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There will be a lot of namby pamby animals here saying things like "Oh it's not winning, it's the taking pot that counts!" Yeah yeah, not me pal! I'm made to win! That prize, it's mine!
~ Mike, taking part in an interview during auditions.

Mike is an anti-villain and one of the main characters in Illumination's seventh feature film Sing.

He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who created the TV shows Family Guy, its spin-off The Cleveland Show, and American Dad!, and voices many characters on those shows. MacFarlane also portrays Max Chilblain in Logan Lucky.


Mike is an anthropomorphic, white-furred mouse. He traditionally wears a matching red suit, pants, and fedora with a black tie and shoes. During Nana Noodleman's rehearsal and the concert in the Moon Theater ruins, Mike wore a purple version of his outfit.


Unlike most Sing's protagonists, who are kind and caring, Mike is arrogant, rude, bossy, angry, and greedy. He is driven by power, money, and the allure of attractive female mice. Mike's ego is so large that he buys a Lamborghini with borrowed money and spending one hundred-thousand dollars he swindles from gambling bears, which gets him into big trouble.

Despite Mike's flaws, he is a genuinely skilled singer and musician, whose voice moves other animals to tears. He is also capable of recognizing the kindness and talent of others. For example, he is grateful to his girlfriend Nancy for saving him from the bears, and is genuinely amazed at Meena's singing voice. Mike was shown to be upset when the theater collapsed and he was in the sewer but it's debatable if it was to due to him being upset with his current situation or remorse for what happened and his indirect involvement. But Mike did tell Buster he was sorry later judging by Buster stating, "Don't you worry Mike all is forgiven!", hinting Mike did feel genuine regret for what he caused.

Mike was shown to truly love his girlfriend. He used the money he took from the bears to buy her diamond earrings. Mike also trusted her enough to have the keys to his car. Mike was also shown to be semi-friendly with Rosita and Ash bowing for Ash when she walked by him and calling Rosita "Sweetheart" and admitting he loved her act (although only when she fell on her face) and gave her a friendly good-bye.


Before the events of Sing, Mike studied at the Lincoln School of Music. At the beginning of the film, he earns money as a street musician. When a baboon donates a penny, Mike angrily forces him into giving him more money.

One day while mike was performing, he came across a flyer for a singing competition that would grant the winner $1,000 (although it was typed as $100,000 through a typo) mike waits in a line at the moon theater where the competition is being held, for auditioning, while he's waiting, he tells a group of news reporters that he will win the prize money. When it's finally his turn, he sings a rendition of Frank Sinatra's "Pennies from heaven" and Buster moon selects him as a contestant for the competition. Mike asks Buster to open the chest containing the prize money, but Buster soon realizes there was a mistake (that being that the flyer's said $100,000 instead of $1,000) and decides to send Mike along with the other contestants home.

One night while Mike's performing at the side of a nightclub, a female mouse named Nancy passes by him, Mike is attracted by her and attempts to follow her into the night club, but he is not allowed access by the bouncer of the night club. later on, mike buys a Lamborghini with his newly bought credit card, and this grants him access into the night club.

Later, during a poker game at a nightclub, Mike is caught cheating by the leader of the bear trio he competed against. He successfully escapes the club with his life, but the bears find him find him talking to Nancy just outside the Moon Theater. Deathly furious that Mike spent all their money, the bear leader attempts to eat the mouse, but he cowardly tells them they can get $100,000 from Buster Moon.

The bears trespass in the theater during a rehearsal for Nana Noodleman, demanding the prize money in exchange for Mike's life. When Buster stalls, the leader smashes the chest containing the money, only to find cash and objects with a total monetary value of $1,000. Everyone's combined weight, along with the force of the baseball bat hitting the chest, causes Buster's makeshift glass stage full of water and squids to crack. This starts a chain reaction that ultimately leads to the Moon Theater's collapse. Mike and the squids are blasted into the sewers by the force of the water, while the bears leave him for dead.

When Buster stages a concert in the theater ruins, Mike initially refuses to perform because his motivation for joining the competition (money) is gone. However, after Mike watches and insults Rosita and Gunter's performance of "Shake It Off", another animal scoffs at his musical abilities. This motivates Mike to return to the theater and performs Frank Sinatra's "My Way". Unfortunately, the bear trio witness him singing on the nightclub's TV, and kidnap him during Meena's performance. The leader almost eats Mike again, but he is stopped by Nancy. The two drive off with Mike's car, unaware the bear leader is clinging to its hood. Mike doesn’t appear after this not even at the grand reopening of the theater leaving his fate unknown.

It is unknown if he will return in the sequel.


A penny? How dare you! I happened to have studied in the Lincoln School of Music!
~ Mike to a baboon who gave him a penny for playing the saxophone.
Aha! I knew it! You all saw it right here! The monkey lied! And next time, pick on someone else your own size, ya bully!
~ Mike, after bullying the baboon into giving him more cash.
Alright! Enough of that! That's quite enough of that! Come on! Off the stage, Helga. Come on you're useless! Thanks.
~ Mike being a jerk to Meena.
Step back! Moody teenager passing by!
~ Mike after Ash got dumped by her boyfriend.
What, are you kidding me? It's like Jell-O dancing around.
~ Mike on Rosita and Gunter's performance of "Shake It Off".

Songs Performed


  • Mike is the only contestant who did not show up at Eddie's pool house to cheer up Buster Moon.
    • He is also the only contestant not to attend the opening of the New Moon Theater at the end of Sing.
  • In the Family Guy episode "You Can't Handle the Booth", Peter Griffin mentions Mike and Sing as a meta-joke about Seth MacFarlane's other roles in media.


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