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I am Mike J, Kosher Mad Cow Zombie, God of Hellfire! All bow down, and worship my asscock!
~ Mike J

Mike J is a minor character in 2003 video game Postal 2 and main antagonist and final boss in Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend and secondary antagonist in Postal 2: Paradise Lost.


Postal 2

He works at the Running With Scissors office as a producer. It does not play a significant role in events.

Apocalypse Weekend

Appears at the end of the game as a "Cow Boss". Previously, you could only see the effects of his actions, such as the Epidemic of mad cows and the transformation of some people into zombies. During the fight, he summons various minions for help or uses unconventional solutions. The best way to kill him is to shoot down Garry Coleman's heads flying over him (providing him with a shield), and then fire from the rocket launcher.



Postal Dude

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