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Miguel Robles is a major antagonist in the CW TV show Batwoman. Robles was the head of the Crows Homicide Division and a former GCPD officer. In 2020, he took up the mantle of the Detonator, which belonged a known terrorist bomber he was trying to arrest in 2013. He is also the killer of Lucius Fox.

He is portrayed by Nathan Witte.


There was a former soldier named George Adler, who has dishonorably discharged. Adler then became a black ops contractor. This experience destroyed Adler prompting him to target public figures deemed as respectable with bombing attacks in order to prove they weren't good people by giving them a choice to either save their own life or that of some strangers. Batman, Commissioner Jack Forbes, then-Detective Miguel Robles, and the GCPD investigated him, but failed to discover his identity as he passed away in 2013 due to natural causes. 

In 2015, Jacob Kane hired Robles to work for Crows Security and got him to work on the security detail of Tommy Elliot, a friend of Bruce Wayne, Jacob's nephew, and someone Robles unknowingly worked with. Tommy had a vendetta against Bruce for saving his mother from a car accident as Batman since Tommy wanted his mother to die so he could inherit all her money. While doing research on Bruce in order to get revenge on him, Tommy discovered that Lucius Fox manufactured all of Bruce's equipment as Batman and had an encrypted journal on the concepts behind Batman's equipment. Tommy paid Robles $10,000 to rough Lucius up. When Lucius Fox went to grab some ice at Sip&Dash, he was confronted by Robles in the store. Robles held Lucius at gunpoint and demanded the encrypted journal. Lucius refused out of loyalty to Bruce, so Robles threatened to kill Lucius' son Luke unless his father complied. Lucius was so angry at Robles for threatening his son that he tried to attack him, only for Robles to shoot Lucius in the chest by accident, killing hm. Robles covered up the murder by knocking out Reggie Harris, an African-American man with a criminal record.  Robles covered up his murder by knocking out Reggie Harris and drenching him in Lucius' blood. Afterwards, Robles led a team of Crows to arrest Harris for the murder. The day after, Robles paid Alia Nazari, under Jacob's supervision, $51,000 as a payment for destroying her store during the raid. Jacob was unaware of this at the time, but Robles actually paid Nazari to loose the camera footage that would've implicated him in Lucius Fox's murder. Nazari destroyed the evidence of Robles murdering Lucius and removed all footage of Lucius' murder from four of the shop's security cameras. To ruin Reggie's life, Robles worked with his former collegague and friend Stu Donnelly, Assistant District Attorney Angus Stanton, and Judge Raymond Calverick to have Reggie sent to prison. Donnelly coerced Reggie into falsely confessing and Stanton convinced the jury that the cameras in the interrogation room weren't working at the time Harris was interrogated.

In 2020, Robles worked with his superior Sophie Moore to shut down the Loeb and Brown Bridge to prevent a criminal known as Alice from leaving Gotham. During a fight Batwoman had with Nocturna, Robles discovered that Sophie was working with Batwoman and gave the footage of it to Jacob, leaving it up to Jacob to decide what had to be done with Sophie. A few days later, Jacob questioned Robles about the oddities in Harris' case, to which Robles  claimed that all he found strange in that case was that Lucius did a lot of good for Gotham City and the people are trying to free his killer. Later that evening, Jacob asked Robles about the payment he made to Nazari at the Sip&Dash. Robles explained that the Crows destroyed the place when they arrested Harris and that Robles just wanted to make things right. Jacob wondered outloud if the payment was for loosing evidence and Robles lied to Jacob that a Crow would never have done it. 

After Jacob convinced Judge Wellington to let Reggie out on bail and started investigating Lucius' murder again with help from Sophie, Robles hired a team of mercenaries to kill Jacob, Harris, Nazari, and Sophie to avoid prosecution. Robles started to panic when he learned that Jacob and Sophie were still alive, so he decided to become the new Detonator. Robles started by targeting various individuals deemed to the public as saints to follow the modus operandi of the previous Detonator. Robles tried to kill a GCPD officer except that officer chose to blow up a bank full of people rather than himself. Robles tried to kill Harris' lawyer Bobby Reeves except that Jacob is able to save Reeves. Finally having enough of Jacob, Robles knocked him out and bound Jacob to a chair. Robles placed a bomb on him and another at Wayne Tower. When Robles was trying to leave Gotham, Batwoman brought him to Wayne Tower. When Batwoman asked Robles to disarm the bomb, he said he couldn't unless the other bomb detonated. Luke Fox, Lucius' son, confronted Robles after detonating the bomb securely inside a blinded room on the building. Robles confessed to killing Lucius in front of Luke and with persausion from Kate, Luke decided to have Robles arrested rather than kill him. 

To avoid the death penalty, Robles confessed the names of his accomplices involved in Lucius' murder. 


Although Robles orignally appeared to be an honorable man who is loyal to Jacob and dedicated to protecting Gotham, this was nothing more than a facade. Robles even described Lucius Fox as a hero for Gotham and stated to be disgusted at the idea that his killer could be released, but that was also a facade as Robles had no guilt for murdering Lucius. Robles murdered Lucius in cold blood and was willing to harm Lucius' family all for money after Bruce's selfish friend paid him to harass Lucius. 

Robles was also very overconfident as believed being a Crow made him untouchable and considered Batwoman to be "trash" since Robles thought he was inferior to her. Robles is willing to abuse his authority in anyway such as using Jacob's money to pay Nazari to destroy evidence of Lucius' murder and lying to Jacob about it since he knew Jacob would never condone such action. Robles even worked with corrupt officials to ruin Harris' life for a murder that Harris didn't commit by manipulating the justice system. Robles was also somewhat paranoid as he had Reggie Harris assassinated even though it was not needed. This paranoia led to Robles having Nazari assassinated even though Nazari helped him cover up a crime proving that Robles was dishonorable. 

Despite being a Crow, Robles is nothing more but a pure coward as he only confessed his crimes as well as name his accomplices in order to avoid the death penalty. 


  • In DC Comics, Detonator is a member of the League of Assassins. 
  • Robles is considered to be a hidden antagonist in Batwoman as he murdered Lucius Fox and was covering up the murder for years by using law and manipulation. Robles is a lot similar to Eobard Thawne, who murdered Nora Allen and then spent years covering it up while pretending to be on the side of good. 
  • Robles is one of the antagonists who successfully assassinated a member of the Bat Family. The Joker murdered Jason Todd, Bane murdered Alfred Pennyworth, and Robles murdered Lucius Fox. Interestingly enough though, Robles did try to kill Julia Pennyworth, Alfred's daughter. 


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