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Miguel Alvarez

Miguel Alvarez is a minor antagonist in season 1 of the Starz TV show Power. He appeared in the series premiere "Not Exactly How We Planned".

He was portrayed by Manny Montana.


At some unknown point in time Miguel got hired by Ghost's old boss Kanan to attack Ghost's business after he found out it was him who put him in jail. It's presumed he got hired through Pink Sneakers. Miguel attacked one of Ghost's couriers named Cruz and shot him in the head. Miguel stole Cruz's package which was a whole day's earnings of money. For some unknown reason Miguel took Cruz's phone. It is mentioned that Miguel handed the money off to someone presumably Pink Sneakers before he got captured.

Ghost's crew managed to track down Miguel through Cruz's phone and kidnapped him and his fiancee Maria. They were taken to the basement of Ghost's nightclub where Miguel was beaten for information on who hired him. Miguel refused to talk. Ghost arrives shortly later after being told of the situation. Ghost lets Maria go as he worries her family will look for her if she disappears. Ghost then tortures Miguel for information but he still refuses to talk as he worries his family will be killed if he talks. Miguel then says he is not afraid to die and Ghost responds by saying he is not afraid to kill him. Ghost then shoots Miguel in the head and orders the mess to be cleaned up.


  • Miguel was the first person to die on Power and Ghost's first on-screen kill.
  • Miguel shares the same name as a main character from the HBO series Oz.
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