Mike Farrell was one of the primary villains of the movie Angel's Revenge. Farrell was a drug dealer who employed pushers to sell these highly illegal drugs to young people. After a young man whose sister was a Vegas singer named Michelle Wilson wound up crossing paths with Farrell and ended up in the hospital as a result, Wilson and her brother's teacher April decided to put a stop to the drug trade in the area.

Getting together with several other area women, the women intercepted a drug shipment and destroyed a drug processing plant. This got Farrell in a lot of trouble with the local drug kingpin Burke, who spent his days lounging by the pool or painting while lecturing Farrell on the need for control.

Eventually Burke and Farrell learned that one of the women was a "dumb schoolteacher" and Farrell went to confront her. Kidnapping her, Farrell brought her back to Burke's place where they tied a weight around her ankle and pushed her into the pool. Struggling to stay above water, April refused to answer Burke's questions.

Meanwhile the other women learned of April's kidnapping from the high school student Trish, and staged an assault on Burke's compound. After defeating all of the bad guys, Farrell was locked in a small area with Burke's dog, who proceeded to rip his throat out.

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