Mike and Bob are one-shot villains from Rugrats and the main antagonists of the episode "Ruthless Tommy." Both of them are voiced by Michael Bell.


When Tommy goes outside to retrieve his ball, he is kidnapped by the two, both of whom mistake him for the son of millionaire Ronald Thump (due to them getting their real target's house address wrong). They take him to their hideout where he messes things up and does certain things. He dumps their stolen jewelry into the toilet ("Bad baby!" shouts Mike), vacuums things up by mistake (ending up including the money). Tommy becomes too much for Mike & Bob to handle so fast, that they end up returning Tommy back to Stu and Didi before they even realized Tommy had been missing.

However, as the crooks leave, their ransom note flies out of Stu's hands and covers Mike's head who's driving the car, causing him to crash into a fire hydrant and send both of them flying headfirst into the back window of a police car. Mike and Bob are then arrested.

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