encountered, Midwife persuades the Knight to stay as she is a friend to all. She mentions bits on the history of Deepest, such as information on the Distant Village, the fate of Herrah the Beast, and about herself, explaining that she is a servant to the nest and laments how her brood have lost their will to the Infection. She also speaks of history behind Hornet after obtaining the King's Brand, and the weavers when the Weaversong Charm is equipped.

After telling any of her stories, Midwife mentions how hungry she is, before suddenly opening up her mask and revealing her gaping mouth, before frantically chomping at the Knight in order to kill and eat them. Midwife cannot be talked to while she is attacking. Hitting her once with the Nail will make her hide in the wall, where she will not show back up until the Knight enters the area again.


Despite appearing to be calm and acting polite at first, Midwife is a cunning predator who tricks others using her wisdom and "friendly" tactics, wearing a smiling mask as a disguise to deceive her prey of her sly and manipulative nature. Once her prey warmed up to her, she reveals her true intentions and quickly maws them to death to satisfy her seemingly endless stomach. She also appears to get paranoid whenever the Knight Dream Nails her and demands them to get out of her thoughts.


My good friend. You wear that bright mark of relationship. Then you've met her perhaps? Her who'd guard the mark, the Gendered Child. A spritely thing, isn't she? Pale gift to the Nest and the Beast, fair trade for sacrifice made. Long she's been distant. It'd do our spirits well were she to grace us a visit home...He hee. Oh. Hmm. I am sorry. Old memories cause my mind to wander on such silly diversions, especially when I'm oh so famished...
~ Midwife when the King's Brand has been equipped.
Ohhhh.. Heehee. Been prying about the weavers' home, have you my dear? Quite brazen to pilfer that special charm. Amazing things the weavers once crafted on their looms; stories, shields, spells. So much of our history was spun upon their spools. Your little friends there are testament to their talents... heehee. Oh! I do apologise. I've just felt a rumbling down below, in my belly. Just wait right there a moment. Don't you move now...
~ Midwife when the Weaversong Charm is equipped.
Gah!! Get out! Get out! Get out!
~ Midwife's Dream Nail dialogue.
Just because you're suddenly rich with threaded friends, don't think you're welcome in my mind! Out! Out! Out!
~ Midwife's Dream Nail dialogue with the Weaversong Charm equipped.



  • Midwife is one of the few NPCs who is aware whenever the Knight reads their mind through the Dream Nail.
  • Midwife is the only non-enemy NPC who can harm the Knight.
  • When Midwife exposes her face, she makes the growl of a Stalking Devout, implying that she may be related to them.


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