Mikey Two-guns is a minor villain in TimeSplitters 2. His main role is part of the Wild West mission from the game's story mode. However, he has non canon roles outside story mode.


Mikey Two-guns was a cattle rustler and horse thief. He was jailed for his crimes. He shared his cell with Hector Baboso who was also a thief. They became best friends. Weeks later, Mikey and Hector were freed by a man named the Colonel. He offered them money and women in exchange for their services. They gladly accepted the offer.

Main Role

Mikey helps Hector and the Colonial to take over the town of Little Prospect. Their victory is short lived. They are discovered by a bounty hunter named Elijah Jones. He enters Little Prospect and searches for the criminals. Mikey is Jones' first target and he is forced to fight for his own life. He uses a rifle but he is killed before the other criminals die.

Non Canon Roles

One day, Mikey Two guns is participating in a Siesta in a Mexican village. However, the event is interrupted by Hector Baboso. The interruption causes an outrage which transforms into a violent battle. Everyone fights each other to the death. Mikey is involved and forced to fight for his own life. He manages to survive the battle. Days later, Mikey insults Jared Slim; his rival. He claims Jared looks like a water buffalo. Jared loses his temper over the criticism and challenges his rival to a duel. Both of them fight in the center of the village. There isn't a specific outcome but he manages to survive. He then decides to leave the village. He isn't seen again.