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Sometimes the answer is so obvious you can't see it because you're looking too hard.
~ Mike Milligan
The past can no more become the future than the future can become the past.
~ Mike Milligan

Mike Milligan, born Michael "Satchel" Cannon, is a recurring antagonist of the television series Fargo, being a major antagonist of the second season and a major character in its fourth season. He is the son of Loy Cannon and later became a hitman sent by the Kansas City Mafia along with the Kitchen brothers to find Rye Gerhardt during their war against the Gerhardt Crime Family.

He was portrayed by Bokeem Woodbine, who also portrayed Herman Schultz/Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Gordon "G-Man" Thomas in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Harry in the 2012 remake of Total Recall. In the fourth season, he (as Satchel) was portrayed by Rodney L. Jones III.


Looking for Rye[]

After Otto Gerhardt, leader of the Gerhardt Crime Family suffers a stroke, Joe Bulo, a member of the rival Mafia in Kansas City, sees this as an opportunity to take control of their territory, Bulo is sent to North Dakota alongside Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers, their job is to find Rye Gerhardt, the easiest member of the family to convince, what they don't know is that while trying to pay a debt to his family, Rye made a deal with Skip Sprang, a typewriter salesman who had his assets frozen by Fargo municipal judge Irma Mundt, Skip hires Rye to influence the judge. However, he ends up killing her in a diner, and then getting run over by Peggy, a hairstylist from Luverne, and then stabbed and killed in self-defense by her husband Ed.

While looking for Ed, they meet State Trooper Lou Solverson and Sheriff Hank Larsson, who are investigating Rye's killings. Meanwhile, at the Gerhardt houeshold, Dodd Gerhardt wants to take over the control of the family, position that his mother Floyd Gerhardt has already taken, supported by the other members of the family, so he sends his personal bodyguard Hanzee Dent to find Rye, he talks to Dodd's daughter, Simone as she was the closest one to Rye, he eventually finds a connection with Skip Sprang, so he and Simone wait for him on Rye's apartment, then they interrogate him, but when they get no answer Dodd buries him alive.

What the Gerhardts don't know is that Simone is sleeping with Milligan.

The Mafia War[]

Floyd and Bulo arrange a meeting to discuss the deal. During this meeting, Otto is being taken to the doctor only to be ambushed by Mike and the Kitchen Brothers. They spare him, and Floyd presents a counteroffer to Bulo, but he rejects it and threatens to start a war.

Hanzee finds out Ed killed Rye so he informs the family, who believe Ed is an assassin sent by Kansas City, Floyd swears revenge and starts the war, sending Hanzee and his men to kill Bulo while he, the Kitchen Twins and other men were hunting deer, the ambush results on one of the Kitchen brothers death and Joe Bulo's decapitated.

Dodd then sends his nephew Charlie, son of his brother Bear, to kill Ed, but he fails and gets arrested.

Spying on the Gerhardts[]

Bulo's head is sent to Milligan's hotel room. Angered, he menaces Simone and uses her as a spy on the Gerhardts household. When Bear finds out Charlie's arrested, he beats up Dodd, but Floyd stops them and orders them to go kill Ed and rescue Charlie. They do this, but take most of the men on the Gerhardt Farm with them. Later that night, Mike appears with his men and open fire on the house, killing Otto and almost killing Floyd and Simone.

Meanwhile, Dodd is knocked unconscious by Peggy and Bear is convinced by Charlie's lawyer to leave the place. Ed and Peggy escape to a shack in the forest in Sioux Falls, unaware that Hanzee is following them.

Looking for Dodd[]

Milligan is given two days by his superiors to find and kill Dodd; otherwise they will send someone to kill him. Unable to find him on those two days (days on which Simone is killed by Bear for spying), Kansas City send a hitman known as the Undertaker to kill him, but Milligan is prepared and kills him instead. Right afterward, he gets a call from Ed, who offers him Dodd in exchange for protection. Milligan accepts, relieved.

Hanzee finds Peggy and Ed, but betrays and kills Dodd. He then calls the family, telling them Dodd is alive and that Milligan is holding him hostage.

That night, Floyd and Bear drive to Sioux Falls, where Hanzee is waiting for them. Bear and his men enter the motel but discover he isn't there, and a shootout with the police ensues in which Floyd and Bear are killed, and Peggy and Ed escape, pursued by Hanzee.

The New King[]

Milligan arrives at the motel after the massacre. He sees every Gerhardt dead and decides to return to North Dakota and claim their house. When he gets there, he only finds the Gerhardts' native cook, to whom he is polite and respectful. Ricky G, an affiliate of the Gerhardts from New York, breaks into the house and starts stealing the silverware, but Milligan surprises him with a gun drawn. He explains that, as the new "king" of the family, he is obliged to perform an act of mercy and an act of violence, in order to show his new "subjects" that he is capable of both; he then says that he already performed an act of mercy by sparing the cook's life, and shoots Ricky G dead.

Unexpected Reward[]

Back in Kansas City, Milligan's superiors congratulate him for a job well done. Milligan thinks he will be rewarded with money and power, but instead his boss puts him to work in an accounting firm that launders the family's money, with the promise of a slow climb in the company. Milligan is disappointed and insulted, especally when his boss tells him to get a haircut and a "real" tie. Nevertheless, Milligan accepts his lot in the family, and tries to make the best of it.


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