Mikhail Arkov

Mikhail Arkov is a supporting antagonist of the 1999 James Bond film The World is Not Enough. He is a corrupt Russian atomic scientist who was in league with Elektra King and Renard.

He was portrayed by the late Jeff Nuttall.


Being involved in Elektra's plot to destroy Istanbul in order to monopolize the world's oil market, Arkov was called in by Renard to provide weapons for Renard and his men (including Sasha Davidov and Gabor) for the plot.

It was not until the deaths of Lachaise and Giulietta da Vinci that Arkov provided Renard's men with the Parahawks in order to attack and kill James Bond at Azerbaijan. However, Bond destroys the Parahawks, and Davidov and Arkov were called in to meet with Renard about their failure. During the meeting, Arkov provided Renard with the plane necessary to steal a nuclear weapon in Kazakhstan, but attempts to talk Renard out of the operation as the incident would attract unwanted suspicion, though Renard is unperturbed by this.

When being told about the failure to kill Bond, Arkov tried to put the blame on Davidov for jeopardizing the scheme, and watches in glee as Renard forces Davidov to hold a scalding hot rock. However, Renard orders his bodyguard to shoot down Arkov instead of Davidov, saying that Arkov failed "his test of devotion".

With Arkov dead, Renard told Davidov to assume Arkov's identity before boarding the plane for Kazakhstan. However, Bond discovers Arkov's body in Davidov's car and kills him before assuming Arkov's identity in his place.



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