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No, no, you still aren't seeing the big picture. By my calculations, we have about 200,000 customers on the West Coast alone. Each one forever bound to me. So, how about we paint the streets red?
~ Mikkel Borov threatening Frederick Knight.

Mikkel Borov is a minor antagonist in the SCP mythos. He is the leader of a West Coast-based cell of the Sarkic criminal organization The Hunter's Black Lodge and is responsible for the distribution of SCP-5407 throughout the United States.


Borov, nicknamed "Lord of the Flies" and "Beelzebub", was the leader of a West Coast cell of the Russian Sarkic crime syndicate The Hunter's Black Lodge. His cell created the drug Nectar (нектар) using a complex ritual and distributed it throughout the United States. This drug was a success because withdrawal caused necrosis and fatal organ failure, making it impossible that customers would stop taking it.

This drug came to the SCP Foundation's attention after Black Lodge drug mule Milo Igorvich was arrested by the FBI while carrying a load of нектар. During his interrogation Igorvich turned into a monster and slaughtered the agent interviewing him before escaping with the aid of two fellow agents. The Foundation were made aware of this incident, and designated нектар SCP-5407 and Borov POI-R606/1. The incident lead to a Foundation investigation into the Black Lodge, culminating in Operation Dust-Bust: a raid on the Black Lodge's compound in Alaska during which Igorvich was killed and Borov was apprehended.

On 23 October 2019, the Foundation were made aware of 3000 deaths from нектар withdrawal on the West Coast and an additional 4000 showing early withdrawal symptoms. Interrogation Specialist Frederick Night interviewed Borov, asking how to stop the withdrawals. Borov unhelpfully replied "That's easy, they need the нектар", before telling Knight that the withdrawals would stop if he was released. When Knight refused, Borov informed him that the Foundation had barely scratched the surface of his capabilities. He then snapped his fingers, causing six D-class on-site being used as test subjects for the нектар to explode. Knight told him that killing D-class wouldn't get him out, at which point Borov replied that he wasn't seeing the bigger picture: the Black Lodge had thousands of нектар users in the United States, each of them magically bound to Borov forever.

Upon hearing of this interview the Foundation ordered Borov's immediate termination. Borov was incinerated on a cellular level, causing all нектар to be neutralized. However this caused all those under the нектар's influence to develop Septicaemia, leading to 40, 000 civilian casualties.


  • The image of Borov is in fact an image of Norwegian businessman Petter Stordalen.


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