Mikayla is a supporting antagonist in the 2017 series OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes. She is animalistic robot manufactured by Boxmore and Lord Boxman's "daughter".


Mikayla first appeared in "We've Got Fleas" where she is sent in a box by Boxmore. She first has trouble getting out of the box but then she does get out and attacks K.O., Rad, and Enid forcing them to hide behind Rad's Van. K.O. then gets an idea to defeat Mikayla by becoming animals themselves. With some info from Dendy and were-animal bites from Crinkly Wrinkly, the heroes turn into animals and defeat Mikayla. After a while the heroes grew tired of being animals, so Potato asks them to go to a special place. Once there they meet up with Mikayla again who gives them their costumes. They find out that Mikayla just wants to be a human so they become friends with her.

Mikayla appears again in "The Power is Yours" where she is being teased by Shannon by the oil pipes of Boxmore.

In "Villains Night In", Mikayla is playing the game red light, green light with Darrell, Shannon, and Fink. In "RMS and Brandon's First Episode" Mikayla is fighting K.O., Rad and Enid along with her siblings, Real Magic Skeleton gets caught in the fighting but Brandon manages to save him, afterwards Mikayla is defeated along with her siblings.

In "You're In Control" Mikayla is seen watching Boxman Jr. fight T.K.O, then attending his funeral after his defeat. In "Lord Cowboy Darrel" Mikayla is seen observing Darrel running Boxmore and complimenting how good he's running the business. She is mostly seen with Shannon and Raymond throughout the episode.

In "Dendy's Video Channel", Lord Boxman abandoned Mikayla and her siblings to Lakewood Plaza Turbo after T.K.O.'s rampages under Shadowy Venomous's bad influence.



  • In the OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo mobile game, the original design of Mikayla appears while K.O. and Dendy are in their buggy, where Mikayla has a jetpack and attempts to throw a Sara bomb at them.


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