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Mike is the main protagonist of the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto Advance. Mike is a small-time criminal who tries to escape Liberty City together with his best friend, Vinnie. But one day, Vinnie apparently dies in a car explosion. Mike must find those responsible for Vinnie's death, while he makes a place for himself in the criminal underworld of Liberty City.


The game begins with Mike and Vinnie talking about leaving Liberty City as they are fed up with running errands and want to start a new life elsewhere. However, before that, Vinnie asks Mike to do some works for the mob, as they need information that only he can provide, and that if they do this work, they will be able to leave town for good. Mike disagrees, but decides to help Vinnie because, after all, he is his only ally in town.

After running errands for the mob, Vinnie asks Mike to meet him in Chinatown so they can finally leave town. Then Vinnie changes plans and asks Mike to meet in Callahan Point. Mike arrives on the scene, but suddenly the car Vinnie was in explodes, seemingly dying in the process. Mike is shocked and at the same time heartbroken by the death of his best friend, and claims that he will find those responsible for his death. Because Vinnie had the money that would allow him to escape the city, Mike has to stay in the city for a while longer.

Mike begins working for other people in order to find his best friend's killers, such as 8-Ball and Jonnie. However, when he was running an errand for Jonnie, he strangely finds Jonnie dead in the bar and then chases the murderers to Stauton Island.

Upon arriving on Stauton Island, Mike meets King Courtney, the leader of the Yardies. Mike accuses him of murdering Jonnie, but Courtney denies it and even asks Mike to help him find the killers in exchange for some favors. After doing some favors for him, Courtney claims that he has found the killer: Cisco, the leader of the Colombian Cartel. Mike, who does not trust Courtney, goes to the place where the Cartel was located and murders several Colombians until he finally meets Cisco, but it turns out that Cisco was not the real murderer, since according to him, he would never meet with small time criminals, and tells Mike that there must only be two criminal organizations behind Vinnie's death: the Yardies and the Yakuza.

Mike starts working for Cisco, and in his last job, he asks Mike to kidnap Asuka Kasen's niece, who is just a teenager, so that he can blackmail the Yakuza. He then goes to work for Asuka herself and asks Mike to rescue her niece from the Cartel (Asuka doesn't know that it was precisely Mike who kidnapped her niece).

At one point, Mike finds Cisco dead on his plane, mourning his death and vowing to kill anyone who stands in his way. He suddenly sees a car leave the scene and chases him until finally the driver gets out of the car. In the end the truth comes out: Vinnie was alive all this time, having faked his death so that he could keep all the money for himself and had murdered anyone who knew anything about him. Enraged by the betrayal, Mike begins shooting Vinnie. Vinnie tries to reason with him, telling him that if he kills him they will all go against him, but is useless and finally Mike kills him. Mike also takes all the money Vinnie had.

Mike soon discovers that King Courney and the Yardies had betrayed him and are now trying to kill him. Mike kills many Yardies and then has Courtney at his mercy, but lets him escape because he thinks he is not worth killing, as the police are looking for him, and instead prioritizes escaping from the town. Mike decides to use a tank to be able to withstand the attacks of the police, and finally arrives at Cisco's plane. It is not known where Mike went after the events of Grand Theft Auto Advance, but it is most likely that he moved to Colombia, Cisco's home country.



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