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It's like a black screen appearance here☆ Yeah. I'm the mastermind behind all of this. I'm the real traitor to Trinity.
~ Mika


Mika Misono (聖園ミカ in Japanese) is one of the characters in the 2021 roleplay RPG game Blue Archive who studies in Trinity General School and wields a Submachine Gun. She is one of the three presidents of the Tea Party, the student council of Trinity, and is the head of the "Pater Faction", one of the three major factions that make up the Tea Party. She and the other two presidents take turns in becoming the leading student council president to avoid having too much time in control.

Despite her position as one of Trinity's student council president, she was revealed as the main antagonist of the main story's third volume, the "Treaty of Eden", throughout the second and fourth chapters, where she confessed her mission was to cancel the upcoming Eden Treaty, a treaty meant to reconcile Trinity with their long-lasting nemesis, Gehenna Academy, due to her extreme hatred for them. However, it was later revealed she only planned all this because she was trying to rationalize the death of her friend Seia Yurizono, who she didn't know was actually still alive. When she realized her friend was still alive, she surrender and conceded on the idea. When interrogated about her reasons though, she insisted it was all because of her hatred towards Gehenna.

Her villainy didn't end there, as throughout the fourth chapter, Seia fell into a coma and Mika was blamed for it. She underwent a mental breakdown and placed the blame on the Arius Squad, her partners who helped stage her coup. Despite the attempts of reasoning with her by Sensei, Blue Archive's main character, she insisted in exacting her revenge by killing Arius Squad's leader, Saori Joumae. She only stopped her rampage after realizing that she and Saori were not that different from each other, in the sense that both only wanted to live happily but couldn't since they're portrayed as villains.


At first glance, Mika comes off as an optimistic and bright person anyone can talk to. Although it's true, she's also eccentric and can't read the room, always talking first and interrupting others, and when people aren't paying her attention, she often gets pushy. She's very impulsive, rarely ever thinking about the pros and cons of anything, despite her good intentions, which is the source of her villainy. Her lack of cognition led her down to this dark path she never intended, and consequentially, her downfall.

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